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  1. It’s a fun game to fill a gap - always produces a laugh but yeah it can be a horrible game if you have a few bad draws. I’m enjoying his latest game die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal more - it’s still got elements of luck but as a dice drafting/deck building game it’s at least got more ways to mitigate bad luck.
  2. For anyone local to Motherwell - our game group is organising a 10am - 10pm game day locally next Saturday the 22nd at South Dalziel Studios (Studio 2). Entry is £6 (£4 for 12-16 yrs) and we’ve got some folk already bringing TI4 and Firefly - it’s our first try of something like this and any money over the cost of the venue hire will go to cancer research UK.
  3. That looks as awful as I expected.
  4. This is also on Gamepass for PC now if anyone has subbed to that and fancies a try.
  5. Mortis

    12 Minutes

    Possibly the most interesting looking game of the MS conference - hadn't heard of it before that but it's firmly on my radar now.
  6. Day one for 12 minutes - that looks superb.
  7. A mate played this at Airecon and really enjoyed it - have pointed him towards the deal (earlier today) ta.
  8. Yeah looking at the image gallery someone posted around the time of episode 3 I think they actually downplayed some of the horrors!!!
  9. The shelves are overflowing again so it's time for another cull - prices all include P&P to UK addresses - collection in Glasgow area also ok. Would also be interested in a trades for The Estates or Treasure Island. Robin Hood Deluxe KS with metal coins - £60 Tiny Towns - sold Ghost Stories - sold
  10. Mortis

    Outer Wilds

    I think it saves after every discovery and when you die. If you quit it just ends the current run.
  11. Hopefully going to be there as a demonstrator for the Sat/Sun would be good to get a game of something on the Saturday evening though.
  12. Yep backed hope it does well.
  13. Enjoy. It's fast becoming my favourite game of all time, we've been playing in a group of 4 for ages (50 hrs game time so far) and there's enough game there to keep us going for a good couple of years at the rate we play
  14. I think they are part of the newest update - will find out when I put some time in
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