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  1. Utterly amazing island and house too. Some of you folks are so creative. Thanks @mikeyl I've just got a dull Swedish pine aesthetic.
  2. Lovely man. Thanks. Just added.
  3. Would love to. Do you have a friend code? Not sure I’ve added you before. Can bring oranges, cherries, pears and/or tip.
  4. Would love to if you open. Happy to drop you a wee tip or can bring pears / cherries / apples if you need then? Let me know a dodo code if you do.
  5. Anybody got good turnip prices this AM? My daughter has 180 but mine is down to a paltry 47. Tempted to sell at 180 but scared I'll miss out on the Thursday peak.
  6. Just missed. The fuckers turned the lights out just as I got there.
  7. I’m on my way @jonnyalpha but fear the shop may close.
  8. Yiggy

    Half-Life: Alyx

    keep on the stock checkers. Me and a mate both got ours this week from John Lewis but stock is only there for about an hour.
  9. That’s perfect @metallicfrodo Thanks.
  10. Had a few hours on it tonight and it was a positive experience. Used a PSVR before and the more room scale wireless element to it is a huge improvement and the guardian ease of use is brill. Is there a way, when in a game that you can press a button and instantly overlay the guardian or the video image of your space so you can see where you are? I mainly played The Room VR and it was great. If you like puzzle boxes and spooky Victorian settings then it’s a banger. Very similar in style to Batman on PSVR but more puzzlly. I don’t mind admitting that I sampled VR porn for the first time as well. Which was certainly eye popping. It will never catch on!
  11. It’s here and I still can’t decide whether to use my Facebook login for my oculus account. I’m an mad conspiracy driven idiot.
  12. Awesome, so there’s nothing sinister like posting shit to your timeline etc. Cool. Might just link to Facebook then. I forgot the bloody thing was owned by FB to be honest. Are there ever any sales on the Oculus store?
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