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  1. This actually highlights two of the great strengths of the earlier Thief games: that because they were stealth games where the object wasn't murder you actually had a logical reason to need to explore dangerous areas in search of treasure (rather than "collectables"), and that the missions were designed to not feel like you were choosing "alternate routes" through levels, but were instead exploring believable spaces. A shame more stealth games don't opt for those approaches (though the modern Hitman games at least nail the latter).
  2. Well that can't be right, because I like Thumper and I'm always right while everyone else is wrong, as has been demonstrated to me repeatedly throughout my life. This topic's a tricky one, because I can usually identify the reasons that a game does or doesn't work for me, but I've never fully understood why Red Alert 2 never really did it for me. I love the early Command & Conquers (even the somewhat malagined Tiberian Sun), for both the daft shlock of them and the simple, satisfying strategy underpinning them, and RA2 on its surface just delivers more of all of that goodness - and is much-loved for it - but I never warmed to it like the others, never even finished it. Not sure why. I should probably go back and try it again.
  3. Assuming it doesn't sell out immediately (which I think is depressingly likely), I'll absolutely be getting the box-set; it helps that the post-box-set releases they've shown off also look ace. I'm even a bit tempted to try 40k for the first time since the '90s, should I manage to put together a Sisters army.
  4. Between this and the new Sisters of Battle, are GW trying to bankrupt me?
  5. Same here. It's partially an age thing; the difference between 20-year-old me and 25-year-old me is far greater than that between 25-year-old me and 35-year-old me, so the time between feels less significant. And it's partially that the pace of game design change is ever-slowing, so the games don't feel as though they've evolved as much (and of course even the games from 2004-2009 feel like subtle evolutions compared to those between 1999 and 2004, never mind 1994 and 1999).
  6. I'd like to agree, but both Disco Elysium and Sayonara Wildhearts probably just edge it for me. It's assuredly the best game of 2004, mind! I've also just realised that Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines came out in November 2004, so that automatically makes it a great month (even if we did have to wait close to a decade for a properly finished version of the game to exist).
  7. Burnout 3 and Rome: Total War make it actually decent, but honestly my first thought on reading the topic title was "god, what a gash month". Filled with games I either expected to love but hated (Halo 2, MP2), or read glowing reviews and testimonies of, so played against my better judgement and disliked (HL2, MGS3, San Andreas). Or WoW, which I at least was able to ignore on account of being on dial-up at uni.
  8. Look, I know all of this arguing about what games deserve to be in which list is very interesting, but the real question that needs answering is: what editions has everyone got? I'm a tiny bit disappointed to have received the same as Qazimod - the Breath of the Wild cover. I mean, it's a nice cover image, and it's a perfectly decent game, but it's not exactly Gone Home now is it.
  9. No 'gaming' keyboard for me, instead a Leopold FC700 with cherry red switches. Also custom DSA profile keycaps, because of course: It's tenkeyless because I suffer from RSI - for which reason I also don't use a mouse, but rather one of these:
  10. Yeah, it's a event that can randomly happen when returning to your ship, referencing Firefly. I thought it was quite sweet, and it harks back to the 2D Fallouts with their comical random encounters.
  11. Playing on Supernova means that most of the things that would trigger the option haven't happened for me - i.e. I believe most revolve around taking a lot of a specific source of damage, which would tend to mean insta-death so haven't happened. However, I have had one option, which I leapt at, even though it made no real sense: after eating a sufficient amount of food, the game offered me a food addiction perk, which means I have to eat regularly or suffer stat-losses. Only, on Supernova you need to eat regularly anyway, as otherwise you get hungry and, er, suffer stat-losses - and I'd only been eating to stave off that hunger in the first place, so triggering food addiction on those grounds alone seemed a little extreme, but there we go!
  12. Yeah, when bugs can ruin things like that it sucks. I've been lucky enough not to encounter that bug (yet), the worst I've had was the traditional "got stuck in scenery while exploring an area that players aren't expected to be climbing around in and had to reload", which at least felt somewhat like my own fault. (kamikaze allies running through a minefield as their order to stay put expired without my noticing was also a frustrating moment)
  13. I didn't expect to like it, but thought I'd give it a try as the limited saves would force me to stick with my decisions, which it's done a fantastic job of*. It's nice to know I can't easily reverse a decision, makes things feel a bit more impactful. I half-expected the combat difficulty would make me drop things down, but honestly it's not been bad - it's really only the "no sleeping in other beds" thing that bothers me, and that as much for feeling weirdly contrived as anything; "oh no, I'm feeling woozy after that explosion! I guess I'd better stagger all the way past these friendly colonies, this medical station, these rent-a-room places and finally get to my ship so I can sleep!" *
  14. This is the exact opposite of my experience. Playing on Supernova, I rely entirely on my companions to keep me alive; as a stealth/dialogue/tech/long guns build I can break into any room, talk my way out of almost any situation, and get the drop on any enemy... but once my alpha strike is over I'm only useful for sticking to cover while my companions rush in with mid-to-close combat weapons (pistols/flamers/hammers), and I keep them alive through group healing and judicious use of 'not bullet time' and companion abilities to blind, stun and/or cripple dangerous enemies. By picking fights I can generally keep the number of combatants in any fight down to four at most, and that's always manageable (since bullet time plus companion abilities are always enough to keep enemies down long enough to severely hurt them before they get to fight back. The enemy AI isn't very good, and it's very easy to kite them by ordering your team to stick to cover if the numbers are too high. Couple that with giving my companions all of the best armour (and weapons, outside of sniper rifles and shotguns) to them and they end up dealing and absorb most of the damage outside of the very first shot of every encounter. The real problem for me are mines and unfortunately close explosions: concussion is the fucking worst, as it can only be healed by sleep, and you can only sleep on the ship in Supernova. That's the only thing I disagree with in Supernova, in fact - tying saves to the ship is great and builds tension, but forcing you to return for sleep because you've been exploring for a bit, or because some goon got lucky with a grenade, and then having to slog all the way back out to where you left off (because, of course, there's no fast travel except to the ship in Supernova) isn't much fun.
  15. Yeah, I'd argue that P4G is significantly different enough that it counts as more than just a port; in terms of 'new content' I'd argue it's as least as valid as Rez Infinite: where RI added a sixth level and VR support, P4G added a new dungeon, characters, scenes, locations and endings to the game. Of course I still haven't voted for either because, as much as I think both should count following the rules of the awards, my own personal rules preclude them because I'm an idiot (I've discounted anything from my own list that's in any way a remake, even if it significantly expands upon the original).
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