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  1. Just finished watching this. I'd say as a generic fictional film, it's average, 5/10. In terms of the last year we've had, and how it addresses some of these issues while helping to explain them to the audience who may not realise, It's goddam 10/10.
  2. Run.Hide.Fight (a high school getting taken over by shooters) - 6/10 Promising Young Woman (A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who crossed her path.) - 7/10
  3. I thought this was just some protracted intro No? Which I happen to think is balls. Unless the whole show is like this? Then yeah it's deffo not for me. Im certainly not gonna hang around and slam it for a season like you masochistic STD viewers!
  4. Meh, I definitely posted in there, but I don't remember what, or care enough to use that dodgy search. But I thought it was brill. Quite surprised as there was some negativity towards it I recall.
  5. But why is she on a sitcom? I don't get any of it? As a n00b to this and the premise of the show, after 2 episodes hasn't really been explained at all. Other than it's bit off and "fake". I guess part of the issue is, the sitcom element is boring, and only holds any interest when something odd happens. Which is about 20 seconds of each episode...
  6. I guess, I'm sure there is a payoff, but only having knowledge of these characters in the recent MCU stuff, it's just a crap watch so far.
  7. 1.2 episodes in and this is utter balls. I have no idea what's going on. Why was this setup not condensed into 1 episode?
  8. This was bloody awesome, and strangely, being Korean, to me It felt exactly how I'd imagine a "Japanese" anime would look in live action. It's cheesy like an anime, but I thoroughly surprised by it, and also that I managed to pay attention enough to read all the subs!
  9. What happened in rebels if you track it back, is actually the only reason the finale happened (Mando interacting with Ahsoka) causing "that" jedi to pop up. The question is whether or not that's what's always happened or a new way of how they want to spin this later on down the line. Personally I hope it happens, but understand it's unlikely, but also it seems more plausible that they have at least realistically opened up a path for it, and it's not just a pie in the rabid neckbeard wish.
  10. Soooo - Some people might have seen that this *ridiculous* rumour I mentioned months ago is gaining some traction. Most likely due to the massive craze around the finale of the Mandalorian, and specifically, what it sets up for the future. I think it's certainly credible now, to suggest a split timeline like Star Trek is at least possible now... I'll be back in here in 12 months to tell you all i told you so!
  11. Damn, I didn't really like the cheese this time. Though I really enjoyed it before. Maybe the writing wasn't as good...
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