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  1. Ditto for keyboards & mice! Same to a degree for cases and PSUs too! I tend to buy best of breed of all three every so many years and upgrade when there is significant reason. Last monitor upgrade I did for example was to move from a 21.5" 1080p screen to a 27" 4K screen in anticipation of the upcoming changes. My mouse and keyboard I've had for years. The case I have reused countless times. The PSU I upgraded last time because I wanted something really quiet and have more grunt for a more powerful GPU.
  2. Just picked up Raiden Legacy for £2.19! Steal. Just been playing it actually is a package of four Raiden games - Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet! Awesome fun! Just need to invest in proper joystick and I'm set!
  3. MattyP


    Just picked up Space Invaders Extreme and Raiden Legacy for the PC on Steam. They are both currently in the sale. (£6.19, and £2.79 respectively). Looking forward to having a blast with these over this weekend! (Between sessions on Half Life Alyx which is scaring me to death )
  4. Enjoy! As a newcomer to PC gaming there has never been a better time to start. So much variety on offer. Have fun! My advice is just get a couple of games first that you really like the look of and stick with them first. Otherwise you'll be all over the place and just end up playing bits and pieces. Other thing to be careful of is the Steam sales. Quite easy to go a bit bonkers in these and end up with a backlog of games that never get played because there is always another sale Again just grab a couple of games you really want to play now and stick any others you are interested in on the wishlist. Steam will email you when they come up on offer again. And they do. So no need to panic buy! I speak from experience with this (looks at my Steam digital pile of shame - at least it's not physically on a shelf staring at me I guess!!!). Have an awesome weekend and happy gaming!
  5. Yep. My son is a prime example. Played Fortnite practically since he got his console and little else. Perhaps a few Lego titles so around four games. I think even a couple of those Lego titles were pre-owned. Think games as a service will eventually become fairly normal at some point especially for the upcoming gaming generation where most things are subscribed to these days. Essentially Fortnite gets all his spare money at the moment with season passes etc. It follows the game as a service model.
  6. Always happens before new console releases. The RRP is always higher than the actual price you can get it for. Remember Xbox 360 games were touted at £49.99 ended up being less in actuality. In the end the market will dictate what people are prepared to pay. Not happy with £65 don't buy it. They'll soon drop the prices down I have a ceiling anyway and just wait for games to hit that point. £65 is too much for me that will buy me a whole bunch of other stuff other than a game. To be fair this gen had far more entertainment from a bunch of indie titles and a sub to GamePass. Which is where I will go in future. The days of £45+ day one AAA games have gone for me now. To many other things to spend money on.
  7. Difficult one for me as my sons (10&14) live right their Mum. She doesn't really regulate their time - eldest is fine as he has an hour or so and moves onto something else. The youngest though is getting more and more addicted to Fortnite It's not only the time but cost too and as time goes on he won't do anything else. When he comes over to me at weekends ALL device play is banned completely and recently he's been going cold turkey and continuously asking on the Sunday when he is going back. Difficult situation to approach with the Ex as she has them most of the time and with the current COVID situation is working from home looking after them too. Once school work is done Fortnite keeps him quiet. I got recommended an app called Screentime. It's great they can "earn" time credits for jobs that they do etc. Worth a look - it's a sub based service. The Xbox also has great controls for limiting play just make sure that the childs account is set up as a sub account of an adults. You can also control what the child can buy, gift them credit and monitor usage. It's a tough one. I'd be a lot more draconian if I was still living day to day in the same house as my Sons. Might have to chat with the ex at some point about the problem and work around a solution. Just don't want to open a can of worms either.
  8. This definitely gets it from me for technical achievement and immersive environment.
  9. This game. Wow just wow. Love the level of interaction in this. Just feels like another world. City 17 has never felt so oppressive! This is a benchmark game for VR and just shows what can be done with the technology. Really impressed.
  10. Just finished Across The Grooves on the Switch. Really enjoyed it great audio visuals.
  11. Love the Fractal design cases. Well built, designed and love the simplicity of the way they look. Minimalist.
  12. I can play my PC sat at the desk or in front of the TV on the couch using Steam Link. Much prefer sat in my comfy big chair at the desk especially with driving games. Usually end up playing the Switch for the odd hour or so on the couch though. Great to have options like Steam Link on the PC though found it works well enough when needed!
  13. No worries.... Think all things are aligning in my life at the moment! Just had a job offer, got a cheap GPU upgrade for my PC and just was thinking feck it I'll buy some VR games before I start my new job and low and behold HL:A was in the sale and BattleZone Gold. Two games I've been wanting to play for a while! Then another £5 of when buying the two games. Jeez? Not a bad month so far....So all good here.... However did think for a brief moment I know know where the "PC Master Race" phrase came from Just been on the game of an hour. Outstanding. Feel like I'm in city 17... the first time I bumped into the combine synths / police I jumped back.... Exceptional.
  14. Agree 110%. Why people still use this is beyond me. Never really heard it until some consoles got released a while back. PC is the most flexible gaming device you can buy. Recently got some mods for Assetto Corsa that allowed me to drive around a now non existent Brooklands race circuit in a 1930s Auto Union race car. With VR and wheel. Just awesome. You want an experience your way there is always something out there that will get you it.
  15. Well only just got a graphics card capable of running it and got Rift S back at the end of January. So no wasn't waiting for a sale waiting so I could play it in the way it was intended! Sale was just the icing on the cake for me considering I got my "new* graphics card a week or two back
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