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  1. If anyone is looking for one of these I have a spare! Just bought an an AVS so not much use anymore, looking for £8.50 including P+P. Comes with USB charger and no NES pad. Does work with all NES controllers though. There's a switch on the base to choose between PAL and US. Will stick a thread up in trading later:
  2. Picked up a bundle of cheap GB games the other day, had a pile of manuals inside including this: This is for the rarest GBC game there is and I'm 100% sure it's an original. Anyone missing a copy?
  3. Yeah it's tough to find them out there. There's a retro games market coming up in March over in Doncaster. I think I'll be raiding that for carts with a couple of hundred quid
  4. My quest is still on going. Hard to believe that 3 years later I've still not had one for breakfast
  5. Can anyone recommend a sort of... car boot or storage hunting shows in the US or even the UK for retro games? Not something I've really watched before but I fancy a bit of hunting.
  6. Can't even get past the first screen
  7. Yep. PAL A UKV and GBR (early black label releases). I think its impossible to get a full set boxed especially with the rarer ones... plus its cheaper
  8. Fresh new arrival and quite a good un to start the day with. Snatched this up for £12 thanks to a quick sale on eBay, I remember playing to death as a kid. My mate had a NES and I was constantly going round his house, completing all his games. I was like a ninja at that age, nothing could stand against me for very long and I can still remember beating this repeatedly. Playing it today and the level design still holds up incredibly well. It's tough but fair and always feels like its your fault when you lose a life. Still don't have my AVS but I'm looking forward to using its extra sprite mode as it should get rid of all the flickering and invisible characters when I play. Was quite lucky to get Mega Man 2 on the cheap as the rest of the series costs a bomb. Not looking forward to forking out for the rest so I'll probably spread those out over a couple of years. Besides I need some Castlevania in my life before I jump back into Mega Man again.
  9. Hello everybody, I’m back. I have been enjoying my Christmas break, perhaps a little too much at some points, but now it is back to work. Pre-production will be starting very shortly on Witcher season two. I see that you’ve all enjoyed Witcher season one, thank you very much for that, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be giving you updates on here as time goes on. Cavill has posted the above on Instagram.
  10. I might just try and raid it for info then come up with something new. Been 8 years since it was up
  11. Yes. Pico 8 is like a programming language to use on portable consoles like the Pocket Chip. Some Pico 8 games here in a browser: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php
  12. I might bring NES-Bit back. I wasn't really worried about it going when it closed as NintendoAge seemed to have full databases of all the UKV/GBR stuff but with that being dumped in the bin there's a spot for a UK focused site again. Think I've still got the WordPress database stuck somewhere, no idea how to recover it mind
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