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  1. Mario Tennis Aces - Spring 2018

    The Wii U one I swear must have just been put out there to fulfill the most basic requirements. So disappointing. Mario Open is pretty good but the whole gear setup is weird and confusing (what is actually good is almost impossible to tell). The GBC one where it’s a tennis RPG and you get to play against Mario at the end is great, so the idea of a full 1p story mode is ace. Something combining both Open and Mario Tennis GBC would be just pukka.
  2. Post Your Gaming Setups

    I cannot tell if that is a joke because that is literally the most basic example of a desk there could be.
  3. Post Your Gaming Setups

    Doug Phillips, Bachelor of Arts with Third Class Honours...in Business Enterprise, 1999? Man, some of the setups shown (not referring to this or any specific one) have been absolutely horrendous. I empathise with the wiring problem, but ugh, just - dust and wires hanging down from shelves etc. It's not ok!
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Booted this up for the first time in ages yesterday/day before. I've absolutely loved it but maybe after too many late nights I was like "Man, I would rather play some instant hit gaming" So I became an expert at Dr Mario. Aiming for completing Level 20 Hi speed, up to level 16 so far. Anyways, I jumped back in to BotW (2 Divine Beasts down and I guess 85ish shrines). Wandered around next to a huge chasm. Thought sod it I'm jumping in. Discovered a shrine deep in the valley protected by ancient half buried guardians. Worked my way rustily through carefully. Wow. Just as you think you've wandered around the whole world, you find literally just a few bits of landscape and architecture thrown together that are so consistent within the world that they are exciting, hinting at the world before the current world, the ancient hi tech Hyrule. I love the setting, it's like a comic book alternate universe take on Zelda.
  5. Logan

    This was awesome. It was dark and sad in the right, desperate, everything has gone bad kind of ways. It's about relationships, being human and humanity rather than special powers. Logan doesn't want to get well, he wants to die, even with a 'kid'. What sort of future are they doomed to? The whole thing was bravely bleak within this genre, but also an interesting reflection on the youth of today and tomorrow being bleakly doomed in a similar way. The worst part for me was his perfect clone just appearing like that. Ugh what a cliche. Tend of agree with Jon, although I liked Caliban.
  6. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Hulk strongest there is!* *Apart from Thor.
  7. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    So the part showing the Hulkbuster armour may actually be hulk inside an Iron man costume?
  8. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Thanos means Immortal rather than Death, right? And Lady Death is who he covets, rather than being his wife no? I am wiki level comic nerd, not beyond that so may be wrong.
  9. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Yes but that could be explained by his shapeshifting ability - maybe he chooses to appear in that form to make others more comfortable. Maybe not!
  10. This definitely looks like the worst film of all time.
  11. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    This trailer wasn't designed to make you think "Oh this is going to be a great story/film" etc. It's pandering to fans like us and others who will spend literally pages discussing mundane, pointless details regarding who was in it, who Thanos' team of bad guys are, what stones he has already, who might die, all the details, etc. So Kerraig saying "Oh this just looks disappointing" seems a bit (typically) against the grain. It's a valid criticism, Marvel movies are at their worst when they are doing epic large scale stuff. This year has been great, because they nailed the fun/dramatic balance. Except in GotG2 which went too far towards emotional dad issues. As an aside, why are the GotG even there? What do they bring to the fight? Gamora is just a green black widow powers wise. Rocket has some nifty laser guns it's true. Drax, as much as I love him, is useless. Star Lord is supposedly just a dude and not half-celestial now. Are they only there to bring Thor back to Earth?
  12. Man, Batman vs Superman is the shittiest film I've seen in absolutely years. And I mean it is complete shit. The whole thing from plot to the way it looks, to the acting to the malformed characters we don't care about (and I liked Man of Steel!), it's a complete load of stinking shit, regardless of any Batman killing nonsense.
  13. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    If major characters don't die then Thanos is essentially a non-threat. Blowing up half a city doesn't mean too much, character deaths might. Of course this is a comic universe - pretty much any character that's ever died has come back to life in some way. I think Spiderman could possibly die (might be neat in terms of rights, maybe there cannot be new Spiderman films/they aren't happy with what's going on). Even if Parker dies (I don't want him to, but if he does then another Spiderman could be rebooted e.g. Miles Morales). Captain America should die. He has the best trilogy, he's been a great character. He's possibly worthy of lifting Thor's hammer (rip). Lets him go out on a high. Tony Stark could die. He's old, he wears his biggest suit but it's not enough. Is he the leader, they have, the one they need? There can be another Iron person in future. Black Widow could die. No powers, good character, main reason not to would be a spin of TV series, would Scarlett Johansson even do that? Unlikely. Hulk could die (I know right) I guess a bunch of other not really super powerful characters could die, like Drax, but I don't know why they'd waste his death on a film like this. Vision could easily, but probably won't die right, but will have his Infinity Stone taken out and somehow be alive still?
  14. SNES Mini

    That’s massively understandable tbh, nostalgia, longing for times past is a big part of the appeal. Just having the hardware and controllers under the TV and having the box in the cupboard is worth it for me, the games I play on it are a bonus. On the NES, all we play is Dr Mario. Supreme game, wish Dr Mario & Tetris was on this, makes me actually keen to add it.
  15. I literally have no idea and thought the same thing when I read pob quoting me.

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