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  1. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    You should have tried them before the checkpoints were added *Shivers*
  2. Sunny Beach. Not that keen on the one way system, but the views are good and the traffic relatively light.
  3. I used to love digging myself of a self made hole in Tetris, which has to be the purest example of this I can think up!
  4. Yeah, I still very much work at Sumo Well, some of the time anyway. I suspect you worked with Joe 'Sea of Thieves' Neate on Split Second? Trust me, he does OK for beer! The Japanese versions were only decided on as we were quite far into working on the Western versions, so they were developed afterwards. Partially as no-one was sure we could pull off 60fps on a PS2 so they waited for the proof Initially the plan was to just localise the game into Japanese, but unlike these days where you have off the shelf UI tools and middleware and adding new languages isn't crazy difficult, doing that back then was actually reasonably involved. Since that was going to take a while, we were asked to add a couple of additional features and to address some desires from AM2 at the same time. That meant the Japanese versions did get some improvements, but only as a side effect of it being later. Of course these days you would be able to roll them into a software update for the other regions, but updates like that weren't really possible back then. I don't think this is necessarily unprofessional on anyone's part, after all, I've worked on more than a few games where as they're developed the remit, target or audience changes based on how successfully the development goes. In terms of the improvements themselves they are typically nice to haves. But as always they come with a price. For example most people credit OutRun2SP on PS2 (which is the Japanese version of OutRun2006:Coast 2 Coast) as the definitive version as it adds force feedback support for certain wheels and some of the end of stage animations were added. Plus Clarissa wasn't censored But of course it's locked to an NTSC console and can't be played in English. So a little swings and roundabouts. With OutRun Online Arcade, the plan was always to release the game, see how it did and add the original OutRun2 tracks as DLC. It was always meant to be a little more arcade focused as a side effect of the price point, plus of course there were limitations to download sizes and there certainly was for update sizes. I think it did OK in terms of sales, but not enough to make the DLC happen. I'd totally buy/work on a OutRun box set though. Get M2 to do the original, Turbo OutRun and OutRunners and we'll do the OutRun2 ones
  5. Well I’ll keep trying in the meantime. Usually when it comes close to one of the firms anniversaries, I go ‘We really should go back to the start and do OutRun again’ in 4 years it’ll be twenty years. Hope it doesn’t take that long!,
  6. It's a topic of some debate. Personally I don't think it would be OutRun without the Ferraris. I still wince at the 3DS/Switch version of OutRun with its generic red sports car. They even made us blur it out on the screen of Ryo's car in Transformed. Over the years there has been suggestions we swap the cars over to a different licence or no license. I think it'd lose something. Like SEGA Racing Classic is basically Daytona, but with incorrect music. It's not quite right... Part of what makes it what it is comes from the authenticity. The debate continues behind the scenes though. On the 360 BC and Xbox One BC, we have no input in either. Its all done in house at MS and I think it's a mix of emulation and supporting older XDK's through some clever recompiling. For example, we weren't involved in the Transformed release on Xbox One BC, they take the final disk image and wrangle it in some way. We have provided feedback and I'm sure we'd be happy to provide original source, but it was up to the BC team as to if they want to act on it or not. Bear in mind it was one of the earlier 360 BC titles, they got better at it over the time. The game is entirely completable, just you've got to be close to it to spot the nuances. There is still a desire for us to return to it (and that is shared at certain quarters at SEGA) so I can never say never. What I will say is don't rule out the PC version. The modding community have managed to work some wonders (with a little help...) if you set it to run at 60hz with Vsync, it'll probably have the feel you think it's missing. I'll bear in mind the HUD feedback it we do go back it it. We had debug to disable that for screenshots and the like, so adding options would be super easy. I'm glad people still want and love it, I do too! I was a fan of the original and I'd been looking forward to the sequel in the arcades since the day it was revealed, it was a privilege to work on and be part of. Plus working with AM2 and SEGA closely was an absolute lesson in focusing on what is and isn't important, even when you see the inner workings there is some real magic to the game. It's why I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I just don't always get to pick projects
  7. This isn't entirely right, we did all of the versions released on console, Japanese ones included. Japanese releases were typically later than the Western ones which gave a little more time to optimise, plus we had various requests from SEGA and AM2 on those for their domestic market, but we still did the legwork. I was always a bit disappointed with the 360 BC for C2C. It did something weird with the anti-aliasing of textures so for example the lines on the road weren't quite right, effectively it was forcing some kind of tri-linear filtering. Framerate is a little better, but at the expense of detail. You've already been pointed at the PC version along with the community edits/updates. These days I feel this is the best option. Trust me, we do still try to look at an update on modern consoles as well as getting it on the Xbox One BC (I tried again during Crackdown3 as I had a hot line into MS, without success sadly). License is generally the sticking point though, it'd be easy enough to remove the Shell and AMD adverts, but the Ferrari's, not so easy
  8. Love the All-Star question. Truth is I actually flew out to SEGA Japan to meet with all the IP creators there over a couple of days. I was due to meet with Yu Suzuki at AM+ to discuss using Ryo, but sadly that day he'd called in sick. Believe me, I'd have asked about future Shenmue plans. Later that night, we met up with a Japanese ex-Sumo guy who'd moved to Sony and was now fairly high-up within the org. He's asked what we'd been up to that day. I explained I'd been looking forward to meeting one of my personal gaming hero's but he wasn't available as he'd called in sick that day. To this he just started laughing uncontrollably... Then he produced his mobile phone and showed me a bunch of pictures of him and Yu having the night out of their life... So it turns out I never got to meet Yu Suzuki as he was too hungover to go to work. To this day I'm conflicted whether that increases my admiration of him or not
  9. Love this thread. I had a G4 Cube for a good few years that I picked up super cheap. I also can't resist tinkering so it got upgraded to a dual CPU system with a Geforce card I flashed the bios on to be compatible... I probably spent more on parts than I did on the machine itself! It was a pretty good WoW machine for a bit. Before I sold it though technology had matched on and it was struggling with YouTube! Probably one of the nicest looking computers I've ever owned. Lovely piece of engineering.
  10. I'll do it for games I think aren't mainstream to support smaller developers. I've got a ton of Euro/American Truck Simulator add on's for example. Mostly as they continue to improve and refine the core game for free so it's nice to buy a bit of DLC now and again as (in my mind) a bit of a thank you. I do use and play them though! Equally I've backed Kickstarters in the name of supporting something that is a little on the niche side but I've felt deserved to see the light of day. To me if you like and want to support something and you can afford it, why not. I probably wouldn't do it for a AAA release or for some super large studio backed by a platform holder, more for the smaller devs out there.
  11. I just pointed this out to the man himself. He laughed He claimed he only saw the original for 5 minutes so it's not an exact copy. Not least as he got the top and bottom screens mixed up!
  12. Had 30 minutes with it, it's definitely Shenmue alright. I had to find a guy, was sold some snake venom, won a racquet from a Gacha machine, asked some kids for directions, found the guy, got beat up, went to train, spent 20 minutes practicing my horse stance, duffed up some monks, went back (now levelled up) to beat up said guy and still lost. Ryo has to eat a lot of fruit. The UI is Dreamcast levels of weird. Inventory on RB what? Lovely sunsets though. Can't wait for the full game Ran OK on my office desktop at 4K with the detail set to Very High, but it is packing a 1070. Be interesting to see what the PS4 Pro perf is like.
  13. Ohhh! Downloading now. It's nice to have a decent gaming PC as your office working machine (I know, I'm sorry!).
  14. Fire Stingray always, and hold down the rudder to slide into the paths of the (faster) accelerating cars to get a cheeky boost as they ram you forwards at the start of a race. Doesn't work in time attack of course, but then just save up boosts till you have a full stock for a lap, making sure to trigger one just before you cross the line for a cheeky top up.
  15. As you unlock new items they get mapped to X and Y and the shoulders. Sadly I don’t think you’d get that far from what I’ve played.
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