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  1. Had a great night tonight. Interesting talk although knew most of the history being talked about it was great to listen from the Japanese perspective. Even managed to get my mini NES and SNES signed by him. Almost feels like they have now being blessed! What impressed me about this guy? Attention to detail and you understood his engineering background? How? Well when he was signing the bottom of the consoles he flipped the around to ensure his signature was the correct orientation on both machines before he signed them! Museum wasn't too bad either got to play the machines in there for 30 minutes before the presentation! The man himself with his translator and ensemble.. (a couple of researchers at the Uni where he now lectures) Discussing the release of the original Famicom The museum had a few nice pieces in a PS2 TOOL box and some Gamecube dev boxes standout for me.... There was a Magnavox Odyssey there too which I'd never seen in the flesh... Gamecube DEV box... note the Dolphin in the top right! More Gamecube test kit... Atari's infamous ET - signed by the coder (I'm guessing!)
  2. Wow. Just had a scroll of that. Obviously the writer has far too much time on their hands and would be better spent perhaps actually you know playing the games...
  3. Absolutely! But as mentioned there is above in the "hi-fi nerds" post the same in PC land. Trick is to ignore all the BS and just enjoying using and having a PC at your disposal. I'm still on a GTX 970 GPU for example but does everything I need.... 4K desktop and plays games well enough for what I need.
  4. It's easy. Don't watch them I used to watch them quite a bit but in the end got bored of it all. Who cares if one system has a few FPS difference over another version of a game? Just get on and enjoy the game on whatever system you happen to have and appreciate it! There is a place for this kind of reporting though as in every hobby there are niche interests... To some people for example cars are just a way of getting from point A to point B others are heavily into them. Personally I like it when they do teardowns of the hardware and the software technologies behind something. Whether it be a phone or a console. I love know what makes stuff work. So watch and read about things on this. Analysing games performance on different systems though well that has mainly one purpose doesn't it really? To fuel FANBOY WARS. Ignorance is bliss at times.
  5. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    And not forgetting Monkey bowling too... Oh Monkey Ball was such an amazing launch game.... Loved my Gamecube. One of the last "pure" gaming consoles. Its one of things I *love* about the Switch.... No messing with films music web browsers etc. It just plays games* *OK it now does you-tube too... which dilutes its purity for me a bit but understandable as the kids want it...
  6. Don't do it. Be strong. This time one console! Make it happen! Look forward to hearing all the views from people on here that buy them. Love all the hype around release time. Although never match the anticipation of waiting for my launch Xbox 360 and then booting and playing Project Gotham Racing 3 for the first time. First and last console I will ever have bought at launch. Remember queueing for that bugger at 6am in the morning at the local Game in Worcester. Seems many in that queue were just buying to sell on eBay. Shame on them. Although given the looming RRoD problem maybe it was a wise decision. Still think the original Xbox 360 was the best shape though but bloody hell was noisy and hot! Wish I'd kept mine but sold it just before MS introduced the extended warranty for the RRoD problem. D'oh. Still my greatest console of all time. Probably always will be due to the point in my life it was released.
  7. Indeed the C64 was probably my favourite computer in terms of audio/visuals. Programming it was bit rubbish though BASIC was poor compared to the Speccy. I started of with a Spectrum with Manic Miner, The Hobbit back at Christmas 1983. Never forget those days. In fact have a rubber keyed Spectrum that doesn't work that is going to be split in two and mounted in a picture frame. That computer was a legendary British piece of industrial engineering and design. No computer has brought so much to so many for so little. It was instrumental in stimulating an interest that would eventually give me a career.
  8. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Shame. Such a simple game can be ruined. Sigh, Just a direct port of the original would suit me as a digital download. For £10 even better. No frills or gimmicks....
  9. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone have Super Monkey Ball? How does it compare to the GameCube version? Guess the pad will never make it equal for a purist though!
  10. Easy with the upcoming generation. No plans to buy any It's all about the games.... Always has always will be. Just hope that Sony release some of their games on the PC too then I won't have to miss out on thier exclusive content. If not there is plenty more to fill the time I have for gaming. I guess! Nintendo will always be special to me. Why? Because they make for me my idea of what a console should be. A beautifully simple games playing machine. The quaintessentual console experience if you will. But then I'm old and now have zero tolerance for the "bells and whistles" that are cool but never hardly get used in practice.
  11. Terra Cresta (shooter) on the Switch... Loved this game back in the day - had the C64 port and played it until it crashed mid-way through a level! Great game and really enjoying the Switch version - you can even turn the screen to portrait mode as the original arcade machine was!
  12. A great news especially on the Switch version.....
  13. And I'm going to the talk. Really excited!!! For those who don't know he is the hardware designer behind the NES and SNES! Taking my mini versions of the consoles along with me hopefully I can get them signed! Anyone else heading to Sheffield next Wednesday evening for this?! Might catch some of you there.....
  14. Just a heads up on this. Just watching a few episodes and it's a nice little series focussing mainly around arcade games. Not that detailed but great light watching!
  15. Nothing is obsolete if it has a purpose and adds value to your life!
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