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  1. Korg’s race have only one gender I believe and they seal their partnerships by doing a super hard rock crushing handshake.
  2. I’ll tell you something weird, what is the first question that pops up when you see a 1/4 scale arcade machine? For me it’s “What size is it?” And as far as I can tell there are zero details of dimensions on the website.
  3. Evening meal using whatever we had plus some cold and hot smoked salmon.
  4. That’s super interesting, I have work to do. I think I need to force myself to play faster. Sometimes I’ll absolutely destroy the AI, and sometimes we just have a long old match where I’m comfortably clearing and t spinning and not really getting anywhere and it goes to 100k points until I make too many mistakes.
  5. Yeah you can guess who just got a rice cooker eh?
  6. Why do we let this penis post bollocks like this STILL?
  7. So, Team Battle mode. We were doing some streaming sessions and joining the same team and came up with this idea of having one member join a different team, then we all target that person to give attacker bonus and have them wipe out the other teams. As the game draws on we take out the badge leaders and other players on the team our mole is on until only our player remains. When they are the last one standing they suicide to give the win to the stream team. It frikking worked really well. So broken. I’ve noticed a couple of things recently. I reckon I used to get wins on around 150 lines, which crept up to 180. I would say 200+ is now normal for winning a regular T99 match. The other thing was that I’m getting around 20ish T Spins per game, mainly doubles. Last time I was checking it was more like 10. I guess I just see the opportunities more frequently now. Still improving, still enjoying it. One question for Puyo Puyo Tetris players (as you’re likely to be here also), you know you can switch the AI to ‘hard mode’, or ‘core AI’? So I will do that and choose Lemres or one of the ‘better’ players to play against and I reckon I win about 50% of the time if I’m being optimistic. Are you guys beating them every time? What am I missing here?
  8. I made some Katsu for New Years and today we made Sushi for the first time and it came out pretty good I think.
  9. Oh my god why did Uncle Nasty write that sub 9 year old console wars post? Regarding PSN Store prices, it’s relative. For me, the online store often represents great value compared to the prices of physical games in stores.
  10. Zelda is a long game, I put 250+ hours in I think. You can finish it in a quarter of that if you want. Tetris 99 I’ve put 1000 hours into and feel like I’ve just started on my journey.
  11. This is about £10 on the iPad and I have a big pro. I should get this right?
  12. Play the perfect clear and combo mode instead and things will start lol falling into place.
  13. For anyone who doesn’t have Puyo Puyo Tetris... now is your chance to get it.
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