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  1. Vorgot

    Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind

    Spotted a used copy of ESO Morrowind for £4 in Game the other day, would a used copy work for PS4? Would I still get access to the base game and morrowind? Wouldn't mind giving this a whirl at some point, and at £4 it seems a good chance to jump in.
  2. Vorgot

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Good topic! I also drifted into here from the Edge forum! Lurked for a long time before I posted much. I bought issue 1, when it was in a black bag (I think) and was the first time there was a 'serious' games magazine around, though I also loved Super Play at the time, which started the year before. First review I would have read then Street Fighter II Turbo. A series of games I have never played much. What I liked about Edge from the off was the way it treated traditional games and the newer wave of more 'grown-up' games the same way. I was 21 at the time, and was getting all the stick of family and friends asking when I would grow up and stop playing games. I think I saw Edge as part of a move towards gaming being a hobby for all ages, not just children, a view I was trying and failing to get across to people. Then Sony jumped in and it became cool to play games. Just not 'kiddie' ones. Favourite cover? Probably this one, I just think it's clever My favourite issues through the years are the retrospective ones, I've got the 100 Most Significant reviews from Issue 1-100, and the 100 best games one from 2007 and 2015. I love picking any of those up and having a browse.
  3. Vorgot

    Challenge breaking mechanics

    I agree with you on most of this. I guess it comes down to trying to scale the difficulty based on the player progress, skills and gear, which I can imagine would be a complete nightmare for any developer. On side missions though, I don't think they should just reward you by making the game easier, they can introduce new items/skills/mechanics that can allow a different approach to be taken to the game, while also adding in some things to make life easier.
  4. Vorgot

    Challenge breaking mechanics

    I suppose the thing with all these is that they are optional to use and I should stop moaning. Like the Morrowind example though of using the games mechanics but it feels it fits in with the world
  5. Vorgot

    Challenge breaking mechanics

    At the moment I am playing through Persona Q, and love it to death. I'm on the 4th labyrinth, about 45 hours in, but I now have one character who is basically breaking my game. The setup is that you have a team of 5 in a dungeon, all with different skills, from a pool of about 14 characters. As they level up their skills improve. Once character, Naoto, has a nice insta kill attack that was really useful early on, but now, with levels and skills, is an insta kill on all enemies in a fight turn 1 90% of the time. It's just completely taken the fun out of the dungeon crawling. So I have had to deliberately remove her from my team and put in an under-levelled character instead. But this has knocked my skill distribution all off so I am having to rejig a bunch of stuff. At least I can change it so that I can remove her, but it's still annoying that the game does this. I suppose that I'm the kind of player that when I get into a game like this wants to do everything in terms of exploration, quests, persona creation etc, and someone playing with less buy-in to the game may be a lot less powered up by this point, but I also think if you are not 100% into this game, you would not have got this far and would have gone and played something else by now (a sentiment I know a fair few people on here would share). Are there any other games that do this? Dragon Age Inquisition was one, do all the quests and exploring and the final boss fight is a complete joke, but most games seem to keep it balanced. Maybe I'm just asking for the moon on a stick, and I am having fun again now I have to think more about each battle, but it's still not sitting right with me. And the crazy thing is that the OP characters skills are completely useless for boss fights, which are a massive difficulty jump anyway when you come across them. I'm sure they will have fixed this for Persona Q2.
  6. Vorgot

    Zero Time Dilemma: Zero Escape 3

    Its a complete game changer, it makes it so much tighter to play. Plus although you have some choice it locks off some branches until you have seen some other ones, which keeps the story ticking along and lets them tell a more complicated plot. VLR is one of my favourite games for years
  7. Vorgot

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    Pokemon Ultra Moon Despite owning every Nintendo handheld since the Gameboy, I've never played a Pokemon game. My 2 boys have played the last few to death so I game Ultra Moon a whirl. However, I got bored very quickly. I love turn based stuff, but this was just stupidly easy early on. I was assured it got much harder later on, but a lot later, so I called it a day and traded it in for Mario Kart 7 which I can play with my eldest. I can see the appeal, but it's not for me, abd at least I've tried it for a fair few hours.
  8. That makes all the difference to me as I don't have a Vita or PSTV, so can't play 4, its the only way I can get hold of it. Yes it's very expensive, but I know me and my eldest will get a ton of play out of them all.
  9. Shopto have the PS4 collection for just under £85 for pre-order
  10. Vorgot


    It really can. Came across the first time today, guy was on a couple of health, I was on 28, he had no minions out, I had about 4. They then deliberately floated the card to play out until the rope almost had burned down. What a dick.
  11. Vorgot

    WarioWare Gold - Out now!!

    Thats a shame, but I'll grab it eventually as well. We probably use the handhelds more than we use the PS4 at the moment
  12. Vorgot

    WarioWare Gold - Out now!!

    Going to pick this up for one of my boys for their birthday and grab a copy myself at some point. We've been having a blast with Rhythm Paradise Megamix on download play recently, does this have a sharing feature?
  13. Myself and my eldeast are big fans of rhythm action games, we have caned all the Hatsune Miku games, we are still working through Future Tone, and as I am a sucker for anything Persona, and it's out 4 days after my birthday, I could see myself caving and grabbing this day one. Am such a mug, but it would be a great treat to have to play over christmas.
  14. Hmmm. So just an artbook with the physical release as an extra. I'll still be in, but might have to wait for sales. Was worried that the collection was going to be a limited time or pre-order thing, but it looks like it's not.
  15. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I had one of those as well

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