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  1. Looks like a version of the Spider-Man Noir suit to me.
  2. Mortis


    If American truck sim is still available can I have a code please.
  3. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Got my 5K last night as well - chucked it to a month of gamepass as my current one expired on 1/1
  4. Blur is my favourite racing/combat game ever - was always fun no matter where you sat in the pack. Was gutted to see bizarre get killed off the way they did. The Burnout series are a close second in that regard although I have to admit not being as big a fan of the open world in paradise - I much preferred the tighter focused tracks of previous games. Day one for Dangerous driving for me and I’ll be picking up Danger zone 2 when my wages come in - that one entirely passed me by despite owning the original and the golf.
  5. Mortis

    The Outer Worlds | Obsidian 2019

    I expect it’s been in development pre takeover and is being released on all platforms and whatever is next for obsidian will be Xbox only.
  6. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    I got an email yesterday asking for screenshots of my achievements for the points so fingers crossed that will get sorted soon.
  7. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Nope - completed all the tasks but it never triggered for me beyond the initial activate the punch card bit.
  8. Weirdly I played Auztralia today as well - loved it, the initial rail building/resource gathering flew past and before you had time to settle the old ones were spawning all over the place and it shifted to a push your luck, combat focused game - came 3rd of 4 but would love to play again as I can already see ways I could have improved my game.
  9. Mortis

    What are you playing?

    I always find betrayal disappointing - fun buildup then a haunt that is sometimes fun but mostly either awful, unbalanced or just dull. We play it once a year as it was the first game our group got to the table 2 years ago but it’s not something I’d suggest normally. Had hoped somehow the legacy version would maybe improve but it seems not.
  10. Mortis


    My local game cafe had a copy left - to be honest I wish I’d just bought some decks and used an alternative (dice, cubes, Amber from Everdell) because the starter decks are only useful for the first game or 2 and then you’ll never play them again. For anyone interested in trying it thecrucible.online let’s you import any deck and play online with others. Handy for testing decks out that you own or seeing how a horsemen deck actually plays. Better get a look before FFG hit them with a DMCA takedown
  11. Mortis


    Picked up a starter set of this yesterday. Only had a couple of games so far but it’s hitting the right notes for me. I’ve always liked the mechanics of CCG’s but hated the idea that someone with deep pockets can just buy a better deck and you’re always up against it. A few folk I know have picked it up and a FLGS is running weekly tournaments so I may try and pop along once I manage a win or 2
  12. Mortis

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    See I’m not sure that would fit our group quite as well but it’s the one that is most unlike the rest of my collection so feels like it would fill a gap. My preference for heavy economic games is pushing me towards CotBS as pipeline will get a retail release - I just need to try and persuade others in the group to back the other 2.
  13. Mortis

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Im currently trying to decide between 3 kickstarters that I like the look of but can only afford one any opinions? Pipeline - an economic strategy game with a tile laying pipe mania mechanic. Looks quite unique but I also have my worries about how It will play in practice. City of the Big Shoulders - I’m a big fan of Arkwright and this looks like it might be a similar experience but play in a couple of hours less (full water frame of Arkwright is a 4-5 hour game at 4). Awkward Guests - mainly due to Tom Vasel raving about it a while back but I’m not the biggest mystery game fan and I don’t know how it would go down in my group.
  14. Mortis

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Nah I have an issue with 90% of miniature based games in that they are appearance + amount of plastic over mechanics and innovation. My test is if you removed the minis and made them counters would the game still be interesting and the answer is mostly always no. Strangely anything based on a video game IP falls into this category.
  15. Mortis

    What are you playing?

    Will let you know how LFW plays with 6 as our group are planning on a game at that count this week.

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