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  1. My order is now at the packing stage but also now has an available date of 12th March. So who knows...?
  2. Or if there’s no stock of the standalone version!
  3. I think the dispatch won’t be for another week at least. I think I saw March 5th...?
  4. I cancelled my Series S at Very and got an All Access Series X with GAME
  5. Maybe it’s different these days but my best memories of online games were when I was a young teenager hanging out with a bunch of adults in the very early days of Xbox Live and World of Warcraft. They were a bit surprised when I brought up something school related but it didn’t change the dynamics too much and we eventually met a few times around London. Sadly I’ve lost contact with them now and can’t quite remember what their gamertags were. If only I had screen grabs of those old lobbies! The (maybe) downside is that my generation annoys the shit out of me and my best
  6. Awesome - I’ve managed to get one.
  7. So, new content coming in... sometime. What is everyone doing in the slight lull?
  8. How tough is this? My hands are slowly becoming stupid and I’ve found these kind of games on the NES/SNES Switch emulator to be more frustrating than fun.
  9. Not to replace anything but as a little incentive to check in regularly. Collecting a certain amount of something over a month for increasingly lavish items seems quite an appealing idea.
  10. We’re coming up on a year of Animal Crossing. I’m hoping for some more things to do on a daily basis and more things to collect. I basically want the mobile game but on the Switch and minus the F2P mechanics.
  11. It’s kept me occupied since launch so I think it was quite good! I think I have almost finished with it for now, though. There are a couple of things I don’t enjoy - unfortunately they’re the things to do in the endgame when you don’t have a raiding guild. As mentioned, Mythic+ dungeons are a bit too hardcore and too stressful to be any fun. And Torghast is far too long and repetitive. As I don’t have an active guild, I PUG a lot. These activities are great when you get a fun, talented group who like to joke around. There’s about a 1/50 chance of that, though. It’s usu
  12. I ‘completed’ the raid last night through the Group Finder mechanism. I rather enjoyed all the fights and think Blizzard’s art team really aced the Revendreth theme. I’ve seen a lot of dislike for Group Finder but it’s perfect for me. Sure I’d like a Guild and to raid regularly, but this allows me to playa few hours when I want without disappointing guild mates or wife!
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