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  1. It's going to be the same handheld platform for everyone and loads of people will be keen to get some sort of Linux setup running for it. Won't be long before the community come up with something. The smaller editions are out later this year so if you go for the bigger ones, due next then there's a very good chance the solution you want will be up and running.
  2. The first model had a card slot on the front but it could only hold really small games so they ditched it shortly after for bigger carts.
  3. Was playing that Cluster Truck for a bit last night, didn't realise it was a moving running platformer. Controls were fine but having to jump over and over again in 3D like that isn't the best, made me feel a bit ill after a bit so got rid
  4. Have you even seen the first movie recently? There's loads of serious, scary and melodramatic moments in it, you make it sound like a laugh a minute comedy. It wasn't Caddy Shack. How can you serioulsy not be excited to see it after those closing seconds of the trailer??
  5. It truly is a masterpiece, made even better by the fun night club scene with that dinosaur theme. Happy times.
  6. I think my Bing traffic is useless, I just sit there on both devices banging in random letters/numbers on both browsers that I don't use for anything but gathering points. I don't buy anything or lead through to ads, sites etc. I don't even do the questions properly, just click at random to get through as quickly as possible
  7. I dunno. I'm still in the middle of my first 3 months trial and just by doing the daily point colelcts off the website I've already made close to 2 months of free GP. If I started sinking more time into playing games for points it'd fly up in no time. They are earning nothing for it from me for very little effort and I'm starting to think I won't ever need to pay for it. A lot of people were all for signing up for the 3 year deal but I didn't bother and looks like it won't be a problem.
  8. I love this movie, its right up there with The Wizard. Both sit very happily in the middle of my Bluray collection
  9. Are they losing the Simpsons license?
  10. I had it years ago so was def a proper one. The so called collectors can't really say for sure either but I've always classed it as one and I was going after a full set before a lot of them were even involved in their own scene , same with the NES stuff. I'm just that old!
  11. @DudleyWhat SMS games are you missing from a full set?
  12. Sort of but I think you might be mixing it up with the Reg Barclay episode Realm of Fear and one where a highly trained retired soldier pushes through the beam to break out in The Hunted.
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