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  1. Suppose Forza 4 is understandable (with 6 and 7 out). However I was really hoping that PGR4 would make it over. Shame it's probably just the licensing.
  2. Perhaps but it would mean that all games you own just work without having to wait for MS or hope that your favourites get converted. I don't expect it to be so much of an issue on the next iteration of hardware though as it's all x86 going forward. I expect they might also release patches for upscaling the graphics to 4K etc too.
  3. Think MS did a great job with this! However I do think it was a bit of a cover up for not having enough games out there and a way to try keep and move those still using 360s over. Hoping going forward with any BC MS do in future it will be emulation done the way IMHO it should be... put a disk in or run an existing game. Ie: Everything should work out of the box without any re-compiling etc. Still a bit gutted I can't play Project Gotham 4 anywhere else but on my 360 (which I still have )
  4. Depends what you are after though.... Thought I'd really enjoy 4 being set in the UK and everything. However I spent much more time on 2. Just love the location - gave me that blue-skies arcade racing more than anything else recently. I also liked that it was more focused than 4. 4 feels like a mess of things in comparison. However 4 does have one thing over every other version. 1080p@60fps on the X. Just that makes it special IMHO. Really find it hard to play FHs at 30fps now that I have played at that frame rate.
  5. <removed> And realised this is not a video game thread!
  6. Indeed! I'm pretty much locked in for a bit with MS too... I've been using GamePass for a while now and its great... lots of games to try and all MS's AAA games included. Not really that fussed about specs that much anymore. Great if the console you chose is a bit more powerful than the other but had both the PS4 and XBox One this gen and bought/played pretty much all of the 3rd party content on the XBox One... just prefer the controller. GamePass, Backward Compatibility also helped. These days its not just about raw power. Its all about the services too IMHO. Both NG consoles will be pretty much similar spec anyway. Saying all that the X was a nice addition though as it allowed me to play some of my existing Xbox games better... Really enjoyed playing FH4 at 60fps for example. Great to have options I guess....
  7. Its not a bad game. However found that I played it for the first month a lot. Then hardly touched it since. Some of the events were fun - the stuntman series and of course the showcases. Once I'd done those and a few other bits just got bored of it. Wasn't overkeen on the forced season change thing either although I can see why it was built in and don't really play online. Think I'm a bit Forza'd out TBH there is only so much I guess you can do with the formula.
  8. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just been thinking about this even at £10.99 its great value to be honest. Price of an indy game a month? No brainer really....... By the looks of E3 MS have lots of upcoming content too. Interesting times ahead for gaming I think...
  9. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    Must say this is a really clever move by MS... just give all the discounts now rope people in.... People who are buying into the service for 3+ years well that ensures you'll be keeping their platform for a while.... Games as a service will be the norm sooner rather than later I think. Not sure if I'll ever buy a AAA MS game again now.... personally only bought 1 game on the X since I bought it last February... most of my gaming has been via gamepass games, games with gold or existing games.
  10. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    Indeed. This is what I had... bought two GP codes last November for £9.99 each. So gave me GP until this November. Paid the pound and have everything until Feb next year. Quite generous of MS really... although not sure if I'll keep the £10.99 per month sub after that.... One thing is for sure I'll be keeping my Xbox for a bit longer now...
  11. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    OK. Just upgraded to ultimate for £1. So now my sub runs out in Feb 2020?! Not sure why that that as my Game Pass was due to expire mid November this year and Gold next month. Hey ho not complaining.... In essence this rolls all your existing subs into one and then extends everything until when the last sub you have is due to expire (or longer in my case). Worth a £1....
  12. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    So.... I have a sub to gamepass until end of this year. This currently allows me to play games on my PC (ones that have Play Anywhere compatibility) and Xbox One. Eg Forza Horizon 4. If I do nothing at the moment I am correct in my understanding that my PC games will be no longer playable unless I now also subscribe to the PC Game Pass or upgrade to the Ultimate version? My gold sub is due to expire. So if I upgrade to ultimate will I will get Gold extended for free until my Gamepass sub expires?
  13. I would have expected that however you never know... guessing it might be a timed release for the new hardware followed by the One versions. Hopefully not though... Guess they really haven't had these issues before.
  14. Indeed. The Xbox One apparently runs on a tweaked Hyper-V hypervisor meaning that the XBO essentially a VM and as such could be ported over to the next iteration of the hardware where all the older stuff will run. What will be interesting is how MS handle the older hardware. Will X have anything that is released on newer hardware? Will Halo even get a release on the older gen hardware? Who knows. My guess is that X-Cloud will be the bridge between older and new hardware for new releases.
  15. Have times where I really get into something then at times it can be months before I play anything at all. I am favouring offline, quick blast games when I do play and older games. Recently finished Shadow Of The Colossus and before that was playing Dangerous Driving a fair bit. Now its a bit of Yoshi from time to time on the switch. Moving house over the next couple of months and having a good clear out of gaming gear - because for one haven't enough room in the new place for everything and secondly reducing my options of what I have to play will help me focus a bit more. Essentially just looking at keeping:- Switch (love the fact it has its own screen and is portable and is great for pick up and play gaming) PS4 (Have some old school shooters on there and tend to play more games on there than anywhere else) Wii (love Wii Fit for Yoga etc) Rest is going... all retro stuff everything! Sometimes having too much choice is half of the problem. Like Netflix - having too much content at your fingertips makes it really difficult to choose what to play at any given time. So I'm curating my games setup and content... And agree with the posts above. Mostly enjoying older games because they are just more fun to play and they feel fresher IMHO. Most of the time my PS4 plays a almost perfect version of the arcade shooter Salamander. Which I am more that happy with (usually played after spending 10-15 mins looking through newer content for something that ropes me in!). My standout games over the past 5-15 years have been mostly puzzlers, arcade games and linear story games:- Project Gotham Racing series (particularly 2 & 4) DriveClub Journey flOwer Abzu Entwined The Unfinished Swan Uncharted series (although wish this had more of the puzzle solving than shooting....) Gears of War (essentially space invaders in 3D) Human Fall Flat Detroit : Beyond Human Crackdown Marios Zeldas (although still not got into BoTW on the Switch) Tetris 99 Dangerous Driving Think I'm all about having fresh concepts to play these days and enjoy games set in abstract worlds. Also ones that you can pick up and play without them being time sinks or relearning the game when you pick it up again.....
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