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  1. Think I'll follow this advice too, cheers
  2. @Timmo you are a star for posting this, cheers
  3. Portable is a joy, no question
  4. If you want to play a mainline Persona game, buy a PS2/3/4 But I just beat the twins. Go me.
  5. Twins down, 2 levels on Iwai, 5 on Haru, 2 on Shinya. November 30. Think I should be OK, couple of games to do as well, but feeling more positive now. Twins battle was Epic. Caroline/Justine and Elizabeth have to be my favourite characters in Persona 3 to 5. They are all just so ridiculous. Elizabeth was amazing on Persona Q, I'm hoping the twins are heavily featured in Q2. Trying not to read any details on that as I want to go in blind
  6. So close on my P5 Platinum playthrough but am terrified I'm going to miss out on maybe one link. Just opened the final palace and have a bit to go on a few links. Think everything else is covered off though. Only need the Personas I need the max rank to fuse, some games, beating the twins and the last requests (which I don't think I can do yet anyway) to go. I will be gutted if I don't make it, but got the day off today after watching the Superbowl last night so am hoping to crash through it by the end of the evening. And then to redo it all in whatever Persona 5 R may be........
  7. Vorgot

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    There are a lot of repeat missions on a higher difficulty, but there is also a good chunk of story stuff. You also don't need to do the Extreme missions to unlock the story ones, just some side ops will do it.
  8. Vorgot

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    My 15 year old is loving Chapter 2, so if you enjoyed the first chapter go for it. I don't get the love for this game myself, but after watching him play it I can see why people would love it. Just not my cup of tea. The only thing that annoys me about watching him is that he has refused to let Snake have a shower through the whole game. He is permanently drenched in gore and surrounded by flies, but he won't let him get cleaned up. Kids are weird.
  9. Yeah, the extra gubbins would be nice, but not that nice. I'll stick with the UK physical release as its not region free
  10. Vorgot

    Visual Novels - What should we play?

    I grabbed the VIta version for £10 just before christmas. Couldn't not at that price along with Stein's Gate for £3.99. Sure it'll be low like that again pretty soon Let us know how you get on with them, heard they were good but not heard enough to take the plunge myself yet.
  11. Vorgot

    Visual Novels - What should we play?

    I struggled at the end of D2. However V3 is a return to form so far, though I'm not that far in. It's not tied down with continuity (so far) and has some genuinely brilliant twists early on. So far its got the originality of the first one while managing to defy your expectations and surprise you, a lot like the first one did!
  12. Thats a shame, but not for my wallet. I've preordered the standard edition on Amazon
  13. Vorgot

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    Thanks for spelling this out, got the prologue downloading now!
  14. I'd second that, it actually looks fine on the Vita, the dungeon crawling looks a bit ropey but the rest is great. And coming from playing FES originally, the quality of life changes in it are brilliant. The only games I've not been able to play are the Arena ones, am hoping they get a remaster at some point. I passed my PS3 on to my boys, and they still use it a lot at their mums so no chance of getting it back just for those two games!
  15. Really pleased this has a western release, and not surprised there is no English dub, I doubt this will sell in spades. The original Q is one of my favourite all time games though, so cannot wait to play this. Have pre-ordered the version on Amazon, but hope the Special Edition appears soon on there as I guess it will be a severely limited run. They did get tough, but it was well worth sticking with. I've tried the Etrian games since and they are incredibly unforgiving, not finished the remake of Millennium Girl. I got about 120 hours out of Q, and loved every second of it. At the moment I'm finishing my P5 platinum run while playing through P4 Golden, P3P female side and loads of the dancing games. I'm properly Persona obsessed, it all just hots a massive gaming sweet spot for me. But if I had to rank them all, Q is probably my favourite, hence why I am so excited for this release. I'll miss the English voices but I don't get the attitude I've seen elsewhere of people saying they won'y buy this without an English dub. Might switch the dancing games to Japanese to get used to the voices, as this will be my go to game on release

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