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  1. Many which are unlikely to appear because of expiring licences for assets or music.
  2. Mortis

    Fall Guys

    Working fine on mine - wish I could help more
  3. Mortis

    Fall Guys

    Just got into the beta weekend and it’s an insta buy now - little one Was hooked and I can just see this being a load of fun for even folk spectating.
  4. I suppose I’m on the other side of the fence in that I’m not a fan of TM. I don’t know if it’s the clip art quality pictures on the cards, the low quality components or the game itself but the few times I played it just didn’t click at all with me.
  5. Or you could go insane and do Lacerda and Sci-fi with On Mars However it’s probably the most complex game he’s made and is stupidly expensive at the moment but will be back on Kickstarter at the end of the year. All his games are also on Tabletop sim and tabletopia if you can get a game on there.
  6. TxK on the Vita got me through a tough time after my mum died. Being able to take myself away from everyone and just zone into the game - the way only Jeff Minter titles can do. Was a welcome break for my head and may be the one and only of his games I ever manage to complete.
  7. Mortis

    Xbox Series X

    Nice DQX1 coming to gamepass - save me buying on Switch
  8. 1985 - Pretty much everything on this list thanks to c90’s and a twin tape deck https://zxspectrumgames.com/tag/1985/
  9. Got my delivery in - drinking beer to support a good cause.
  10. Mainly due to the game pass and BC I’ll go for an Xbox at launch - I’ll probably pick up a PS a bit down the line - maybe once they redesign the thing or bring it out in black
  11. That Horizon trailer screams bullshot to me - maybe I’m just jaded by previous Sony “reveals”
  12. Then you get glaring omissions with online like being unable to customise the number or rounds in a game of backgammon which negates the whole point scoring system and doubling.
  13. I’ll take burgle bros please.
  14. Left you a tip and a cupcake @Fneeb - my wife is just waiting in the queue now
  15. Myself, my wife and daughter would love that price if you’re sending codes out.
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