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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before but its really impressive! C'mon Nintendo this is how a remaster should look.... imagine this on the the Switch!
  2. MattyP


    I've being having fun with the Arcade Classics pack tonight... the design notes e-book is great (although the font doesn't scale well at all!!!). Life Force (the version of Salamander in this) is a bit different to Salamander. It's the American version so the speech has changed a bit as has the background colours. Much prefer the Salamander release version - if you are into Salamander its worth picking up the separate game from the PSN store as it has all the versions of this... including the version they released here in the UK. Great little package.. had a quick run through most of the games....worth picking up if you are fan of Konami shooters.
  3. MattyP


  4. OK Switch owners enjoy your cuphead experience this evening! Glowing overview from Eurogamer:- https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-cuphead-on-switch-a-flawless-conversion
  5. Not disputing the technical proficiency of the emu developers... they are very talented! However the results MS engineers have got running 360 games on the Xbox One consistently well (sometimes better) is impressive. Even if they have all the docs and resources available to them. Getting a PowerPC based architecture to work on x86 based architecture quite something given the relatively weak (in comparison to full x86 processors in PCs) processor in the Xbox One. To get it running as well as they have is damm-right witchcraft IMHO
  6. Patience is a virtue... you'll soon be swearing at the game so enjoy the peace whilst it lasts... Oh and go and play the Konami Anniversary Collection whilst you wait you lucky so and so... if you think they are hard you ain't seen anything yet!!!! Those games in that collection are tame compared to Cuphead!!!!!! I'm stuck here at work until 5.30 and then its playtime...
  7. It's a beautiful game for sure... Glad its coming over to the Switch. its a really good fit for the console. Be good to get some feedback on how well it works in handheld mode....
  8. MattyP


    Anyone tried the "Konami code" on the NES Gradius on the Switch? (its a free download with the Switch online offering). Just wondering if it works.... Be interesting to see if it also works on the Anniversary pack.
  9. MattyP


    Great thanks of the heads up! Never sure which format to go for these days. Decided to gravitate towards getting digital content on the PS4 because I'm more likely to buy a PS5 next gen than a Xbox. Have a few shooters on my 360 - namely Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga - think they are BC on the Xbox One too. Looking forward to playing the Konami collection tonight... Never really played TwinBee
  10. MattyP


    Awesome! Just ordered this on PS4.... Which version are going going for? Looking forward to looking through the e-Book! EDIT : OK just read around they are developed by Hamster which is great news as they did a good job with Salamander... What is R-Type dimensions like on the PS4? Might pick up this too.... complete my shooty goodness acquisitions... https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP2038-CUSA14559_00-RTYPEDIMENSIONSE?emcid=pa-st-165860
  11. MattyP

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    Mine is going too I think. Sadly not played in years either. I'm going to put some shooters onto the PC to emulate - I know they won't be perfect but at least it will give me an option to play in future. Rest of the games I'm interested have had re-releases on newer consoles so I'll just pick them up if I have a desire to play again. Think there is just too many games out there to enjoy without going back over things that you have and haven't played for years. New mantra is .. If I haven't played it in over a year it goes!
  12. Its probably the thermal paste thats dried out a bit on the processor. Might be worth taking to bits and reapplying if you are feeling brave enough....
  13. The latest iteration of the Pro is still a bit noisy IMHO....
  14. Well. For me it was a Forza playing box. Its what I got it for (Forza Horizon 2). Which is still a great game. However for me even the Forza novelty wore off after a while. Gears 4 was good fun. Not a console seller though for sure. Not even played Halo 5 think it is generally regarded as sub-par in series as a whole.Sunset Overdrive was fun... but again not a system seller. I think MS need to freshen up their exclusives a bit which hopefully we'll see with all the recent studio acquisitions. Next gen for me is looking like a PS5 (at some point!) with a new graphics card for the PC. The PC will play Xbox games and give me more options. Which will be the end of an era for me with respect to the Xbox. I started warming to the console back when PGR2 was released in what 2002? It had all the Sega games on there brought over from the Dreamcast. Then Xbox Live got released with PGR2 what a combo. Team Xbox were treading new ground live was a fantastic service at the time, think it was the first console to have a standard headset and a unified online system. Despite my initial scepticism of MS as a company and their motives in gaming I was genuinely impressed with their offering. So I was in at launch with the 360. RRoD aside it was a great console. great price point and gamer focused. Again a great console. All this said I don't MS have ever been as innovative as Sony with respects to their games and experiences. When I eventually got a PS3 I was enjoying things like Little Big Planet, flOw, Flower, Journey, Uncharted. Before that on PS2 we had Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, FantaVision, Singstar, Buzz, EyeToy etc etc. Think Sony are just a bit more diverse and tend to try new things. Although MS did release Kinect I guess.... Be interesting to see where console gaming goes next....

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