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  1. Noita = Witch in Finnish. Finnish devs too iirc. Looks pretty awesome.
  2. I managed to get the ‘get a win with 3 KOs or less’ icon. Jesus. So I just played as slowly and defensively as possible until there were about 20 left, then hammered the badge leader for one KO And looted all their lovely badges. Then played defence until I realised there were only 3 of us left - managed to squeeze in enough damage to clinch it. Phew. Don’t even like the icon!
  3. Apologies to him but that guy looks like pure evil. Like when he speaks it looks like he’s ready to switch on you (ho ho ho) and slice up your family.
  4. I was watching Tchabz streaming yest and he was demonstrating t spin triple setups. It was so useful. Man I need to work on my game! My setups are weak as hell and I rely on doubles.
  5. It’s a shame the badge is so lame as that’s a stonking achievement. Were they all at the start or did you get a mid game one?
  6. Honestly, this feels better than the first one. The last places I ranked: 28, 92, 86, 11, 51, 74, 19, 91, 88, 1 Jesus Christ. There was about 80 games between those two wins
  7. I must have gone out like 90th immediately in the last 4 matches
  8. Yeah you need to sort of build a bit pyramid like if you get that far so you can tumble them down.
  9. Definitely different. I play much more aggressively in 99 now, but once you’re over half way up in Invictus I find I’m doomed if I make a single mistake.
  10. Yeah that’s how it goes. Soon enough you’ll be seeing them all the time. Good job on the win.
  11. I got the icon for 10 back to backs in a row. I’m surprised how fun getting some of those icons are. Gotta up my game though - my max combo in 99 was 14 and there is an icon for getting 15.
  12. I’ve managed 2nd since then, and a handful of top ten games but no more wins. I get the feeling this pain leads to improvement at least!
  13. For charging the Switch? Yeah. The only thing that causes problems is using some unofficial power supplies to the dock itself.
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