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  1. Currently downloading on the PC... think I'll play on there at least I can use my wheel and see if it makes any tangible difference to my times. Nothing to say you can't use a pad or wheel. Happy to use the pad though if that is preferred.
  2. To be fair Sony will have to have done a fair amount of testing on various nVME drives. Think there was some discussion about one of the memory chips running little hotter than the others but still within operational bounds. It is what it is at least you can choose and upgrade your SSD storage yourself without buying an expensive proprietary unit I guess... so pros and cons....
  3. Finished Sea Of Solitude earlier today. Downloaded this and had a quick play back in November last year as coming off the back of some other arty short games I was intrigued by this. Picked this up again late last week mainly as I forgot about it and noticed it on my dash. What pleasant surprise this was and so glad I continued on this. Its a strange game and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of the main protagonists inner demons. It follows a similar theme of games that tells stories as you move through the game with audio snippets of the various actors in the story.
  4. Had a quick 5 minute blast on all the default settings - I think I will have to look at the assists felt really weird think auto-braking and things must be on by default. Managed around 1.08 but I'll have a proper go later on! Not sure whether to use the PC for this though as the wheel works with that. Never got used to manual changes on a pad. Gamertag : CypherQ
  5. Not sure about that we got Labo, Mario Kart : Live home circuit and Ring Fit etc. Think Nintendo are a least trying new things with their tech... But agree in general the first party software lineup on the Switch has been a little sparse - with lots of re-releases from the WiiU and even more recently the Wii.
  6. I expect this will be the new norm... Although not sure how popular VR has been. PSVR units were fairly easy to source - not sure about when they were first released though bought one I had a couple of years after launch. It was cheap and plenty of content to play with.....
  7. It will be interesting to see what they do with the next iteration of VR. PSVR really impressed me as did the games. Think Gran Turismo 7 and a new VR unit will be a fantastic combination. The setup will also have the power to have full on races too.
  8. I had a similar experience when first using GamePass trying everything on there but actually playing nothing. Originally I bought into GP with Forza Horizon 4 instead of buying it had GP and played it to death with that for three months or so. After this though just tried lots of games for small amounts of time. So cancelled for a while. . Since getting a console again and it being brought on to PC too I've resubbed to it for a fair while using the Gold conversation trick. Figured for £80 have a couple of years of gaming sorted out. There is enough variety on there to keep me interes
  9. Just realised this is just over three years old now! I expect we are due another one this year? This is a perfect game to make use of the additional power of the new Series consoles.
  10. I've been playing this today (exploring EA pass games in GamePass) as I wanted to play something a bit abstract and along the lines of an Ico type experience. Really enjoying it so far..... Worth a try if you like something a bit different. Seems it wasn't that popular on here anyone else try it? It's also heading to the Switch in March apparently.
  11. Get where you are coming from. Because you have paid some money for a game you feel more compelled to play it. However looking at my steam catalog its not worked for me in many cases. Although to be fair many of my steam games were bought extremely cheaply in the steam sales. So even if a play them for an hour or so no guilt that I've wasted much money.
  12. That's the beauty of services like GP - there is no pile of shame... Just try something - if you enjoy it play it until your done and move on and if you don't enjoy it also move on! There is no waste other than your time. Guess that is where you need to filter on the game types you are most likely to enjoy. Although with GP you can also try genres you may not have thought about trying before. Its a change of mindset really. Having Netflix doesn't compel me to watch everything on there to get my value out of it!
  13. Single car sounds good and think simple is best. Even playing field without upgrades or tuning.
  14. Yes. GamePass is great. Its my go to place to play games these days. However if something isn't on there and I want play it, the price is right I just get it. Life is too short to be waiting around. Saying that usually find something of interest on GamePass anyway. Its the Steam sales that always hook me in at times. But again don't spend over much on there anyway.
  15. Think is the same build as the One X version... 4k@60fps. Looks lovely and buttery smooth. I was just playing this again last night. @Boozy The Clown is setting up some weekly time trials I think so if you get time....
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