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  1. I’ve also managed to do some stream sniping which is when you start at the same time as others and hope you get in the same game, that’s fun.
  2. I’ve also played some ridiculously poor games and won, and played my tits off and lost many times. Time of day seems significant.
  3. @grindmouse check who who you are targeting. What will happen is that players will build up a tall tower, you’ll auto target them if you are on KOs and they will hammer you with attacker bonus and a large single line clearing combo. Solution for you is to stay on random until you are ready to do damage then flick up to KOs and throw your lines down. If you get targeted by more than 2 people then flick to attackers and concentrate on making small quick lines. I’m level fucking 27* on this now. I don’t feel I’m getting better exactly, or at least I’ve plateaued in any obvious improvement but the next step is to learn the DT setups and stamp them into memory.
  4. That’s no excuse! The white one is the business. The PC Engine is the weird cool console I read about in ACE and wanted from CEX Rathbone place but never got to experience.
  5. Ok I rephrase, you’ve been able to pick up the PS classic for peanuts. Even Sony we’re doing it for £30 with a bunch of PS merch. I can’t see this not happening here either. Fwiw I really want the JP hardware but can’t be dealing with the UI in Japanese only. Does it only come with one controller?
  6. The PS classic is like £16 on Amazon. I think this looks great but can’t see it not being £30 in the bargain bin within a few weeks
  7. Also I hit 250 wins. Feels good man. AND, I think they nerfed KO targeting baiting.
  8. As long as I can play Tetris 99 on it, I’m all in. The house Switch is technically my kid’s one.
  9. Doremy got 51kos in a match it was ridic. They need to sort out the KO baiting. Still though. Looking forward to checking the theme later today.
  10. That’s quite a niche case though. I mean I can live with that. If that’s how it works, @deKay, that’s quite good by Nintendo.
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