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  1. Yiggy

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Played this at Rezzed and loved it. Not sure what the other game modes are like. We played the one where you’re going through gates to boost your teams times. Worked brilliantly.
  2. I’ve bitten the bullet and started playing it for the first time in 4K before the new one comes out. It plays brilliantly and only the janky cut scenes give it away massively as a last gen title.
  3. Yiggy

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Bad North at Rezzed on Switch and really loved it. It’s coming to all formats but is another one of those that will suit the switch perfectly. https://www.badnorth.com/
  4. Yiggy

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    I started playing the first one on X enhanced today in preparation. Never played it before. It’s utterly stunning. The world has an amazing feel to it.
  5. Yiggy

    Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter

    It’s a classic of its day but it’s mind boggling dull to play now. (Tried a few years back on 3DO)
  6. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    What’s that?
  7. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    That was possibly a poor phrase to use reading it back. I think what I meant was that some people want it to be a pirate GTA, some a pirate Assassins creed, some a Solo adventure. Whereas its not really meant to be any of those things. That was probably caused by bad \ aggressive marketing.
  8. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Despite knowing its limitations I still love it. I was a bit sad to hear the ranting on The Computer Game Show this week against it. Everyone is 100% entitled to an opinion but this game is weird and the worst I have seen in a long time where people are absolutely tearing it to pieces and saying that the devs are all idiots who have stuck to their ethos and stubbornly not made the game that they should have done. In many cases clearly only having played it for a few hours and \ or not playing it the way it's intended to be played. For example, Dave saying that all it is is X marks the spot rather than any 'puzzles of riddles' etc clearly not getting to the point a few hours in where you actually start to get puzzles and riddles to find the treasure. I was particularly down at Jon saying that for years people said games were a pointless waste of time and that this is basically the biggest waste of time ever in the history of games. (Slight paraphrasing there sorry) It sounded to me as though he was saying that because a) The combat is so bad and pointless along with the questing and that b) There is no continuation or progression to reward you when you spend 2 hours playing. This is despite the possibility that you can have a really good time during those 2 hours playing with real people. It kind of throws up the discussion about what the point of gaming is in general. When you play a board game for 2 hours you can have an amazing time but it just resets again next time and nobody complains about that. There has to be a an ultimately meaningless vertical line heading forever upwards the whole time you are playing a game? Otherwise whats the point? I guess if the mechanics are not making people play then people are more likely to follow the media narrative of how bad the game is. I thought it was interesting to see that general internet opinion seemed to balance a bit more once decent reviews of it came out like the Christian Dolan one on Eurogamer. Suddenly it seemed (anecdotally to me at least) that a few more people started trying to get it and realised that a lot of people might actually be enjoying it rather than everyone following the narrative and hating it. They even made the point on TCGS how people might have been reacting to articles slating it early doors which sort of helped form a negative opinion. If any of the TCGS guys read this I still love you. If I am inspired between now and Monday I might do an email to the show to counter a few of the points you made. I am not picking on you specifically. It's just because yours is pretty much the only opinion podcast I listen to and I agree with you 90% of the time. I wonder if there might be a thing about how people play games as well and generations. My son and his friends are loving playing it but they are a lot more used to the likes of minecraft where the adventure is a lot more like a blank canvas that they have to be social and come up with stuff themselves to enjoy it. They're quite happy to do so and don't need a structured story path to get pleasure out of it. Edit: Just wanted to add that I am still adamant that there are aspects of the game that could be a lot better. The combat, variety of enemies and a lack of variation in voyages even though I think some of the riddle quests are great. More discovery too is probably the biggest thing for me.
  9. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    I think the anger was more from those who were bothered that he was ‘boosted’ to get there. Basically he had loads of crews collecting him stuff and was doing loads of jumping around from crew to crew to do different things. I thought it seemed pretty nice as it goes but the chat was full of the users haters.
  10. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    So he hit 50/50/50 about an hour ago. He has spent the time since working out what the hell he is supposed to do next as in true SOT style it is not made entirely clear.
  11. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    They've got the steam running in the Rare office and they're all just packing their stuff up. I am watching that Prodigy channel. He's just hit 49 on the souls. He is pretty entertaining and he does have me watching. He has over a million gold.
  12. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Will be amazing if the reward is incredibly disappointing. Does anybody know if the hideout gives anything other than another room that you can stand in?
  13. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    The grind does seem maddening. We know it’s horizontal progression and it’s all about the adventure but that doesn’t mean it has to be as bad as it is. I mean as soon as I started the game I went to that shadowey figure in the bar who says some riddle about getting rep to 5/5/5. Okay I thought, it’s not much but maybe you get something for doing it. Even a cool cosmetic item from him. Nope. Nothing he just says now get to 10/10/10 and so on and so forth. Considering they tease it that’s just infuriating. Then there is the ammount of Gold even the cosmetic items get you. Im up in the late teens on my rep and have earned about 20,000 gold taking away the money I’ve had to pay to upgrade my statuses. That’s about enough for one set of decent clothes. I would say that’s after about 20 hours of doing stuff. It’s like they’ve taken out all the loot systems people are used to but replaced them with a system that drags out everything and gives you back next to nothing except stories. Stories. Stories it does still give you and as I’ve said already some of those are brilliant though it does depend on the luck of he draw when it comes to which crew your placed with if playing with randoms.
  14. Yiggy

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Microsoft are good at press releases for this sort of thing. However it’s worked out though it sounds promising that they won’t drop it like a stone and will help develop the quite beautiful framework into a longer term project.
  15. Yiggy

    Xbox One X

    If you have or will get a 4K TV in the next year and can afford it get an X. If neither apply an S is still really good.

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