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  1. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 59: Superfrog

    New show has gone up and I thought we'd take a look at the Team17's Amiga attempt of a Mario beater with... Superfrog: https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-59-superfrog/
  2. Lorfarius

    Atari Jaguar

    Seriously hang onto it for a few months. The price is bound to shoot up like crazy which means money for more games!
  3. Lorfarius

    Nintendo Switch

    Forgot I'd backed the Flip Grip! Can't wait for it to arrive
  4. Lorfarius

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I don't know why but the story beats for CM kept reminding me of Green Lantern I hope it's not like that
  5. Lorfarius

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    My initial reaction was just fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff .
  6. Lorfarius

    Nintendo Switch

    Man I'm glad Smash Bros is out... can stop seeing all those damn ads for it. Urgh. What's next?
  7. Lorfarius

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    It is but it takes awhile to get going and you need to learn to play it properly. From these vids it looks like he was just speeding through games for stuff to mention.
  8. Lorfarius


    Yep, with every restored as it should be
  9. Lorfarius

    Dave Perry is back...

    And still no new episode...
  10. Lorfarius

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Not me! I'm covering it in Sundays show
  11. Lorfarius

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Sorry but that's just a weird thing to say as I've just hit episode 58 of my Amiga podcast which I post on a weekly basis. There's easily more than 30 games in that lot which are worth playing today and I've not even been looking for the amazing ones. I've got enough content to cover 2 years on great games at least and way beyond that! I've not even taken the homebrew scene into consideration from back in the day either.
  12. Why is he always going on about "the community". Hardly anyone watches any of his stuff...
  13. Lorfarius

    Analogue Super Nt

    Can hardly see it... don't think white on a white background was a good sales picture
  14. Lorfarius


  15. Lorfarius

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Netflix have had it for years and there's been far too many stinkers rather than genuine hits so I think it's better to let Disney have a go.

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