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  1. I think I said why I thought that way in my original post. It was something that stood out to me when I finally succumbed to the hype for once and saw The Avengers film at the cinema years ago as every normal person I knew was raving about it, it just didn't look like something that cost that much money to make for whatever reason and it stood out to me at the time, it was pitch sharp but not particularly cinematic visually in comparison to other mega budget productions. I didn't even say it looked like an actual TV movie anyway! just a glorified one. I think the original Thor film wasn't much of a looker either. It looked fine in the very first proper one, Iron Man, for whatever reason. I've never bothered to look into the why so whatever controversy has been discussed over the years is not something I'm aware of, or particularly interested in to be honest. I also haven't watched in any more than the odd casual accidental short viewing any of the TV variants of these comic book movies, but I'll assume they are universally a step down in terms of production polish and nobody would ever assume those were products destined for cinema viewing, like the 24 'movie' clearly was never budgeted for a cinema release and it shows in comparison to the Bourne Trilogy. Even the most mega-budget TV series made by HBO are not what I would consider cinema grade in terms of visual polish. I noticed that with this latest one I've seen that they've finally overcome that for these other series and they now look like I'd expect an expensive cinema production film to look like. I did notice that was the only comment people chose to comment on, and not any of the other observations about the film, for what ever reason, so maybe they don't vehemently disagree with those assessments of the merits of this film.
  2. So I watched the UHD BD of this. First MCU film in about a year with the so-so sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy being the previous one. It was decent, now that Disney can see the $$$$$$ signs, they've actually started putting some actual money into the presentation on these films and this is a big step up from The Avengers and other films of that era in terms of production values, it finally actually looks like a real film, rather than a glorified TV movie. The CGI is more grounded than in prior films, but that's the usual expected progress with these things. The end battle sequence was the usual tedious bollocks though and the weird bloodless but what would be pretty gory killings if it wasn't a 12A were mildly jarring, just copy James Cameron FFS if you want to see how to do a final action sequence. The humour was very much of the sort of thing Taika Waititi has done previously, worth the odd chuckle. I think we're skipping to Infinity War next, followed by the apparently inferior sequel to that film.
  3. The visuals do hold up and the choice of music had a fairly profound influence on the games industry. I just thought the last bit was oddly put together. I preferred Douglas Trumbull's cult classic Silent Running, it's as relevant now as it was then. And he did the SFX on 2001, amongst a whole bunch of classics.
  4. If you want to save every penny, why not just go the unregistered route with Win10?, it's not exactly as if they are in a hurry to force people to actually pay for it.
  5. I don't necessarily disagree with your world view actually personally, but I can see why the situation is what it is. The problem with making everything a capitalist endeavour, somebody is going to want to min-max it. Disney have spent money forever extending the length of copyright for similar reasons, even if you could argue morally they really shouldn't be pushing to be paid practically forever for a creative work and it should be public domain instead after a reasonable period of commercial exploitation, as was originally intended by the copyright laws.
  6. So I take it you're not in favour of keeping the theatrical window and allowing either a free-for-all or a window so small as to be useless for the survival of the cinema chains? What is the reason they foist adverts and over-priced food on you? because otherwise the economics of cinema distribution don't work and they wouldn't exist on the scale they currently still do if you removed a primary reason for 'forcing' people to choose them over an alternative legal distribution method. The members of the MPAA (with the exception of the most recent member, Netflix) aren't exactly going to fuck over a major revenue stream just for the sake of convenience for a vocal minority. And in aggregate, considering the global cinema industry generates $41 Billion a year, that is an awful lot of money to give up without some serious potential compensation from other alternative sources.
  7. Is petrogirls an actual game developer then?, as the last time he mentioned what he did for a living, it wasn't in game development. And people seem to love to claim what I say is from NeoGAF ResetEra, when that's complete BS. My opinions are my own, thank you very much. As least nobody is claiming I've stooped so low as to regurgitate something I might have read on the unofficial Edge forum run by some bloke called Rob.
  8. I saw 2001 recently for the first time properly (only ever saw some clips from the start before), mildly disappointed. I think I found Barry Lyndon and Paths of Glory more enjoyable by comparison, and they do still hold up, especially Paths of Glory The 2nd half of 2001 was a bit confusing and it just sort of ends. Some interesting ideas and seeing Kubrick giving Leonard Rossiter work more than once was amusing, if slightly incongruous in both films.
  9. It runs on UE4, so clearly either a design choice or the developers are understaffed/inept.
  10. Do you have any proof for this assertion/pet theory? Quarterly financial statements are just that, a quarterly update to the shareholders on what the business they have a financial stake in is doing. That has zero bearing on when the PS4 would have hit 100 Million units, as the manufacturers have way more granular sales data than every 3 months on how many units they are selling. It's possible to claim that the PS2 would still be officially the fastest to 100 Million if they had bothered to launch it globally in the same sort of time window as the PS4 was, instead of a staggered and delayed launch period for most major markets. And that was reported to have cleared 100 Million outside of a quarterly financial reporting period.
  11. Explain the Nintendo Switch ports of games never designed with it in mind then? on paper, a huge gap, yet you can practically downscale games to run on it, despite the huge lack of bandwidth and lesser CPU resources available. That insult never gets old I would hard disagree with that and I'll use some Microsoft exclusives as proof. Rise of the Tombraider, Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 all required bespoke versions to be made to run well on the X360, so the exact opposite of trivial. Shadow of Mordor also had a bespoke last gen port, so even early on, developers didn't have it easy doing last gen ports of games designed around the capabilities of the new machines. FIFA moved the last gen consoles to legacy code and essentially their own game version too. Battlefield did a cross-gen game near launch where the last gen machines were both performance and graphics limited and multiplayer player counts had to be hacked back, but it worked, so you can do the exact same thing this time.
  12. Bollocks! sounds like I'm going to get stung for a fair amount then, they really should have thought about the fact not everybody lives in America or countries with very lax customs.
  13. Resident Evil - a title which stopped being accurate past the first localisation. Should have called it something like Biohazard for example At least that is a factually descriptive name for the source of the problem in all these games.
  14. Can anybody who's had experience with other Kickstarter projects answer this query. What happens with customs? as the fulfillment company, Fangamer is based outside of the EU. Does this mean unlucky sods not residing in America are going to be hit with an unexpected tax bill for importing their (expensive) backer rewards?
  15. I don't think I actually claimed that though. I checked what I wrote, and I just said they can make a game which apparently takes advantage of the SSD, while still working on dog slow HDDs. What is the actual likely hardware differences between the X1 and XScarlett anyway? The jump this time isn't quite the gulf that was the X360 to X1, where you were going from a severely memory and storage-subsystem constrained system to something which had way more of both. This time, your adding some more cores/threads with better IPC and a way faster storage-subsystem and maybe double or triple the RAM. The ray-tracing effects are primarily visual in nature and need a fallback work-around anyway for PC users which just leaves the faster loading, which can just mean the people stuck on HDDs get very long loading pauses while the custom Solid State users get the nearly no-loading option. Hack back NPC counts and environment destructability for base hardware while the premium spec hardware gets to turn everything up to 11 thanks to the better CPU/GPU they have. That allows you to cater to the people who can't afford to upgrade/own the average PC and you keep your whales happy.
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