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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Do you really believe that?
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Apparently (unconfirmed), if you already own the VR version you get upgraded to this new 'Gold' version free. Fair play to them on that if true.
  3. Splatoon 2

    No, that's at the end of a successful and glorious Salmon Run!
  4. Nintendo Switch eShop

    The eShop quite often doesn't update until around 2-3pm - wonder if there is a particular time it's also locked until maybe? In terms of the file, I believe you need to have 1.0.2 - that's the updated release version. I'll find out when I get home, as I too have it pre-ordered and already downloaded just the same...
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Oh man, the Jag version of Doom....
  6. The official announcement of the delay confirmed the Amibo was being pushed back with it as well....
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Do you mean "Mom Hid My Game!"? If so, yes, that's on Switch:
  8. I think this could be on the nose. We'll probably never fully know, but the timing sucks. Right after folks go hands-on with it and were impressed, just one month from release, and right when everyone was expecting their tweet to be 'Network Test Now'. If they want to salvage some goodwill, they should try to go live with the network test on the original launch date - but I really can't see that happening either.
  9. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Feedback request please!
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Splatoon 2 *should* be on your radar. It's bloody genius. Nintendo at their very, very best IMO. But it's not something you'll be done with in a month (or can easily play on a train unless it has decent wi-fi really). It's consuming. It's 3 minutes of joy and fun and panic and triumph (or despair) over and over and over.
  11. Who knows - bug, production issue, certification problem - there are a million things it could be. One of those could indeed be a performance issue, but nothing we've seen of it so far (and people have been hands-on with it very recently) indicates there was anything like that. Completely the opposite - some people headed right for Blighttown to test it, and it held up commendably. I bet Nintendo are pissed, they've given this significant direct coverage etc and the rug is pulled just a month out. It'll hurt sales on their platform.
  12. No it didn't. It actually looked surprisingly decent. Better than any previous version we've seen so far. Repeating your bullshit over and over again doesn't make it any more true.

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