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  1. jonno


    Thanks, Gotters. Do you know if there is a limit on how many tickets I can personally buy through ticket exchange? I had a look at the FAQs and the site and couldn't see anything.
  2. jonno


    Gents, what's are the best options for buying match tickets? Looking at Middlesborough on the 22nd in particular. I'm coming to London for my stag and looking to see my first live game. I have the Red membership but there are only tickets on ticket exchange available now.
  3. jonno

    Stand Mixers

    A good stand mixer is great to have if you bake regularly or bake big batches at once. My mum has had a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for a few years now and it hasn't aged a day. I imagine it'll last for decades. I love it so much I bought my fiancée and I one for when we move into our own place! Now is actually a great time to buy the Kitchenaid; most places have £45 off some of the colourways right now and they're currently running a promotion for a free food processor attachment and glass bowl via redemption, which they value at £264. I was lucky enough to get the glass bowl under a similar offer when I bought mine last year, and it's really handy to have as a second bowl when doing double batches of things. I don't have any experience with the Kenwood machines, nor do I know anyone who has one, but I would wholeheartedly recommend the Kitchenaid. It would appear that the Kenwood stand mixers have a 5-year warranty to match the Kitchenaid's, so there's peace of mind there if you decide to go for one. Before you decide, I'd recommend watching this stand mixer review with a very thorough and insightful testing process. Even if you don't go with their final pick, it's a great review of things you want to consider.
  4. I think here will be better than the podcast thread: Can anyone recommend a GoT/ASOIAF podcast that has a particular emphasis on comparing the books and the show?
  5. jonno

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    I'm about 10% into Words of Radiance and loving it also. Got hooked on Sanderson after the Mistborn books and it looks like I'll end up reading everything he's written.
  6. jonno

    How I Met Your Mother

    Just watched the last episode:
  7. jonno

    What are you reading at the moment?

    This is one of my favourite series of all time. I started reading as a teenager when it was published in 2002, so it was very formative. Then I re-read them all about 5 years ago and found that they still read beautifully. I might be due another re-read.
  8. jonno

    The Ultimate Burger

    I had this in Nice 'N' Sleazys in Glasgow a few weeks ago: It was lush. It's a little difficult to find info on this place. The guys run the kitchen under the name of "Meathammer" and have a Facebook page, but no real website. I had was the 'Black Friday' - "Jack Daniels-soaked burger with Tabasco and Worcester sauce, bacon, smoked cheddar, tomato, little gem, and BBQ sauce".
  9. jonno

    The Beer Thread

    Thanks guys, that's all a great help
  10. jonno

    The Beer Thread

    I'm in need of some beer-gifting advice. I've decided to gift my girlfriend's dad and brother a selection of beers each for Christmas, but as a non-drinker I'm a bit stuck. Her brother is off to Belgium next year for his Stag Do, so I thought I'd keep his Belgian. Tesco have the following on 3 for two: Any particular recommends or avoids from that list? Her dad loves British Things, so a selection of British Beers would go down nicely, but I have no idea where to start! Supermarket options would be preferable and I have access to a large Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and M&S and a medium sized Sainsburys.
  11. jonno

    The Ultimate Burger

    Another vote for Ketchup. Great choice of burgers and their chips are amazing. Very chunky chips though, rather than fries, and very filling. They also have a smaller concession style branch within the Hummingbird nightclub in the city centre if that's more convenient, although I've never tried there. I've eaten at the Handmade Burger Co at Silverburn shopping centre, which was underwhelming. Also the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Edinburgh was decent, but Ketchup has been my favourite. Only downside is the price if you can't get the 2 for 1.
  12. jonno

    Good crisp bad crisp

    Agreed. I recommend these to anyone who will listen!
  13. jonno

    Friday Night Lights

    Still no sign of anything beyond Season 1 getting a Region 2 release?
  14. jonno

    Music of the Year So Far

    So here we are just beyond the half-way point of the calendar year. It's been another good year for music and we're only just at July! Therefore, in order to enlighten, educate, and entertain your fellow forumites please take a moment to share any aural goodness you have found particularly attention grabbing. The albums I've been spinning most often include: Blood Bank (EP) - Bon Iver Nice collection that started off the year in music for me. Not his most popular outing but I love it. Blood Bank is the standout track for me but I muchly enjoyed Woods also. I thought the autotune was nicely used but many have slated it. Self titled - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Stumbled upon this at Pitchfork at the beginning of the year. To me they have a dreamy, innocent sound all their own that seems distant but immediate at the same time. No doubt have 80's pop influences somewhere but I'm too young to remember. Vacilando Territory Blues - J. Tillman Another solo outing from the Fleet Foxes drummer. I like the album for his voice alone, which has a fantastic quality, but the guy also knows how to write a tune. When he gets a melody right, he absolutely nails it. Check out Steel On Steel; standout track, great melody, and the use of horns in the hook is just exquisite. Strong contender for my song of the year. Swoon - Silversun Pickups If only the last five songs were as good as the first. Don't get me wrong, the second half of the album in decent, but the first half? My goodness, it's different class. I could highlight any of the first five tracks but Panic Switch blew my mind. Far - Regina Spektor This hasn't completely ingrained itself to my psyche just yet but I have every faith that it will given a few more plays. Sounded great on the first time I listened right through, and have enjoyed it a good few times since. Another great outing.

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