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  1. VF2 even specifically calls out the improvement over the original in the flyer (though some might consider that claim to technically be a lie... ). The home conversion plays just aswell because they didn't sacrifice that aspect of the game, not to mention being a very clever use of the target hardware's specific abilities.
  2. The original article has some quite interesting stats about how important gaming is for the other major American technology companies, who knew that Apple claim to be the World's most popular gaming platform for instance?
  3. So now that the dust has slightly settled, is it worth playing through Shenmue III yet?, or should I wait until they've released the CE version with all the DLC and bugfixes instead? It's sitting unopened in the jiffy bag it was sent in (despite me never even confirming my details to the UK fulfillment company :P, so thank fuck I hadn't move in the mean time), though it's not as if I really have the time available to get engrossed in it at the moment. The marmite response is dulling my enthusiasm some what however. I assume the rest of the backer physical rewards have not been sent yet? It was only money I suppose and Yu Suzuki deserved a chance to deliver.
  4. If people read the source article and used that as the basis for discussion, instead of the selective interpretation of it that has spread throughout the internet instead, I'd have hoped the discussion would be slightly more well-informed. Phil (I assume his birth name is actually Philip, unless American parents are that uncouth) Spencer is talking about the infrastructure as to why Google or Amazon are his main competitors, assuming you believe in The Power of the Cloud-based future that limitless fat virtual pipes will enable of course. But as you say, content is the real king, not the infrastructure used to deliver it. Hence the exclusive content wars currently being waged across all media streaming platforms. The original article is titled "Why big tech is betting big on gaming in 2020" and covers every other major American tech player before finally reaching Microsoft.
  5. These posts from him would hint it's about something else, it's costing him money to not do E3 this year!: The E3 tradeshow itself has been pretty irrelevant to my interests for many years now, barely above any other big national games show in terms of games I've not heard or seen before. The only thing which has kept it in most people's minds is the Pre-E3 media events, which have grown over the last decade to be a Media Circus unto themselves lasting about as long as the actual trade show it feels like. That's the one thing E3 still has over Gamescom or TGS or any other major gaming show, where the media conferences are weak and poorly funded by comparison.
  6. Alex Hutchinson, formerly of Ubisoft and EA, and who recently released Journey to the Savage Planet made some interesting comments about the Next Gen consoles' tech... His company agreed to become an internal development studio making Stadia exclusives recently :) So at least Google isn't giving up entirely on proving the superiority of their Cloud-based gaming platform just yet.
  7. Does somebody at these companies keep on trying to raise the bar on the limitless potential of The Cloud or something every year?!? Last time they were talking about a number most people already found incredulous, now The Cloud is going to reach every living human on the planet! Facebook recently bought a Spanish Cloud-gaming company and they already have a fairly large audience reach.
  8. Western Digital made a comment recently in their financial results Q&A, they've landed the contract to supply either Microsoft or Sony, and from the numbers he mentions, they expect to supply enough flash for several Million Next Gen consoles, starting from June 2020, so somebody is beginning mass production at that point:
  9. This interview popped up recently in the English-language part of the internet, despite it having taken place at E3 a short while after the reveal of Project Scarlett!!! What I'm strongly suspecting Microsoft and possibly Sony are talking about is beyond a mere faster Hard Drive, but something which sounds much closer to an idea that has been around for a while now, SCM (Storage Class Memory) where NVM (Non-Volatile Memory, AKA a SSD-type device) is used to greatly expand the pool of RAM that is available to use, so a bit like a Swap-file in Windows, but actually useful and practical. That definitely isn't available on home PCs at present, it's been limited to specialist Enterprise applications. From PCGH (machine translation): https://www.pcgameshardware.de/Xbox-Series-X-Konsolen-268616/Specials/Phil-Spencer-Das-Mega-Interview-1293543/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=bff7f84f4e0148e00775ad42c30e8143553d809d-1577873565-0-Aa7q0E4qTqg_tHTg6IGF5yNhXrSKRJ-dNzvsTXzbeUegYRAsMDELtH_vBZbI01Fdxn4263XWTxMkjTWRwQAY-jAmyz1XQvhpwdACfui62_GH_XjVf4Au_L011wY8OCuPLHt-BEOpkoJLf-BV4BY77SHp59--19VwUkz850XIo4RBta6hTardymVMiW21Zsm_kYBmGu1LAr4HDvB61q5-YtGUdzTt48Fdx4BTRoY7fRpk4E3fGoXD80D1vKfJRtkHgFSlBqQrOwjGUrf-vdZ3AnsYfcCwH6wkfvkFkvaTAhI7EXkcpN32OFMqUqQL3jn6UpGwL4XXQwd1WBodNej7z7FzHip3iaYKomsSej7nwVoE
  10. This will be a fun opinion to revisit once the top end devs are making games designed around using virtual RAM as their baseline spec. I'd bet good money that Sony have tasked at least one developer with this specific mission as from the very first official discussions about the Next Gen PlayStation, Mark Cerny has highlighted the solid state drive as the gamechanger. Watch the GDC talk from Insomniac, they spent a lot of engineering time making sure they only streamed 20MB/s of data as that was their assumed worse case scenario for performance. Now imagine Spider-Man 2 built without wasting all that time on optimisation for a shit slow laptop HDD...
  11. Wasn't this tailored specifically for the Wii U though? so it'll require some remaking on those bits. Be nice for it to be ported just to fix the technical performance problems it suffers from on its original platform.
  12. No, it can't be simply downgraded or 'scaled' in current buzzwording. The game would have to be rebuilt and changed at great expense to run on legacy platforms. See Star Citizen for a glimpse of what the vast difference in playability looks like for a game designed the ground up for SSD I/O when you attempt to run it on the fastest HDD storage sub-system available, let alone a much slower heavily fragmented laptop HDD.
  13. Microsoft themselves have made some claims about what the SSD would bring right from the first official reveal of Project Scarlett. The SSD was described as virtual RAM. And this old tweet from Tom Warren (The Verge) confirms the likely use case of the SSD: https://mobile.twitter.com/tomwarren/status/1207690594803474433 Games which drop legacy platform support will be noticeably better than games stuck supporting spinning rust-based systems.
  14. Isn't the creator of Wing Commander actually making such a game?
  15. The one which I had completely forgotten but was mentioned by somebody else on the first page of this thread (Deathloop from Arkane Lyon), unless you are being pedantic with the usage of the Bethesda name, BGS being their original development arm and Bethesda Softworks is now their group publishing brand. They also greenlit another new IP, GhostWire: Tokyo, from another of their owned subsidiaries, Tango Gameworks (ZeniMax and Bethesda are basically the same thing as ZeniMax was born to provide a legal holding company for Bethesda Softworks by the founder of Bethesda).
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