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  1. The IBM PCs at the time were seen as the boring expensive beige boxes. No sound out of the box etc. Spent a couple of years on my A500 but struggled getting the coding apps I needed at the time and eventually drifted onto a PC (had one offered at a reasonable price to me). Had a mate at uni that had a A4000. I was a bit envious at the time but it was way out of my price bracket! Although to be fair the Amiga was on the winddown at that point. The machine I really wanted back in the day was the A3000. Remember reading about that in Byte with the ECS and Workbench 2.0....
  2. Indeed! However sometimes you need to leave things in the past. Where they belong for me at least Its an era I lived through and experienced - multifaceted with friends at the time. From sat messing around with Noise Tracker to building a sound sampler on a breadboard! The click of DF0 as it waited for the next disk to boot. Guru meditations. Discussing with people about messing around with the copper and blitter in fat Agnus. Learning the intricacies of AmigaDOS and tinkering with the startup-sequence. Writing my first assignment up in KindWords.. and then printing it out on (a very noisy!) Citizen 120D 9pin dot matrix printer... I could go on and on... It wasn't just a games machine.... it felt like a way of life. And being part of something bigger. Almost a counter-culture to the boring boxes of the IBM PC clones and the hideously expensive fairly low spec Macs of the time. Jay Miner was the Amiga god. Something that is a bit lost these days in this respect. The IBM clones won! and the Macs are still expensive. With a passion that started off with a 48K rubber keyboarded Spectrum through to an older self with the Amiga A500. These two machines were the icons of computing for me. I learnt so much and had a lot of fun. Awesome days.
  3. This looks great! However used my Amiga for many things other than gaming... Deluxe Paint, Noise Tracker, Word processing (Kindwords anyone!?) and a raft of other stuff. It was a great home PC and it took the IBM PC a long time to catch up with the price/performance of what the Amiga offered. I remember picking my A500 up back in the day and being amazed at what it did for the money. A full multitasking OS? I mean it was like having a Unix system at home. The fact that it was an awesome media machine too was the icing on the cake. It did so many things well. Cannot believe it was only £400. Think the other aspect was on of a social scene too. Used to meet up with a bunch of other computer geeks back in the day - sure there were plenty of machines set up just running X-Copy but just chatting having a few drinks etc about tech / coding / life etc was great. Miss those pre-internet days. I am not going to pick one of these up as much as I like the idea just having it there as a games playing machine is only half the experience of owning and using the Amiga for me. To have it relegated to just a box that plays a selection of games tarnishes my memory of the era. So personally I'm going to leave it in the past along with my memories of the whole era!
  4. Held off this on release waiting for the next gen console updates! Surprised that they still haven't materialised. It will be interesting to see how well it works on a PS5. Edit update coming first quarter 2022!!! https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-10-20-cyberpunk-2077-delayed-to-2022-for-ps5-xbox-series-s-x
  5. It was on but got removed in February! Fantastic game....
  6. So noticed this was on the Epic store. Downloaded and had a tinker. Seemed pretty much lag free for me. UI suitably retro! Liked the value added stuff like challenges and online hi-scores etc. Nice concept. It's great if you don't want to mess around with MAME and emulators etc and just have a quick blast on whatever device you have to hand. Good selection of games on there too. Not sure how often I'd use it personally though. Sort of done with 8-bit home computer era really as many haven't aged that well IMHO. I did clear the first three screens of Manic Miner though remembering all the timings for the jumps etc. Not sure how I remember that as it was some years ago when I last played! Must be burned into my brain somewhere along with the infinite life's poke.... Anyhow you get a grand total of 1500 gems (in game currency) to play with courtesy of Antstream/Epic. You need to make a separate download for the 1000 gem pack.
  7. At the backend of 2019 I was going to upgrade my system however had to hold back on expenses due to changing circumstances. So I didn't. My 970 card was struggling with my VR stuff (mainly lack of memory) at the time and managed to snag a 980Ti of someone who had upgraded. For £50. I have seen people trying to push 980Ti's for £250+ at the moment. It's a 6 year old card. That is how silly the graphics card market is at the moment.
  8. Think VR has the issue that gaming in general did when it first came about. It was niche and started to gain traction as people started to experience it. The main blocker is that its well a bit intrusive at the moment in that you have to wear a headset etc and look like a geek wearing it - so perhaps a bit of social stigma with it. Where as having stuff on a TV with a traditional controller is kind of socially acceptable in the way people "get it". Of course VR also doesn't work for everyone (motion sickness etc). However as tech improves, headsets get smaller and hand sensors less intrusive and people start to experience it more is when it will gain more traction. The other thing to consider is that as a consumer accessible (in terms of price etc) VR has only been around really since Oculus developed a usable system back in 2012. So in terms of time that is only 9 years. Gaming on the other hand as a consumer device (consoles etc) has been around for over 40 years so its a really young tech in terms of been on an easy accessible market. The development in that 9 years has also been huge - to the point where we have wireless devices etc with the Quest. That you can buy for under £500.
  9. Indeed given up trying to upgrade my PC at the moment... 1) Don't have the time/energy to chase around looking for a card at a normal price 2) simply cannot justify spending so much to just play the games prettier... I mean for me RRP of the 3080 @ £650 was pushing it when it was announced. Anyhow looks like I'm stuck with my 980Ti and playing at 1080p on the settings that run things at 60fps which seems to be quite a few games TBH. Main thing I really wanted a new GPU for was my VR stuff.. however I'm just dropping the detail levels and being content Guess at least all this nonsense is saving me money...
  10. Indeed! This is my challenge over the next year... not to buy more and play what I have. Or at least play the things that I find interesting. Some things I have on Steam I am honestly never going to play. So need to be ruthless and focus.
  11. Its not a bad game - and on Switch probably one of the better racers. However on other platforms there are more racers to choose from. It also has a course designer which will add more value to things if you have time to use it. For me its the type of game that will eventually end up on PSN+ or GamePass. Suppose it depends what type of racer you are looking for.
  12. Shame there is no demo of this. Personally didn't think it was worth the asking price of £39. Seems to be lots of DLC planned etc. Its OK... for me it's a £15 game tops.
  13. Awwww I'd love to join in... Problem is I have 73 titles in my Steam library and too many that need playing. Don't want to add to that backlog and not play any games gifted to me as it would be a waste of people's money. Have fun everyone!
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