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  1. Looks great. Hopefully codes can be shared without friend requirements!
  2. Loving Arena now that people re sticking around. It’s very similar to Trials on Destiny a few years ago.
  3. They helped him become an estate agent?
  4. First Arena: first round lost, teammates just leave. Oh... Great experience, haha.
  5. I wonder if Jeff wants to concentrate more on old games and the site’s wiki. There’s a gap in the market for a big site going all in on retro and archival things.
  6. Blast, I only started subscribing again earlier this year! Will be interesting to see what they end up doing
  7. If there are less standard shields on the ground, there will probably be more useful things available.
  8. Made it to BP 100 just in time! Really looking forward to the patch today. Landing with a shield will hopefully cut down on 10 second games.
  9. Lord knows how Timmy connects all his long-range shots with the machine guns. All power to him. I love this little fight about 45 seconds in. The arrogance!
  10. Probably because it’s a shitty thing to do
  11. Can anyone recommend me a third-party controller? I need something with quiet buttons that won’t wake my partner up in the next room... Any old crap will do
  12. If you download and play through them now, would you be interested in buying them in another form next year? Probably not.
  13. Ditch the orchestra, bring back the bangers
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