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  1. the greatest line in cinema history is

    "Ordinary fuckin' people. I hate 'em..."
  2. Cool film concepts that got ditched

    Vincent Ward's Alien 3 was quite something. You had a button moon like tiny planet made of wood which the monks who lived on it had to burn in order to keep it warm. Or something. The Alien felt tacked on to be honest. I dont think Newt or Hicks featured in that one. There was a William Gibson script for Alien 3 with lots of slightly crumbly Cold War metaphors (a 'Ruskie' space station gets hold of Bishop and make improvements that mean he winds up with arthritic knees. Or something). BUT Hicks is the main character and there's a stunning zero grav sequence on the outside of a space station teaming with aliens. Also, David Cronenberg's Total Recall would have been cool (although not as cool as Veerhoeven's).
  3. Morrissey's December Speech

    I loved The Smiths and still adore Johnny Marr but unlike Marr, Morrissey seems to have frantically rowed his world view out somewhere between the mid Atlantic and the year 1950. He sounds like my Daily Mail reading Dad nowadays, god rest his soul.
  4. Saw this this afternoon. Sold out but a pair of staff at Cineworld got us in because they were lovely. It felt more like a Far Cry adaptation than Jumanji at points - the animals feel less important than I'd have liked - but the performances and heart get it over the line. Karen Gillan in particular is fab.
  5. Favourite films of 2017

    Oh yeah, nuts. Sight & Sound basically said you can vote for anything that appeared on a screen as well as doing the 'watched it this year' rule, which I like, although this kind of thing is probably a slippery slope that ends with people saying their mate Barry falling over or a nice cup of tea and a sit down was their favourite film of year 20xx. Actually I'll swap out Swiss Army Man for Colossal, which I've only seen half of but that probably means I've watched more of it than Bladerunner 2049.
  6. Favourite films of 2017

    I got six favourites. Logan Thor Swiss Army Man Dave built a maze Andy and Jim Blue Planet 2 (if Twin Peaks is allowed then this was the most amazing science fiction of the year for me, factual though it was (Although I'm still not convinced the transparent headed fish wasn't a wind up)) On the subject of revered things I was looking forward to but ultimately wound up a little underwhelmed by, I would have to stick Bladerunner 2049 in there. I think it was always gonna be a struggle cos I was in and out of the cinema loads of times (we had a three month old baby at home) and Villeneue delivered an amazing mood and experience but there was no equivalent emotional and dramatic hook to Deckard and Batty's battle for me. I need to watch it again obviously.
  7. Is cinema four quadrant only nowadays then? EDIT - That reads a bit grumpily. I was trying to be rhetorical.
  8. You Were Never Really Here - Joaquin Phoenix

    Lynn Ramsey, good. I thought this was going to be a sequel to 'I'm still here' based on the thread title.
  9. Motherland (BBC 2, Tuesday at 10pm)

    I loved the pilot but three episodes into the series proper I'm not feeling it. Clunk is amazing but the tone is so grimly Bruegel-like I'm struggling to work up enthusiasm to continue. I'm not sure if the fact it's not in a studio and there's no laughter track (which I thought Lineham was always a fan of) is affecting things. There's a scene where the lead character is plunged into a room of screaming children in a pool changing room which would seem silly and unrealistic and playful if it was in a studio with laugh track but as it was felt a bit mean and spiritless. Basically, I need to watch some Father Ted.
  10. Doctor Who

    Oh, let's talk about Tom Baker some more. I've started listening to Big Finish Tom audios and after a false start with The Light at the End (which was a bit crap) I'm here to report that The Renaissance Man is Quite Good. Feels like a forth doc story, with a good wood panelled plot, nicely written by Justin Richards (who is like to read/listen more to if anyone has recommendations). Aside from a couple of lines where they cut midsentence, Tom's great. The man's voice is different from when he was the doctor back in the day natch but I'd be well happy if I had his energy when I'm in my eighties. And he can still make a good line sing, which he gets a few of in this script. There's also a good bit where he has a telephone call with a dog. The main takeaway for me was Louise Jameson, whose character as written and wardrobed in the 70's always seemed one for the Dad's. And I wasn't a big fan of the Pygmalion setup. BUT she's quicksilver in this and has the funniest bit when she meets a school tie pilot, what? So that's that. Anyway, I've got The Paradox Planet up next.
  11. Ten reasons why Total Recall is great

    I was just thinking yesterday about how cool the way Verhooven portrays mutants is. That shot of Benny's arm and the Rebel Leader's appearance are really eerie.
  12. Thor: Ragnarok

    I saw this in a baby friendly screening at The Light in Sheffield. I'm a big Waititi fan, like Hemsworth a lot, Thor not so much. Its my favourite Marvel movie, although I haven't seen any since Avengers. Third best Waititi for me, although I haven't seen Boy. Its just nice nice to have the director's humour in a film like this and the jokes were my favourite part really. Specifically the snake story. To be honest I just pulled faces at my three month old during the action sequences. Apart from the one at the end, that was good. Urban's a class act and underused. Waititi version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy next plz.
  13. Doctor Who

    The braces and rainbow band do feel a bit CBeebies. But I thought the joke about Chibnall doing a single storyline series set on the coast sounded great so what do I know.
  14. Doctor Who

    Are you alright?
  15. ZX Spectrum Appreciation thread

    Thanks @deKay. I remember playing on my little sister's NES about 12 months after I'd sold my +3 and multiface 3 (sob) and thinking the NES joypad felt like something from a remote controlled car rather than the manly 125 joystick of my speccy. In mitigation, I was 12.

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