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  1. If you fancy a return to the slightly more brutal era of open-world RPGs, I've got a lot enjoyment from the wilfully obtuse Outward. It does feel a bit janky, but it's nice to play an RPG that allows you to explore your way into certain defeat rather than keeping its world friendly and/or channelling you down safe routes.
  2. Thank you! I've barely worked on it the past few months - late March through to the end of May are always the worst time at work, and this year has been the most unpleasant I've been through in my six years at the company by some margin (all of the standard end/start of year demands, plus my team being down to three out of five staff, plus us going through a restructure; great fun) - I've just not had the brain space to work on it afterwards - hell, I've barely had enough to even play games. With June things have finally calmed down, and I even got to take some leave last week, during which I destressed and made up for lost gaming time with far too much Total War and Spider-Man, and I'm finally feeling myself again. I even argued with people on the forum about games, so clearly I'm back in my traditional mindset I'm planning to get back into things this weekend, and I've plenty to do: I need to work on getting a series of levels together, polish up the physics some, and maybe think about adding in a title screen. Which suggests I should probably also pick a title...
  3. I can't see what could possibly be considered horrific about a story which sees you *checks notes* playing as a professor who grooms their high school students so they can then date them when they graduate.
  4. Is this the point where I need to mention that the person who mentioned the trans poster was me, non-games journalist, in this here thread, and that it never featured in the RPS article?
  5. Because... that's literally the purpose of a preview? That they were invited to the preview event to do? If they aren't going to "prejudge" the game based on it, then they'd l just be doing a PR person's job.
  6. I would say that deciding that the first (and so far only) example of a transness you want to show off in your game should be a poster of a female-presenting character with a grotesquely massive penis is not "nothing for concern", but then having experienced the second-hand delight of a friend getting called a "fucking dickgirl" by a random stranger perhaps I'm a bit more sensitive to that choice of imagery. As already said, repeatedly by robdood, in context it may be utterly fine - as an example of in-world marketing it can totally make sense - but as the sole existing bit of trans content in the real world marketing for the game it's a bit worrying; I mean, they've had what, two 50 minute demos now, two e3s, plenty of interviews, so it's just a bit of an odd first choice. You may say that CDPR "have more than proved their worth as a studio", but they haven't really got any track record on this subject, nor for real-world racial representation, so there's some reason to be a little wary. And some of us played the original Witcher, and remember that game's er, 'interesting' approach to handling female characters, so it's not as though the company haven't stumbled in the past! And while we're all queuing up to bash the RPS (and, presumably, EG) bod for his preview, it's worth noting that there's two possibilities here: One is that his concerns are ill-founded - the whole game is a far more rounded affair - in which case that will become clear by release, and everyone is happy. In that case it's hardly likely that these previews will have significantly impacted the success of the game - it's hardly a low-profile game from an unknown company, so it's hardly like we should be worried they're risking the game's failure by raising criticisms during a preview. The second possibility is that there are some issues with the game as a whole; in which case this gives CDPR a chance to reflect - something that they've demonstrated in the past. Again, there were issues with the first Witcher game, issues that were raised by the games press at the time... and CDPR responded by dramatically improving their future games. Perhaps they'll look at this criticism and go, "you know what? We could improve things", and the game will be better for it. Beyond that, I do find it a bit odd that it's seen as perfectly reasonable to get riled up about a person (to the point of calling them 'trash') because they deigned to write down their concerns based on a 50 minute preview that CDPR themselves designed as representative of their new game. Particularly when the worst that happens because of it is... the full game is better than the preview suggests, and the criticism turns out to be moot? I mean, big whoop.
  7. Wiper

    Nintendo Switch

    Well, that's a bit disappointing; heavily filtered spritework and smeared background textures are not quite the 'HD' treatment I was hoping for. Not surprising given the relatively niche appeal of the series, but still a shame. Even the fonts look worse in sharp-o-vision
  8. I remain pleased that this is getting made, but to echo the concerns in this thread - the aesthetic does seem to be, well, a bit lacking. To the point where I genuinely think the original looks 'better', even with its far-reduced resolution and hilarious pop-in. Three big differences, really, the first two already mentioned by MDY: the change in colour key, from a cold blue to a warm yellow; this seems the oddest decision, as it dramatically changes the mood of the game and isn't tied to technology limitations of the time, so just seems an arbitrary change the massive increase in geometry, giving the game a much busier feel - more Orta than original Panzer Dragoon. Obviously the limitations of the original hardware are gone, and you can see why the developers might want to take advantage of that, but it does lose the game its sense of desolate isolation a very specific thing, but reflections, or a lack thereof. This is the oddest omission to me, and seems tied to the undulating water they've pumped the game full of rather than the simple plane of Panzer Dragoon, but the reflected terrain was a massive part of the visual language of the original - both notable as seeming technically impressive at the time, and for feeding into that cold, isolate, clean aesthetic - the blue water reflecting the monumental ruins that erupted into the blue sky. It was one of the most memorable things about the game's look, at least for me, so to see it gone just feels wrong A bit of a shame, really - honestly, I think I'd have been happier with an M2-style remaster à la Virtua Racing, rather than a remake that deviates so far from the original feel. Still, as ever we're judging on preview footage alone; maybe I'll have a very different opinion come the final game.
  9. Yeah, it's how that poster fits in the context of what we've seen so far that makes it stand out: the past tweets remove some benefit of the doubt; the awkward representations of race remove some more; then the simple fact that they've chosen fetishised imagery as the only piece of trans representation to show off, despite Cyberpunk - both the genre generally and this setting specifically - lending the opportunity for far more normalised representations. All of this coupled with the decision to go for Blando McDudebro as default protagonist and poster boy - it's not really coming across as all that counter-culture, which again seems to rather miss the point of cyberpunk. Again, hopefully the final game will completely lay all of these issues to rest, but the marketing so far hasn't exactly been on point in that respect.
  10. Unfortunately, they've not done a great job of distancing themselves from that either, with an (extremely NSFW) in-game poster visible in NVIDIA's Cyberpunk/raytracing marketing tie-in opting for, er, an interesting approach to trans representation.
  11. RPS impressions of the demo aren't too hot; weak gunplay, narrow quest focus and troublesome handling of race being highlighted. The first doesn't necessarily bother me,* the second may just be the demo being unrepresentative,** but the third I'm worried about, particularly considering that similar concerns were raised after last E3's showing. It's all just one demo, of course, and there's both plenty of scope in the full game and plenty of development time left to deal with/subvert those criticisms; still, I'm happy to continue to have my expectations tempered, if only to avoid getting frustrated at the time left before the game is due! *I mean, the combat was hardly a highlight of The Witcher games, and Deus Ex - aka. best cyberpunk game, and my favourite game of all time - had properly naff shooting **I'd be surprised as well as disappointed if CDPR have fallen too far from the Witcher's approach to meaningful quests and decisions
  12. Wiper

    PC Engine Mini

    Much as it may sound it, I wasn't just being pedantic for pedantry's sake - a PAL version really wouldn't have worked properly on French TVs (and vice-versa), so a PAL version being available doesn't indicate the machine having been available in France. Most other European countries, sure, but not France. Of course, if there is a SECAM console out there then that would be almost definite proof that it was released in France.
  13. Wiper

    PC Engine Mini

    Hopefully if there was a French version it wasn't actually PAL, presuming French players preferred their games to not be monochrome.
  14. I'm not sure - things are muddied by the fact that some games are practically unplayable due to their controls, and by the reliance on converted disc images to run in the first place - certain games need certain methods (I know that e.g. Tomb Raider only works if formatted a very specific way). I know I never got Little Big Adventure to run, for example, but I can't really be certain if that's due to conversion error on my part! For all intents and purposes, though, it's not quite 100% - but it's extremely close. A real shame Sony threw backward compatibility under the bus with the PS4 (and, to a lesser extent, with the post-launch revisions of the PS3), having done so well up until then.
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