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  1. Thats a good point actually, but I also enjoy having something to look forward to each week. Will enjoy watching season 4 like that
  2. Was posting as you were. Think it’s been excellent start to finish. I love the grand scale stage but the story focusing on a few groups. Top stuff, wish I had found it sooner
  3. Season 1 done. Don’t see how anyone could see that as slow or dull but each to their own! season 2 to start once the boys go back to their mums on Monday
  4. Its up on the theme shop now for the UK. So now my Mac, Vita and 3DS are all PQ2 themed. To say i'm over excited would be an understatement.
  5. Vorgot

    Funny Things In Games

    Phantom Pain has been fun to watch my son play for all the daft things in it. The one that drives me round the bend though is that through his whole playthrough, he has never cleaned Snake up once, so he is walking around covered in blood and surrounded by flies. On the in-engine cutscenes it just looks horrible. I think it's ace you can do it, I wish he would just make him have a bloody shower.
  6. Vorgot

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    On the website they say it's going to have limited availability, so it's competing with no-one. It's a fun, different product that will undoubtably shift all the units they can make and will be a fun toy for a bit. Someone compared it to being like a Game & Watch and I think it's exactly that. It's like the handheld games I had back when I was 10 (a Space Invaders, a Pac-Man and a Solitaire). Thats what this feels like to me, it't going back to a different era. I don't think they expect it to blow the industry apart.
  7. Vorgot

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    Looks really funky, will be interested to see more on it. It's a nice little distraction, something a bit different and looks cool, whats not to get a little bit excited about?
  8. Vorgot


    I gather than you will get it buy unlocking each wing with gold, you just get it earlier by buying the whole thing at once. I've used gold for the second, and will do the same for the rest
  9. FTP on consoles is doing it too. My son won't spend £15 on a new game, but spend it on V-Bucks, suddenly its not real money and he can drop the equivalent of £12 for a bloody skin on Fortnite. It's a different economy for a different style of gamer.
  10. Seeing games in motion on Gamesmaster was ace after devouring as many screenshots as possible for upcoming releases
  11. Vorgot


    Didn't know about these! Need to look up the Prep nerf as it is a big part of my Pirate Rogue deck, though I bet I can live without it if it's been banged too much. Enjoying the solo stuff too, finished the second wing yesterday but have only got to the last fight so far on the first. Good that there is reason to keep coming back with the new unlocks etc, and that you get the reward for making it past the fifth boss. EDIT : Right, well I use 3 of the 4 nerfed cards in my pirate rogue deck, just not the legendary. But I can't argue with the changes, and it'll make me have to think a bit more. So no more Prep into Raiding Party, for no mana, which was an OP combo. No complaints from me on this! I didn't realise rogue was so popular at the moment, I've had a rogue pirate deck for ages. I seem to see a lot of Shaman and Druid at the moment
  12. Looks brill. Super charming and if there are plenty of other older gaming nods that would be the icing on the cake. Ni No Kuni 2 will want Tani back at some point though......
  13. I felt this way about the jump to the current generation tbh, and didn't jump to PS4 until late 2017. That would have been unthinkable to me in the past. The jump to a new console has always been about a seriously upgraded experience and new gameplay styles, the gameplay styles bit seems to be done now. It's no doubt going to be the toughest sell yet. Considering that people are concentrating on loading times being a major feature at the moment, thats great, but hardly earth shattering. I'm hoping E3 will show us something different, but someone needs to come with a new console and a new game or experience that can only be done on that console. Not just a new Person Alone in a Huge World with Markers game. Nintendo nailed it with the Switch, because it's a different kind of machine, and offered a USP of TV or portable. Wish I could afford one at the moment, but I have so much content on the 3 machines I have, I don't feel I'm missing out (thats PS4, 3DS and Vita). The next gen will be tough sell to me.
  14. Well this is bloody good. 3 episodes down and I'm impressed, about to stick another one. So thanks folks for mentioning this in the GoT thread!
  15. I'm with @Strafe that I wouldn't have been surprised by too much. As someone who grew up with gaming (I'm 47) and saw the rapid changes being made in the early days, I always expected the cooler, faster, weirder stuff was coming. In fact, telling my 20 year old self that I would hold off on getting a PS4 for years because I was happy with a PS3 and 3DS would have seemed like an insane idea at the time. In my opinion the huge leap that used to me made between generations made a new console unmissable. Now it seems to be bigger, flashier, faster each time but a jump that opens up a new type of gameplay each new console has gone now. Not that its a bad thing, just the way things have panned out. VR might be changing that but it's not for me I don't think.

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