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  1. Yeah, not sure what's going on with PW. It was £19.19 when I bought it then jumped up to £19.99.
  2. You don't really need to do much movement beyond aiming and squatting with leaning. The bullets only hit your head and not your entire body, same goes for all of the obstacles so just move your VR kit more and try not to flail! More Bond less Die Hard.
  3. That would be a pretty stupid marketing act because there's a real risk of damaging the brand long term. Not something Sega want to do, they make a great deal of revenue from it and were already said to be really unhappy behind the scenes. They didn't have a say, movie studio rolled over them.
  4. New release here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/246580/The_Typing_of_The_Dead_Overkill/
  5. Seems that Spiral Games are shipping the UK orders this Friday.
  6. Doesn't look like it. Comments on KS say that Fangamer hasn't received them from YS yet so nothing to ship.
  7. They should have released it early for backers.
  8. Thing is none of it matters if they close stuff down. Once it's out there it'll be passed around and rehosted quickly. Suspect that's what most people rely on with some of these projects. That Metroid 2 remake on PC was hit a couple of years ago but very easy to find that, once its done its done.
  9. Because he's a fan that wants to make more Mario games to play on an N64? He's done Zelda stuff like this too.
  10. Can't you just nip to the loo and turn the light on for those bits? It's the 200th issue and quite a good one. Not what we usually get.
  11. Pistol Whip might just be up there as one of the systems best. Really difficult to get into the rhyme of it but just being able to hold your gun with one hand, balance it on your wrist, arm etc. makes you feel like a super spy. It is a weird mix of Super Hot and Beat Saber but luckily you don't have to get every hit on the beat to continue. Seen a lot of complaints about it being really knackering to play but once I figured out its all about moving your head and wrist, not your full body to avoid shots it becomes much easier to play. It is crying out for a shotgun, many a time I was faced by hordes of enemies in tight spaces and wanted Super Hot's widespread gun but it is what it is The trailer and Youtube footage don't do enough to show what it's like, all in that grip and shooting! Loads of fun.
  12. I'm using a UK keyboard, blue box without issue. Not aware of any region locking on hardware for any games.
  13. Keyboard arrived today and gave Typing of the Dead a whirl. That's ssooo much fun, I can type quite well but its even a challenge for me I love the way it hits you with normal sentences and words then throws in some crazy, random stuff to throw you off. The bosses had me gnashing my teeth they that tough.
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