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  1. From what I can find out the problem might be to do with the pins between the two. The screen connect it like this little nubbles which don't provide as good a contact, pulling it apart and the unit is a bit flakey. Never sits 100% as it should and sort of rolls over that bit, the case does hold it in place but no surprise its dodgy. Not sure what the solution is.
  2. Hmm sort of. There's lines on mine in some areas, like they are flickering. Tried rejigging everything, using the plug and slotting the cart in and out several times but they still come back. Most of the time it's okay but way too distracting in something like Tetris when they appear.
  3. Ah sorry, thought you meant Beyond!
  4. Are you sure? Seems to be on Steam etc.
  5. I wonder if it was a spelling mistake, it does look like a bolt/nut to unscrew watching some of my footage (I recorded after show ends as I couldn't stop) and they might have messed up linking the two together. Silly mistake if it is!
  6. Isn't that the joy of graphic adventures though? Try everything and leave no stone unturned
  7. This is sort of related but I've just released my 99th podcast episode on the Amiga port of Beneath a Steel Sky. Revolution Software were happy to answer questions on the history of the game and I've done my best to walk through every part. I'm probably as close as you can get to a super fan so this is a bit of a love in https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-99-beneath-a-steel-sky/
  8. Out of all the shows I've ever done this latest must have taken the most amount of work. Nearly 45 minutes long and probably the closest thing I've ever done to making my magnum opus, hours on editing as best I could. Was even able to chat to Revolution software and confirm the details about some stuff behind the scenes so I'm really pleased with how all this turned out so enjoy: https://amigarama.com/episodes/amigarama-podcast-episode-99-beneath-a-steel-sky/
  9. Just got mine today and installed that image. There's an amazing Retroflag GPI Case Users group on Facebook, they are open to answering all sorts of questions. Helped me out with the setup already. I love the thing, just amazing to have what feels like a proper GameBoy to play all this stuff on. Only tried GB and NES games so far.
  10. Must be even more worrying with the added cost increase thanks to the pound and production changing over a couple of years. Thing is the money's gone now, there's no way to get it back and KS won't do a thing about it. Great if it turns up but buggered if it doesn't. Hope they don't announce it soon as I sold my pledge last year for £250
  11. I'm almost there! Got all that loaded and Steam open but doesn't seem to recognise my controllers on the small pop up window on my pc.
  12. I was waving my arms around like a lunatic but I give up. Reminds me of an Expert+level from Beast Sabre, impossible Has anyone had any luck running OCulus Rift games on their Quest? I can't figure out. Installed Virtual Desktop and SideQuest but not really sure what to do! Tried following some YT vids but none the wiser as most seem to talk about it but not show what to do.
  13. That's definitely Shenmue. Same laid back, wonderful vibe that's missing from most games. Can't wait to sit down and play it! All those people demanding refunds and pulling out can go straight in the bin. I sunk hundreds of pounds into supporting getting this made, at this point I'd be happy if I received nothing if I could still buy a copy of it This is what I've been waiting for! Japanese only trailerwhich shows off the fighting engine:
  14. I'm proper stuck on campaign, mission 11 is maximum movement of 650 and I can't even make it through. Difficulty just seems to have proper spiked and there's no way to play round or past that one
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