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  1. Your favourite film characters

    Lane Myer The once great champion. I saw Cameron on page 1 so you cant leave out Ferris.
  2. The Dark Knight

    or this
  3. even if galactus is shit its still the silver surfer, thats got to be good right.
  4. i didn't think galactus was in the film at all. but if thats true i'd rather they didn't bother.
  5. Movie Picture Quiz

    You are indeed correct.
  6. Movie Picture Quiz

    It was the petrol can that gave it away, that and the fact i only watched it this weekend. anyhow here's my go
  7. Movie Picture Quiz

    Bubba Ho-Tep
  8. Dreamcast light gun

    that was a bargain then - what about house of the dead did that not come out for the dreamcast.
  9. Does anyone have a list of all dreamcast light gun games, i've had a search but the lists i find only have about 4 games on it, theres got to be more than that.
  10. Best Dreamcast games?

    play asia sell the cha cha maracas for about £12, never tried them but they've got to be better than smarties.
  11. Overcoming personal hatred of artists.

    thats just wrong the mans a genius. wings the band the beatles could have been.
  12. ZX Spectrum Orchestra

    they're very poor indeed.
  13. Best Dreamcast games?

    marine fishing and bass fishing are well worth picking up, you can also get the fision rod for about a fiver now. plus another vote for crazy taxi, and virtua tennis 1 & 2. Ooga booga's also worth a go.
  14. i use mame32 on an athlon 1.2 and im pretty sure ive got street fighter 2 on it.
  15. Video Rental Classics

    That's a real shame when folks be throwing away a perfectly good white kid. classic.

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