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  1. It is quite tricky to be honest. Good tip is to take armour etc off to get yourself light - makes the timing window a little more generous.
  2. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    It's only a little bit smaller than a pro - they give a silhouette comparison in the vid.
  3. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Hopefully...because it's cheaper and has those remappable buttons as well. Be good to have a cheaper, decent, wireless alternative that has all the same functionality (including gyro etc).
  4. That, and they voted to end the current season knowing full well PPG pushed them up from being out of the play-offs (in 8th), into the play-offs (leaping up to 3rd). At which point, their vote to not play didn't matter and they happily took part again. I can totally see why they did it, and I don't blame them as such, but it was shitty to all the other teams and IMO no club that voted to "stop playing as carrying on will kill us" should have then been allowed to enter the play-offs immediately after. You either could play or you couldn't - voting you couldn't tactically so you actually did should have been an option the EFL took off the table. I hate myself for it, as it's really not nice and would be horrible for the fans, but I can't help but hope they get spanked week-in week-out next season and finish bottom.
  5. Does this mean *we're* the Eurogamer source that's always previously informed them of every breaking news story?
  6. This has now been removed from the eshop and is "not coming to Switch".
  7. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    It probably doesn’t help, but I use a PS headset with a usb dongle and get no lag at all (or none that I notice anyway). So it’s not a Switch hardware thing.
  8. There's a massive new trailer out for Paper Mario, has anyone posted it yet?
  9. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Not axed no - it's still running in EMEA and APAC - just not in NA (where it always had a fixed end date the other regions didn't). And this 'ban' is just for EMEA, where that scheme is still running.... so yeah.
  10. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Ta - so they are just stopping their own Nintendo published titles then - not all titles full stop. And they are still allowing eshop credit, online memberships etc A shame, but not quite as drastic as ShopTo might have you think - I mean, they can still choose to sell credit, DLC, and 3rd-party titles if they want to, it's not a total banhammer. You have to think this is goign to be tied somehow to the 'voucher' system - I think they want to drive first-party sales through that if they can.
  11. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Do we actually know this is the case - I mean CDKeys haven't said anything have they? For all we know ShopTo might have been doing something wrong, been given multiple prior warnings etc. While probably right, and it just really is Nintendo being Nintendo, let's not leap too hastily to a judgement given we don't even fully know one side of the argument (let alone two) as yet. Has any other online retailer said anything similar so far?
  12. But it won't be loads of badges will it - it'll be one. A game will either be optimised for X (so needs all the oomph an X can give it), or optimised for S&X (so will work on either essentially) - just one of those two badges is all that's needed on a box. I don't think this is where we are heading at all - just saying they've clearly not painted themselves in a corner whatever they have coming up.
  13. I would assume they'd just add an 'Optimised for Series S' badge as well - and have that on any boxes needed alongside the 'X' one. Or they'll also have a joint 'Optimised for Series S&X' badge. There are plenty of options still that could very easily work.
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