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  1. Microsoft's problem is the same one it's always had, software. I'd have thought anybody could have figured it out by now on this forum. The best they've ever done in Japan was the Xbox 360, where they spent Bill Gate's pocket money and funded some software people might actually want to buy. If they'd spent even more and managed to get the really popular Japanese games, they would have done even better. It'd be like an alternative reality where the Xbox didn't have lots of online shooters and all the other games popular in the West and everybody else did, and people on rllmnotuk were forever wondering why the Xbox wasn't successful in the UK/US.
  2. The only one which was very successful out of those was the Star Wars game, so successful that EA have changed their minds on not making big budget single player offline games and have greenlit it to printmoney.gif until it doesn't. The others are merely successful and wouldn't make any of the other big publishers change their development plans. The future of the mega-budget game is open-world or service games, that's where the proper money is. Internet forum darling CDPR pretty much only make those types of games, the next FromSoft title is going to be that too and Capcom's most financially successful game ever is one too. It's even looking like Microsoft's biggest brand, Halo is going to turn itself into one.
  3. You could stick a Nintendo badge on the machine and it wouldn't move the needle much either. The problem isn't the badge or the amount of power the hardware has, that has never been the problem. Why was the Saturn very successful in Japan (it outsold the Nintendo N64) but an utter failure elsewhere? If people can answer that one, then they'll figure out the real source of the problem.
  4. Get that American Actor who does this sort of thing as a hobby to do it for you, he's apparently pretty talented at doing it. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/07/topher-grace-the-hobbit-fan-edit-blackkklansman-1201989456/ Can Disney release the Gareth Edwards original version of Rogue One?, I'm curious how much Tony Gilroy changed of it.
  5. They've released a bunch of smaller non-open world/service games this generation, but nobody remembers any of them apparently :P The punters have voted with their wallets, all the 10+ Million selling Ubisoft games this gen have been either open-world or a service game. Naming a non-open world or service game that has been very successful on non-Nintendo platforms is pretty difficult this gen. Great that the Next Gen consoles are perfectly suited to continue the trend then :) I dunno, OutRun 2 has more fancy systems than earlier more simple Arcade Racing games like SEGA Rally Championship or Daytona USA.
  6. LCD won because much like other inferior technologies which have won wars, it's good enough for the mass market and cheaper than the technologically better rivals. Nano-tubes were the Holy Grail, but patent bullshit helped kill that avenue. All the best bits of CRTs but actually flat.
  7. I'd say that claim by Epic has an awful lot of provisos and small print attached to it. UE5 runs on current gen, Next Gen and mobile phones. How are Nanite and Lumen, which leverage the technical advances only available in Next Gen consoles and equivalent PCs actually going to work in practice on current gen consoles and mobile phones? It's more likely to be the equivalent of porting a PS4 game to the PS3, a deep, deep downgrade with no real-time GI or massively detailed assets being streamed in all the time, so technically legally true, but the average person might question its usefulness in practice. It's basically claiming to save developers the hassle of doing the downgrading as UE takes care of it all for you magically apparently. Somebody might have finally actually invented an actual port to button. :)
  8. Errrr, that section had absolutely nothing to do with hiding loading, it's already been pointed out it was to demonstrate just how fucking detailed the assets were as the main character crawled through the rocks slowly. To further undermine that stupid meme, the final climax shot goes from an insanely detailed central temple to a much quicker transition to a massively detailed ever changing outdoor area which is streamed in at very high speed seamlessly to boot for an extended period.
  9. The game doesn't have a 30fps cap on the mid-gen refresh consoles which should mean it will be able to update significantly faster when running at native full performance BC modes on the PS5/XSX without any modification. It's perfectly capable of hitting 120fps on PC when the 60fps cap is removed and you throw some firepower at it.
  10. DLSS requires use of the specialist machine learning Tensor Cores, AMD don't have an equivalent dedicated bit from the available information on RDNA2, they have to use a function of the standard hardware to do both ray-tracing and machine learning so I'm sceptical they can juggle 3 things at once on the same bit of hardware, where Nvidia have 3 separate and distinct bits of hardware to do all of that. It's a buzzword because the assumption is that consoles are going to automatically have it, UE5 didn't use it for instance. They could have pushed for the magic 60fps if it was available and devs wouldn't be bragging about native 4K on upcoming Next Gen console games.
  11. People keep using DLSS as some sort of magic buzz word these days, but how is AMD going to do that on top of all the other rendering stuff they have to do using the exact same component? Have they managed to do what Nvidia can't?, we'll have to wait until the release of the PC RDNA2 GFX cards to find out if they've pulled off what seems improbable. Sony didn't exactly sound massively confident in terms of how they felt the level of ray-tracing likely to be achieved was, maybe Microsoft's chip can do noticeably better in that aspect. Nvidia's GFX cards were criticised at launch in 2018 for wasting physical die space on 'pointless' specialist hardware to accelerate machine learning and ray-tracing, instead of using that space to shove in more bog standard GFX acceleration parts. Now they are looking like geniuses apparently as everybody thinks those pointless bits are actually quite useful, it only took 2 years to start to realise that potential, but hey ho
  12. Rendering resolution and sharpness have been the sort of thing power users have been pissing money up the wall chasing for a very long time, getting people to get out of that mindset isn't going to happen overnight, especially with hardware manufacturers still pushing that mantra. But it's good to see more people on board the #Faux-K train. Better quality pixels is always preferable to more of lower quality ones. Timothy Lottes posited a similar idea 8 years ago so reality is finally starting to catch up to what he thought was the better way forward: And other CG industry professionals agreed with his sentiment at the time:
  13. Now that is a curious one, Starfield is designed for Next Gen, so they were briefed on the PS5/XSX years ago and I would hope they've suitably re-engineered their technology to take advantage of what the PS5/XSX offer. UE5's 2 primary advantages are drop in super high detailed models and real-time lighting, what other developers choose to focus on is intriguing. DICE seem to be dropping last gen already so the next Battlefield should be able to utilise the massive I/O and compute advances to really push that series forward.
  14. I assume you know the actual rendering resolution of that game on console then... If people still claim that being true, #True4K/60 will be easily achievable Next Gen*
  15. Sony have multiple inhouse bespoke engines designed to push their consoles (Decima, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog all use an inhouse engine). Microsoft have at least one inhouse bespoke engine too, maybe they'll decide to spend some money and make a few more this gen. DICE have world class engineering talent and EA/Activision both have R&D divisions looking at how to leverage the Next Gen consoles. Even Ubisoft have multiple inhouse engines that will be altered for the coming gen. UE5 is just one path to the future, it's going to be fun to see how every other R&D team has approached the problem and whether their solution has advantages over UE5.
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