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  1. Yiggy

    Outer Wilds

    I've just bounced off this for the forth time. I have tried so hard because the way everybody talks about it makes it sound brilliant. I just can't penetrate it and have finally scraped it off my plate. I am very much all about 'different games for different people' but I still feel bad. I couldn't do the controls. I couldn't handle the lack of any hand holding at all. I found the initial tidbits of story to be uninspiring and difficult to follow. I feel like it's one of those games that you should love because of what its doing. I recently started Kentucky Route Zero
  2. Indeed. Thats never going to happen. However what MS will say is that PS5 owners can play Elder Scrolls by playing it on any number of other devices they already own or can buy cheaply. Without actually buying the box of the enemy. What I'm saying is MS can still expect to get flack from Sony Fans because they will still see it as taking away beloved games from their console. Even if their point is moot.
  3. It probably doesn't need pointing out but this wont magically placate all PS5 owners. A proportion of (very loud) supporters will still complain that they can't play it on the console they play all their other games on. For many, your console choice is a lifestyle and one that you will die for. Making it easy to play on TV's without a console will help but it will need to be coupled with a really good marketing push to keep those people on side.
  4. Yeah. They would have looked at Minecraft, the most popular game in the world, and seen that only 10% (Total guess) of those regular users play it on Xbox. Also, the majority of those users are children whose parents are not going to be happy if they have to get another sub or another console. It would have been business suicide to make it exclusive. Most of the Bethesda titles people talk about are adult titles and most of the customers have the ability to buy an Xbox or play on a number of other devices.
  5. I tend to agree with the traditional 'only on gamepass' exclusivity path as being the most likely. By the time Elder Scrolls appears, Gamepass will be available as a dongle, on smart TV's and on PC / Mac as well. Which will allow pretty much anybody to play it even if they only have a PS5 or a Switch. It will remove the 'Xbox Exclusives are bad for gamers' argument, or at least dilute it. Importantly it will also mean more subs from a wider audience. I get that cross platform would mean more money straight in but MS want to dominate the gaming space and that would be
  6. Cool. I think it’s been patched a bit now.
  7. Okay thanks. That makes me feel better in that I’m not totally thick and just not getting it and knowing that it’s not suddenly gonna fall into place. I pretty much agree with all the points in the last few posts. Very Lynchian and it does have flabby bits in the middle (which is pretty much where I am). All of this Surprises me because it was on so many best game of the generation lists. I am thinking that’s it’s more for what it is and what it represents. An adventure game that doesn’t go from A to C via B and of course had a lot of troubles on route to get here. Someone
  8. Okay. You’re probably right. However... On secondary machine (not the primary) set it to auto login as the main account and the kids logon to play with their accounts with the primary account logged in in the background. I was sure I was able to still login and play games on the primary in that sense as long as my account wasn’t logged into a game on the secondary. Basically I thought you could be logged on in 2 places at once as long as only one of those places was playing games. I’m probably wrong though. I have 3 machines and I ended up getting 2 ultim
  9. Okay. So I've gotten further in this now. Got over my hump with the wheely road bit and have ploughed on. A few observations and a question. The art is stunningly beautiful in places and it the atmosphere, both through sound and art is really amazing. The concept of the storytelling and the imagery is really to be admired. I am enjoying it but I feel like its a slog in places. Having to go through very long dialogue options repeatedly. Having to slowly walk around museums talking to random people. It's got very odd pacing. It's clearly supposed to be a complex story to
  10. Ha! Great write up of the batshit mental events of that eve. Just to add he spent the entire fort raid talking to his mate on our chat channel trying to convince him not to kill us and that we were ‘trustworthy’ with him being placated by our promise that he could shoot us all and burn our ship once we had cashed in! No idea but I know I’m never getting into an argument with her. It was like that bit in silence of the lambs where Hannibal Lector talks the chap in the next cell into swallowing his own tongue.
  11. So is it pretty much confirmed that this is crashing on most people’s series x machines for now? If so I will hold off playing.
  12. Yeah I booted up Dishonoured 2 just after the announcement as it was on my play next list and the training mission felt really bad.
  13. Trouble now is that I want to hold off on some titles I’ve not played like Dishonoured 2 to wait and see if they get an update.
  14. Amazing. The saga is over!
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