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  1. Lorfarius

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I do both but I don't really like emulating stuff because I tend to amass squillions of ROMs and never enjoy any of them properly. Constantly flicking through and playing with little regard for them but when I have a collection going it gives me a neat goal to aim towards and I tend to make more time for individual titles.
  2. Lorfarius

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    It's happening guys... I don't know when but soon. There's no stopping me now
  3. Lorfarius

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    But it was the future... once!
  4. Lorfarius

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    It already sounds amazing...
  5. Lorfarius

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    I don't think I'll bother buying any games, found a torrent packed full of around 80 games so will just download and burn a big pile of CDs. Intrigued by more than just games though so think I'll explore the multimedia junk it has as well.
  6. Lorfarius

    Philips CD-i Appreciation Thread

    I keep turning up in these terrible system threads like a bad penny I've never owned one of these before, I'm curious as to what they are like. Anyone recommend one? What are the best games?
  7. Lorfarius

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 69: Barbarian

    By Crom's beard it's a show about the ultimate fighter this week with Barbarian from Palace: https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-69-barbarian-the-ultimate-warrior/
  8. Lorfarius

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Is it a US system? TV might not be compatible.
  9. I'm so worried about it but Stewart can still do a good acting turn thanks to his amazing acting chops. I just hope they make the action stuff for the first officer and lower ranks, don't try to force Stewart to try rambling about for action scenes!
  10. Lorfarius

    My new C64 platform game

    Man, that looks awesome!
  11. Lorfarius

    Quantum Leap

    Think the buggers ripped it out of the DVD edition. Back in all its glory for the BR.
  12. I'd rather just have the proper timeline back. Knock all this bobbins on the head and give us decent ST again. Make sure Rick Berman is never allowed on the lot again.
  13. Lorfarius

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    I know its only a fiver but it takes ages to download piles upon piles of patches and I'd rather not waste my time if it wasn't much cop!

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