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  1. This score chat just reminds me of Giacchino's incredible Rouge One.
  2. Prey (2017)

    YouTube did the same to me. That fucking linked algorithm - I hadn't even looked at anything Prey related either.
  3. Dope trailer, but I hate that edit at the end. He strikes out at Cap with completely the wrong arm, and from a closed fist to an open palm.
  4. 4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Is there a direct way I can apply for the job of designing these covers because Jesus wept.
  5. You should try Oxenfree. It's ace.
  6. I'm a born and bred twitch shooter nut. UT, Quake, DOD, CS. For whatever reason, I just cannot jam with Overwatch.
  7. It's gonna fuck you up. The fifteen year old me must have had the dexterity skills of the fucking Buddha himself.
  8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Season pass now £3.59 in a sneaky PSN sale.
  9. PlayStation VR

    Bonkers. Until Dawn was outstanding. Why are the SM wasting time with dogshit tier VR nonsense?
  10. Ratchet is still a bonkers fun game. One of the last genuine no bullshit, no DLC nonsense games to be released. And it still looks goddamn beautiful.
  11. Fable improvements? I'm super stoked to wander Oakvale in nearly 14 years. Jesus CHRIST.
  12. Assassin's Creed Origins

    I'm only two hours in and already mega blown away by the size and scale of the game so far. Combat's a bit iffy though. As an aside, my trained ear picked up a 30 second long musical cue from Vikings. Could be a subtle hint as to where Creed ends up next.
  13. Mad Max "Shiny & Chrome"

    It's ace. Finished it two years ago and it's still a game world I miss dicking about in. And the photo mode is incredible - I've got nearly a gig spent on created photos alone.
  14. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    The face of someone recognizing the fact that his face will be all over celebratory cards for the next century. Poor fucker.

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