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  1. Yeah releasing the trigger drops the item, so unfortunately you have to face arthritis. Fortunately so far (over half way through the game) there are very few times you are forced to handhold an item. For the rest of the time you can usually get away with sticking fragile stuff on your back or even in vehicles if you don't bump them around too much. It's quite forgiving in terms of terrain you can go over when holding an item, just watch out for big drops, don't carry too much on your back and remember to use Auto Arrange cargo in the menu to make sure your load is as stable as possible.
  2. I agree to an extent, I wish the traversal aspect was more punishing. I'm a lover of survival games though and I really like a challenge. For me my favourite missions in Death Stranding are where you go on really long treks (on foot) into the unknown, especially mountainous terrain, loaded down with cargo you have to protect. I've even started doing some missions on foot, even when I know I can probably just smash a bike or a truck over some knobbly terrain to get there. It's much more satisfying when there's not much around to help you, you have to think carefully about how to use your tools like ladders and at the same time manage stuff like stamina, cargo degradation and route choice. As suggested by someone earlier in the thread I've started taking on premium deliveries and hopefully they get a lot harder - sadly for story missions there's no option to do that. I think on PC once the modders get hold of it there will be some great survival mods for this, heck even some new terrain would be cool. I understand why they didn't make it really punishing as it would have put even more people off the game. But honestly a lot of my most memorable moments have been when I've got through a tough area, or managed to scrape past a disaster. Like the other night I was crossing a huge river on foot and forgot to rest to recharge my stamina. Half way across I was suddenly swept off my feet and got carried off in the rapids along with my precious cargo which instantly detached from my back. I frantically paddled to shore, and just as the cargo was disappearing from view I managed to pull out one of my tools and rescue it. My cargo was half wrecked and so was Sam, but I had made it to the other side. That's the sort of challenges I love and I wish the game had a bit more of them.
  3. Is there any way to see the health and carrying capacity of a vehicle? I can't see it anywhere, which gets annoying when you're trying to figure how much cargo you can take on for missions.
  4. I've not got that far, but the constant inane chitchat from the depot personnel gets really old too. It's always the same overly enthusiastic message written slightly differently. "Sam you're a hero, lets connect America, lets bring everyone together, you've inspired me to go out and do stuff". It's the same for making deliveries and Diehardman won't shut up about it either. Look at the stuff that's in the emails from the very same people, that content is way more interesting. Have them thank Sam briefly, and then drop tidbits about other subjects instead of the same old tired "you're great, lets connect America together!". I have actually started skipping the dialogue at depots because it's so stale. Sometimes the dialogue is good, others its just awful, whether its Kojima who wrote it or his team, someone needed to take a step back and look at the overall thing and start making changes. It's not a big issue but it makes it much harder to be invested in the themes and story when its rammed down your throat constantly. Minor mechanical spoilers ahead: Anyway, back in the game I'm having a blast on Episode 5, don't have time to talk about it now but remember how I was worried about ziplines being everywhere? Well it isn't the case (yet) and I spent about an hour last night making an epic set of connecting zipwires from a waystation in the mountains all the way down to a depot in the flatlands, with some segments where you're like inches from craggy rocks beneath your feet. It's awesome! I think our fears of new areas being already built up by players (either now or in a months time) are unfounded. It seems clear by now that the game has some balancing systems in place to make sure that the road networks are not completed too fast or all at once, same with zip wires and other structures. For example I have only seen other players complete a road in a few spots, most of them I've had to either build from scratch myself or put the finishing touches to. Same with the zip wires, I have only found a few random zip wire stations around, and only one already connected so far. I'm sure the game is deliberately only putting a few in there so you don't just have finished zip wire routes going all over the place, which would trivialise the experience. It's cleverly filtering other player structures to make sure you have to do work yourself. Its only vehicles they seem to have dropped the ball on this as they're still everywhere, to the point it actually gets annoying as they can be parked in roads or obstucting entrances so you have to move them. So far I can't find any way to delete them so I'm hoping the timefall will eventually get rid of them.
  5. By the way for anyone who is further into the game, should I start reading interviews about BTs, the death stranding and so on? I still feel completely in the dark about a lot of the stuff and so far the story has done very little explaining. Should I wait for the story to explain things or just get my reading glasses on, for example Mamas cut scene mentioned a lot of stuff Sam seemed to already know about like death stranding origins, but is so far not explained via codec or cut scene.
  6. Oh and whoever was moaning about "that terrible character", I know exactly who you mean now and yes you're completely right, what a load of garbage that was. Thankfully it was over quickly. Someone really needed to rule over Kojima on that one and either rewrite the whole scene or just recast the actor.
  7. Episode 4 is kind of cool but really jarring and also janky as hell. I highly recommend turning down the difficulty for this episode if you're playing on Hard. I wish I hadn't been so stubborn and just knocked it down to normal, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Episode 4 and early Episode 5 spoilers:
  8. @Garibaldi I think you'd find this game frustrating then, at least for the first episode. It's mostly cutscenes and endless codec calls whilst you try to do your thing. I've sung the games praises, but even I found the incessant bleep of the codec annoying. You get bombarded with information and lore at the start and some characters literally repeat lines you've just heard (with gameplay info). In episode 2 and 3 all of that stuff drops off and you're left to your own devices a lot more.
  9. The newer Mario games are very forgiving in co-op, the rubbish player can just help by collecting coins and stuff and can't really get detached from the main player (or die). I wouldn't really recommend overcooked as I tried it with my parents and they got overwhelmed very quickly even though they have both played games. The ensuing chaos is a laugh though!
  10. Yeah I am unsure how other player vehicles work too and I've been seeing them for a while. It actually feels like there are way too many at the moment, they need to tone down the numbers as if you don't have a vehicle chances are there's a spare one lying around near by. In the garage you can see other players shared vehicles under a separate category but as of yet I've not unlocked a way to share my own. But still I can use any other players vehicle out in the world and weirdly even store them in my own garage. I'm guessing that they just get shared automatically in the same way as other structures when you park them somewhere. I've also found a few next to deep rivers implying maybe the owner abandoned them or sunk them accidentally. Maybe it only happens if you set your vehicle to shared presumably unlocked later in the game? As for dismantling structures, it must be for you only, because otherwise people could just troll by dismantling everything they see. Same goes for customisation, you can actually customise other players structures if they are level 2 and change whatever they were originally set to. But again that must be local as it would be annoying for another player to change your hologram, fave tune or whatever. I'm right at the end of episode 3 I feel like and finally after almost a week my first structures way back at the start of the game are starting to decay. Interestingly though some of the more popular ones like a watchtower and a generator have been getting repaired by other players according to my pop up messages, which is pretty cool. I've got really greedy now my cargo capacity is so high and taking on multiple deliveries at once. My game has recently been one of logistics and planning as I try to cart around huge loads, dropping off at different destinations along the way and upgrading structures with loads of resources. It's all kind of along the story route but I have definitely spent long enough in this region and am ready to head onwards, the current mission feels like it will be the climax of the episode and presumably onto pastures new after that. Funnily enough the structure with the most likes so far that I built is a simple ladder over a river. It was a well placed ladder if I do say so myself and I think it must be on a path a lot of players naturally take to get to the next story location, as it ballooned in popularity very quickly. It probably gets crossed all the time by people going back and forth. It's quite fascinating to see what structures end up with loads of Likes and how the system naturally pushes the most effectively placed ones into our worlds. I wonder if eventually the game will have a really optimised set of shared structures at the perfect locations. Presumably they have a system in place so you only get some of the majority up voted one's to let newer players get a look in, plus the decay system of course. I've been watching a few lets plays of the early game on YouTube and its great to see people's different approaches in the early areas. One girl took a completely different route to the first distribution centre and so had quite a different experience to me. I went straight through BT territory along the coast whereas she went up and over the mountain using ladders and ropes and dodged the BTs altogether. Just want to highlight a few really neat touches (not spoilery) - Rainfall accumulating in the lower parts of the terrain dynamically - Cargo literally floating off downstream if you fall in a river, you can even fish it out as it goes past or if you're lucky it'll flow into the bank's or get stuck on rocks - calling out around other players signs and objects shouts you a reply back - handprints on your backpack and black goo all over you if you get caught by BTs - Sam nods off asleep if you leave him sitting for too long - Mules get affected by terrain too, I saw one fall over in a river and another missed a swing at me as he lost his footing in a rock - individual raindrops on vehicles when raining and increasing rusting on containers - if you've been through mud reecentlt you leave footprints on dry surfaces like distribution centres It's very much got the same attention to detail and little Easter eggs as metal gear. One final tip, when filling a vehicke with cargo to max, make sure you line up jumps properly. I didn't and my truck crashed into a ravine and exploded. Wrecking half the cargo and forcing me to carry it back up on a rope in multiple trips, then make a number of rescue trips on a bike to recover it all. Oops
  11. Honestly I usually ignore them unless their destination is vaguely close to where I'm going. The extra space/weight isn't usually worth it (at least early on). But if you do return one to its intended destination you get a whole bunch of Likes, which in turn will help to rank up that destination. Doing that is good because you can unlock new gear and lore. So if you have space to spare, grab em, if its gonna slow you down too much don't be afraid to just pop em in a post box or just drop em on the ground.
  12. No but that's awesome. There's another really cool little thing can happen if you soothe BB in your room which took me by surprise yesterday!
  13. You'll be happy to hear when you return back the way you came the BTs have buggered off, enjoy the sunshine!
  14. Appreciate the advice, and yes to the other replier I had forgotten about the optional time limits etc. I've only just unlocked them and don't even know how to set self imposed limits yet! Really happy to hear the challenge remains, and I didn't even know it went to episode 8 (don't tell me how many there are in total please), so I'm super hyped to see what else the game is gonna throw at me. I know there's a snowy area from trailers so looking forward to some treacherous mountaineering and one review mentioned a huge waterfall, can't wait! This morning finally pushed on with the story missions and feel like I must be getting near the end of the episode. I finally finished off that big shared structure (at least to the south distro centre) giving me easy backtracking. My playtime must be like 20 to 30 hours already but I'm not even half way, I'm in no rush, just gonna soak up the world, do plenty of side stuff and drag it out as long as I continue to enjoy it. Some reviewers played it for up to 100 hours and now I can see why. There's whole bits of the map even within network zones I've opened that I've never even set foot in. Some people are saying they wish there was more in the world. To an extent I understand that and it could do with some more incentives for exploring. Fortunately though the feeling of isolation, the atmosphere and the amazing scenery mean I'm never really bored when I'm heading off on new routes. Quick equipment question (spoilers for 2nd weapon):
  15. Basically I don't want to make upcoming story missions too easy, there's clearly a pace the devs have in mind and if I have too many tools and high stats I feel like that'll reduce some of the challenge. And I really like the challenging treks in this game, its where all the systems come together and you get a real sense of achievement getting through it. I already unlocked some very useful upgrades from side missions so I just don't want to overdo it.
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