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  1. Use a custom design, it’s for making a case for your phone
  2. Ah, @Stejay the dodo code wouldn’t work for me sadly
  3. I’m on later today after 8pm your time.
  4. Omg when people are visiting the same island and the shop is not near the airport
  5. Ok Spanx coming but reading to the kids if I seem aloof.
  6. This will get buried quick but my friend code is SW-2635-4427-7892 Please feel free to add me anyone
  7. Yeah is it friends only or can you do a Dodo code?
  8. You can craft with the wasps nest and some weeds but if the island is fastidiously clean then maybe
  9. Ok I’m gonna open my gates and leave some fruit for people to take. Pears and a few cherries. Unfinished Puzzle and Cushion in the shop 54NQS
  10. I never listen to him, and his slight pained look gets me every time. @Stejay can I get a rice cooker in exchange for something? You want a huge Sphinx, or a washing machine?
  11. I popped over earlier @Delargey, took some Oranges, left some Pears and Some furniture I can’t remember now. Thanks much!
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