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  1. It's lovely and by far the best NES thing you will ever own.. but it's worth a fortune so I'd get rid Probably pay for 3 quarters of what you bought off the bat.
  2. Normal 5v USB plug will do. Works on mine and I just use my phones.
  3. Just released today according to Kotaku and never seen before... a 20 minute behind the scenes tour around Nintendo HQ in the 1990's:
  4. Might not like it but PS3 is retro. It's two generations old we all so old.
  5. Does anyone have their GGC to hand? When you press the Start/Select buttons are they meant to be a bit rubbery? Bought one and I really have to press them in for them to make respond. Feels wrong to me but been years since I played one.
  6. I've been ordering a lot from the US this past year and the prices towards the end of last were ridiculous.
  7. Try opening the game, setting the region and doing a soft reset.
  8. Yeah it will, just change the region mode before you boot the game.
  9. Funny thing is I spent over £700 on crappy clones and a HDMI NES trying to find a decent system. None of them have done the job as well as this. Might not like the prices but Analogue do great hardware for the most part.
  10. Just because you can code doesn't mean you can do things like art/sprites/decent level design or music. Even the worst of games often had several members of a large team working on projectors for a large amount of time (not the odd evening and weekend dedicated by a hopefuly homebrewer.
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