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  1. Shanghai fight in Skyfall. I thought that was a good use, because the camera wasn't whirling around, IIRC, it's about the silhouette and the background lighting. But yes, a lot of them seem like just showing off.
  2. There's even one in Burnley, as of last week.
  3. It's not UEFA's problem though, is it? It's not even La Liga's. It might be in the hands of FIFPRO (who seem to have been very quiet) but the actual governing bodies aren't involved, it's not their problem.
  4. Plissken

    The Man Utd Thread

    Given that the club is pretty much a soap opera anyway, adding Veronique Rabiot to the whole mix seems like tossing petrol onto a bonfire.
  5. I assumed that after Rammstein did their gig there, they were going to re-lay the pitch. You know, considering it had a massive amount of people and trucks driving all over it.
  6. Martin Braithwaite, you say? That would be the guy who Barca got as an emergency transfer from another club as they had suffered an injury to one of their own players. The fact that the injured player was a goalkeeper and Braithwaite was the top scorer for a club battling against relegation is by the by. Mes que un club, indeed. (Have to point out that Braithwaite was an innocent party, and was as surprised as anyone to find himself at the Camp Nou.)
  7. Got to admit, I've been stupidly excited to go to Turf Moor for the first home game of the season and I haven't felt like that for a couple of seasons at least. New season, new manager, new everything. Six starting players making their home debuts, with several more on the bench. So it was inevitable that the visitors would take the lead in the first five minutes, a failure to clear, a cross, a scramble and the loose ball tucked home. Luton reminded me of Old Burnley, and I mean that in a good way. Solid, organised, physical. At one point in the first half their two banks of defenders were separated by just 20 yards. With Josh Cullen being man-marked, Burnley struggled to break them down in the first half. However, after they were bossed about for the first ten minutes, the home side took over. They weren't all that great but the visitors threat faded as the half wore on. At half time, I thought that we needed a more physical presence, so I had to laugh when I saw all five foot four of Manuel Benson getting ready. Not to worry, as he proceeded to give the Luton left back an absolute pasting. Burnley upped the tempo and another accidental assist from Ashley Barnes set up Josh Brownhill for the equaliser. For the rest of the second half, it was constant pressure and a few good chances which illustrates the need for a striker to be brought in. A draw being a fair result and its a relief that a tough test was passed. Burnley definitely are going to be a bit lightweight and a physical side is going to cause them problems. The defense is not that solid (though we have been utterly spoiled for the last decade in that department) and Muric is going to cause heart attacks. Having said that, it's bloody brilliant to watch some young players allowed to go out ad player - Benson, Maatsen and Vitinho were full of running and tricks on the wings that had the crowd regularly applauding. Dara Costelloe is settling in and shows how the youth setup was ignored by Dyche. Ashley Barnes is still Ashley Barnes. An entertaining game and not a small amount of relief that the changes are going at least be interesting and entertaining. No idea how it will be when the clocks go back and the grind really begins, but I get the feeling that when we click, we're really going to click.
  8. Besides, if the press aren't willing to give him a hand, his employers have plenty of spares lying around in a bucket.
  9. I can't see Howe's head being on the chopping block.
  10. I think the first MI film is absolutely brilliant. I remember being in a packed cinema and when Cruise almost falls on the floor during that heist sequence, you could hear half the audience gasp out loud. (I didn't obviously, because I am far too cool to gasp audibly). But yeah, making the MI team the bad guys made me realise that you didn't need to call it Mission Impossible to make it a brilliant film. It just a superb thriller in its own right. MI:2 is so OTT as to be tremendously silly fun. And contains the best thing Limp Bizkit ever did - which is an exceedingly low bar indeed - but it's a brilliant reworking of the theme. Another film that would be much more highly regarded if they simply changed the title and character names: 2003 version of The Italian Job.
  11. Eddie Howe is streakier than a butchers shelf full of bacon, but I would imagine that a top 10 finish would represent progress. Although it will be interesting to see them try to break through that top 6 ceiling that has been beyond West Ham, Leicester and others. I can't see Leicester being relegated though. The "three worse teams" rule. Bournemouth have failed to strengthen, Fulham are the definition of a yo-yo club. Forest feel like they may do a Sheff Utd and have a good season before reverting to the mean. Next years Brentford in other words. Everton are going to be rubbish until they sack Lampard and replace him with Dyche. Southampton feel like the kind of team that could find themselves in trouble quite quickly (and haven't they got a tough start?). I hope Leeds drop, but then the Football Gods hate me personally so it won't happen. I notice the usual suspects are building the hype train around Arsenal again - they really must serve some fantastic stuff in the press box.
  12. This morning he said something along the lines of "Hillsborough and other hooligan related incidents".
  13. Going back to the OP, I've always loved that Mayall / Cannon and Ball clip, simply because they are having a blast and Mayall ad-libs a line that nearly corpses Cannon (who has barely been holding it together all the way through) while Ball completes the sketch with an absolute gleam in his eye.
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