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  1. Mortis

    What are you playing?

    Picked up the new game by The designer of Quacks - Die Tevernen im Tiefenthal, it’s a deck builder where you’re upgrading your tavern to attract nobles and increase your reputation. The twist is it’s also a dice drafting game after you place your cards. Like quacks it comes with a bunch of modules you can add in to expand the game as you please and has a lovely modular board for all the upgrades. Think it’s going to go down well as another mid length filler.
  2. Loving the 2nd series of this - seems every episode just gets the classic Trek formula correct. In contrast I’ve yet to actually feel any need to watch discovery s2 as I don’t actually care about the characters.
  3. Mortis

    The Division 2

    Gotta push folk toward the loot box purchases - it’s how AAA gaming makes its millions.
  4. Weird you’re on my friends list - in fact you were the only competition I had on it till late last night.
  5. It’s weird - every other racer it’s bonnet cam or inside, I just find the view too low down in this (and burnouts) in car. Think the F1 car shakedown has me beaten for now though.
  6. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Yep last months worked fine but it’s buggered again - will email support once I give up trying to get the absolver or elder scrolls online ones as they seem like more hassle than they are worth.
  7. Loving this - the first heatwave event was kicking my arse hard for a while despite getting a x17 chain at one point ended up binning at the very end and came 4th by less than a second. When I eventually managed it I punched the air - a feeling I’ve not had in a racing game in ages. The full gas, brake when you feel the car fighting and drift at full boost round a bend feeling is pure burnout. Thank you @CrashedAlex - can’t wait till the multiplayer hits.
  8. Anyone on Xbox that’s looking for another name for their leaderboard add mortis316uk
  9. Gah this doesn’t unlock till 1am - stupid BST - did it I’m off to my bed. Will try and squeeze a quick go in the morning
  10. I assume the same way that EA's system for A way out did - you both download the game, if you have a licence it lets you invite someone, if not it's essentially a front screen that waits for the invite.
  11. Mortis

    Xbox Games with Gold | April 2019

    If only - EA didn’t reactivate burnout
  12. Mortis

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    It's not that much longer than Infinity War, that was 2 1/2 hours long.

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