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  1. PC: Stun Grenades are now less intense Hooray! I don't know what they're like on console but on PC they basically switch your mouse off.
  2. Finished on ultra violence (apart from the last boss, which I dropped down a level but don't tell anyone) and I thought it was great. There are some odd decisions in there which have already been mentioned but i'm not against repeating stuff. The marauder is no fun to fight since it just seems to force you to clear out the room and then stare at it for a bit until it decides to attack. I was hoping it would behave more like the player, swapping weapons often, jumping about the place, being super fast. I was expecting it to be a fully fledged character based on the trailers too. The purple goo. Literally just there to be annoying. The UAC hologram. It wasn't funny the first time, never mind the 50th. Tone wise I think they leaned too heavily into the meme of the doom guy. Doom 2016 was ludicrous but it played it straight, there's a bit too much winking at the camera involved in this one. I was laughing at his little office thing but probably not for the right reasons. Other than that, good stuff, would play again.
  3. Looks like you have to invite, which is a bit fiddly isn't it? I'm BoggyB
  4. I held off buying a switch for ages waiting cut the inevitable Animal Crossing edition. So long that I forgot all about it until just now and obviously they’re impossible to get without paying eBay entrepreneurs. Frig.
  5. Fair enough. I thought it was one of the best anti suicide messages I've heard.
  6. That 'View From Half Way Down' poem. Damn. The penultimate episode is amazing but it put me in a genuinely low mood.
  7. I don't get what was in the latest update to make it 40gb. I also don't know why they won't let me uninstall the campaign so I don't have to have the game installed on it's own SSD.
  8. I, unfortunately, refunded it because I got that wonky physics tech demo vibe. The first hour of the game is a bunch of rooms full of physics demos and not much else, so it seems to at least know what it is. I'm not a fan of the direction they took of having your player character body exist as a physics object in the world either, with hands getting caught on stuff and nudging tables with your torso sending them flying. The art style is like a blander Half Life 2, the sound effects are a bit limp and I'm not a fan of the way the weapons handle. It's very good for something a small team put together but it has been hyped up way more than it deserves. [edit] Also with an Oculus controller you un-holster weapons by squeezing the grip and the trigger together, so you're basically pulling the trigger to pick the gun up which is weird.
  9. This is brilliant! I should probably invest in a VR face thing cover though given how much of a sweat I work up. I've been in a tussle with a couple of other players for the #1 leader board position for hard difficulty Replicants and it's getting a bit stressful now since it's getting harder and harder to eek out those extra points. I've played through the level so many times I can take out a good chunk of the bad guys without looking at them. I left it with me in second place last night but no doubt I'm way down the list now.
  10. Poker Stars VR is, bizarrely, my most played VR game and that has a Quest release (I think). It's just poker (but on space stations or in the Phantom Zone) but it really nails the social side of VR and I've had a lot of laughs playing with randoms. It's also free, which is always nice. A VR Rllmuk poker game might be a giggle.
  11. Grade A examples were £8, so the savings aren't to be sniffed at.
  12. I'm hoping we get a "perfect" combination headset from them at some point. At the minute comfort, picture quality, tracking quality and these new hand tracking advancements are spread out unequally, with some of the older headsets doing things better than the new ones. The Quest would be the one to go for without question (with the lInk) if it had the 90hz refresh rate and weight distribution of the CV1 and the extra on board tracking camera of the S. Fingers crossed for the Quest 2.
  13. BoggyB

    Megadrive Mini

    The tower thing is quite a nice little package. It’s got a cool little book of technical drawings that has this note chart at the end. What’s it meant to be? https://ibb.co/fHydWZR
  14. I just picked up my LE copy! I also just remembered I sold my Switch when I moved house to pay for the moving truck! Hurray! I’ll just pretend I’m playing it on the gameboy shaped case I guess.
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