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  1. sir stiff_one


    I’ve nearly finished all 3 seasons of Ippo. It’s like these guys are my friends now, I’m already sad about having to let them go.
  2. sir stiff_one


    Yeah it was great. The last two episodes have been particularly good. It’s horrible having to wait a whole frikking week between episodes after mashing through so many episodes of everything else including this.
  3. sir stiff_one

    Buying games on release in 2018

    I think it’s pretty easy to slip into this mode of buying only bargain old games when the money becomes more wisely spent on other life things. I actually enjoy coming across an old classic game for cheap. When Argos was selling off old DS games I got Dragon Quest something for like £7. I played it for 55 hours! The main reason to dive in on launch is usually to hit the excitement of the online wave - like Destiny etc. Or high score tables. I played over a hundred hours of Dark Souls 2 which was a tenner for the 360, and a similar price on the PS4 which I then played through all again plus the new levels. I don’t know, it adds a sort of extra, not particularly important but definitely perceptible later of enjoyment for me, playing for a bargain. Weirdly, I don’t get that feeling with emulation (which I have nothing against, we smash micro machines when I get to hang out with my bros).
  4. sir stiff_one

    Illustration Club

    I haven't drawn anything for ages, but my one kid asked for this character from Hero Academy and then the other kid asked for another one. I quite enjoyed it I must say, cathartic. But the time vanished instantly what is that about?
  5. sir stiff_one

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I've picked it up again and started doing my forth divine beast - the Goron one. One thing that I find amazing about this game is that so many people have approached it in a completely different way and the game has unfolded differently for them. It's remarkable really.
  6. sir stiff_one

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Electric arrow for maximum AOE fish death
  7. sir stiff_one


    I’ve done season 1 of Ippo - the first 76 eps. Wow. So awesome in a mostly down to earth way. What’s good that I should watch now before tucking in to be next Ippo seasons? Ideally something similar in length to OPM/Mob
  8. sir stiff_one

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Different distances require slightly different timings. One of the funny things I remember was (after playing for ages btw) accidentally barrelling into a Guardian on a horse and realising you can literally just rush them, knock them sideways and hack their legs away and it's a legit tactic.
  9. Not a car boot but eventually visited this one shop near where I live. It was a (super expensive) treasure trove. Spent an hour just gazing at stuff.
  10. sir stiff_one


    Don't worry, the LIVE ACTION version of Mob is on Netflix!! I haven't even looked, the idea of it is ridiculous, and the trailer was as shit as I expected. (Anime) Mob is great, more experimental and loose with animation styles. Some similarities to OPM in a way, and a decent story. I really enjoyed it. Hero Academia is a bit more traditional (i.e. not just poking fun at the medium and tropes), but I think it's great. Mob is only 12 eps, so race through that first!
  11. sir stiff_one


    You should be able to track down the OVA side episodes pretty easily. If you like it as much as me, you'll be happy to have more time in Saitama's world.
  12. sir stiff_one


    Sad times I’m all caught up with My Hero Academia. Good times: Am 30 episodes in to Hajime no Ippo.
  13. sir stiff_one


    Omg I am loving Boku no Hero so much.
  14. sir stiff_one


    So I did AICO on Netflix which was watchable enough. Megalobox is quite good so far if a little formulaic I suppose. I’ve also done the first 10 eps of Boko no Hero/Hero Academy which I’m really enjoying.
  15. sir stiff_one

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    Rogue Leader suffers from badly spaced restart points and being too hard, as we were still in hangover from previous generations ‘everything is hard’ mode. Still looks good though, I remember how mind blowing it was back then.

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