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  1. I'm genuinely hyped for this. Especially in VR. They're actually making that modern X-Wing!
  2. Can i just say I enjoyed this! It's nice to see old systems get resurrected even if sometimes needs you to have to cannibalise another so that one may live. I'm occasional bodger with a soldering iron so it's good inspiration for a future project to dust off the soldering iron (and soldering skills!).
  3. I can't work out if I like it or not. It's pretty predictable, but I quite like the fact it's set somewhere a bit different. The action scenes aren't awful either. And written by David Hayter who surely has to appear in it as a cameo somewhere. Just wish it moved with a bit more pace, it'feels stretched out at times, like they're trying to stay on budget.
  4. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    My PC Engine Mini 8 Bit Do controller from Amazon UK showed up today, lovely bit of kit. It was a surprise as a few days back they told me it was gonna be August before I'd get it. Not tried it yet (on charge) but buttons feel nice and of course it had that new controller smell Oh yeah, I did fold and the UK Core Grafx version in the end. It's worked fine so far, but that's as my Pi PSU is kept far away from it!
  5. If it was me, I'd put these on the D-Pad. Left to push power to weapons, up to shields, right to engines. Down to rebalance. Pretty sure that'd work and keep the sticks for flight controls. Sure the PC will come with configurable controls. I love the R2/co-pilot story though, I also enlisted a younger brother in the same role!
  6. Stupid and lazy. These are generally not words I would use to describe any of my fellow Devs. As from this side the fence, we are generally balancing various factors to get a game done. First we don't have infinite time and budgets. So when we have to opt where to spend the most effort, it generally goes on getting the core gameplay done and good first and that is HARD. As if the game itself isn't fun, it doesn't matter if you can pause the cutscenes or do mixed online and couch co-op as your game sucks and you probably need that to be right first. Sometimes that can take two thirds of the time to get it right, all whilst you're trying to build enough content to last a significant amount of hours. Some of which may need to be iterated if that core gameplay needs tuning and refinement. Then you need to balance and bug fix all that content, as we don't want to have difficult spikes or the game to crash or wipe your saves. People get upset about that. And then make sure it's in probably 8 languages as the publisher is trying to break into China. Oh and let's make sure we adhere to all the different ratings boards, plus keep an eye on other emerging legal requirements like COPPA. Probably on a suite of platforms too, from Switch to PS4, all of which with their own requirements of optimisation, network infrastructure and of course submission processes. Sometimes in multiple countries And what's that, it's getting late in the day and we're behind? Oh, you'd like us to work evenings and maybe weekends to catch up? Sure Mr Publisher, of course we'd love too. It's great you're based in a different time zone so we have to hold meetings in the evenings when we instead should be going home. So bear this all in mind. Yes, you can see the same mistakes made in various games. But a bunch of clever, dedicated and talented humans no doubt worked 12 hours days at some point on that game to get it out of the door. Were they stupid and lazy, probably not. Did they make mistakes, fixed them and had to compromise in areas? Well yeah, they're people, of course they did! For example, I'll take the original comment into question. Why do few games allow online and couch co-op at the same time. First, what is the age rating of that game. Can we be sure that couch players are the same age as the primary user. If not, we probably shouldn't let them play online. Only way to check is to make sure both players have a suitable console account. But then we need to do lots of checks for if someone signs out mid-game as then you aren't allowed to be playing online. If we get past that hurdle, we need to make sure we are saving progress for both users as per platform requirements, we must not lose progress. By progress, this includes not only save games, but also achievement progress or virtual currency where that applies. Then we need to matchmake players, making sure the process is smooth and simple. How many players does the game support. As let's say it's 4, we have two people playing on one console, we find another solo player on the initial search and match them, but then the only other players who become available are three players on another machine,. Do we steal the single solo player to match their game, or leave all players waiting for another couple of solo players to come along? You don't worry about these things, but we do. Especially when we have to also consider latency, distance to servers, if all players are on compatible NAT types and no doubt language to some degree. Sometimes we have to worry about server utilisations too so prefer to always have full games or kick or rematch players playing solo on an otherwise empty server to keep the server running costs reasonable. Oh and do you know how hard it is to make a game run on a single machine? It gets exponentially harder when there are multiple machines, multiple users on some and then why not chuck in cross play All whilst the clock keeps on ticking, your shipping date gets closer, your network guy is off sick, the bugs are stacking up and we've got a request from design to fix one of the core mechanics as its not working, but that means two weeks of changes to the levels, UI, translations, balancing and oh, we'll have to redo all the screenshots for the manual. Now perhaps you can understand, maybe we look at the choice and only do it if we're confident it can be done. Or try and fail and have to pull back, I know we've had to do that a few times. Now I know this is a gamers forums and not a Devs one, but you know, maybe, consider any given failing wasn't done to annoy or upset you, but as something else had to be done that was either more critical or the time, people and money weren't there to make it perfect Right, time to go back to spinning on my chair, playing some games and browsing 'Muk instead of doing some work!
  7. Yeah, it's a bit overkill that. I have a repro Atari yoke on my desk at work (I did tell you it's my favourite arcade game ever!) and if I had the space and time I'd probably build a proper sit down cockpit. I might be allowed the mini stand up one, but it'd take some arm twisting for anything bigger!
  8. Yeah, in the Sheffield CostCo they had a returned Asteroids/Tempest cab for £200 and I was sorely tempted. But I'd much rather have Star Wars as it's literally my favourite arcade game of all time. Plus I suspect hackable to play STUN Runner with the same controls. If it was closer to £250 for the Star Wars cab it'd be a much easier purchase. Not that I have space to put it!
  9. I'll order two! Maybe not
  10. See I fancy that, but I don't £549 fancy that. Yikes.
  11. I'm genuinely proper excited for this. Modern X-Wing/TIE Fighter with cross play and VR. If you sat down to write what you wanted from that, they seem to have it covered. Now I just need a suitable joystick/HOTAS setup for it.
  12. Well I'm in day one. But PC with Quest or PS4 with PSVR. Nnnnggggggg.. That X-Wing power system better be in there and not just trailer teasing.
  13. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Oh totally. I've played it through to completion twice, it's completely a product of its time but I always wanted to play it since I show shots of it in C&VG. It didn't disappoint! I've started the translated version of Policenauts a few times but it's never quite grabbed me as much as Snatcher. I'm still resisting the UK release, but I think it's a great mini console and you know it will do MEGA-CD perfectly, so that might lure me in for a third playthrough.
  14. You might get more bites in discussion given it's also on non-retro PS4. I dunno how many people dive into the Retro Gaming sub-folder. I'm with Treble though, I love the overall research, conclusion and solution though
  15. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    For those lamenting the lack of an English language Snatcher, are you aware there is a US Mega-CD version in English? I'm sure at some point the PC Engine may well get hacked to play other systems and that's the most likely way to play it. Or some other emulation platform. There was an aborted attempt to translate the PC Engine one by fans, maybe the mini will resurrect it, but there are various versions of Snatcher with vary amounts of acts and differences, so I don't think it's a copy/paste from the SEGA one sadly. Of course like Hamlet it can only truly be appreciated in it's original Klingon form I'm sure.
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