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  1. I'm not sure whether he "peaked" early or whether joining Man Utd and being under Ferguson took that more exciting and explosive aspect of his game out of him. That isn't a criticism of Rooney or Ferguson, he undoubtedly became a better all round footballer. It's the old argument about having a player being solidly excellent for 90 minutes or explosively jawdropping for 60. Modern football, and certainly English football, does tend to hammer individual quality out of its players.
  2. Not content with fake crowd noise, they've starting CGIing stuff into the background as well.
  3. Plissken

    NFL 2020!

    I only slightly follow the NFL but I always thought that opening play was the sort of thing that the Browns traditionally did to themselves as opposed to being done by their opponents.
  4. Chorley made £500k so far. The TV revenue and prize money at that level is significant.
  5. A good Cup run is a lifeline to the lower leagues. Reaching the Third Round has kept Chorley going.
  6. It's weird - I played the initial hour and liked it, then played up until the base building and was bored and now go to the first space station in a rather enjoyable session. There's definitely something there, but there are a lot of irritants - I'm out of storage slots for "stuff" and have no idea if the "stuff" I have collected is needed or valuable. Also having to recharge the spacesuit or mining beam every so often is very boring. And the inventory capacity and management is totally non-intuitive. I picked up an upgrade which was in a slot, but I was nagged to activate it which is basi
  7. I’ve made it to the space station. I have a feeling I’m pretty near seeing all there is and everything else will be a variation.
  8. I look forward to the article explaining how having a keeper who can't catch is the latest extraordinary Bielsa tactical innovation.
  9. Nice little story here. The reaction of his family as Declan Thompson comes on for his Sheffield Wednesday debut. As a young child, he'd spent 18 months in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with a disease that affected his hips.
  10. Just started No Mans Sky. Rather than wade through 100+ pages, I'll ask here. I've just got to building a base and er, is there a point to anything I'm doing in this game?
  11. Yes, I am a subscriber. I'm obviously concerned, but also a little bemused. The club was going to be taken over by somebody and it was perfectly obvious that that somebody was highly unlikely to be putting up their own money. No-one has walked into Burnley (the town) in the last forty years and declared that this was the place to make or spend their fortune. When it comes to business finance, the rules are different - no-one ever spends their own money. This is doubly so when taking over a sporting club. And when the words "American hedge fund" were first mooted it
  12. The Pope’s O’Rangers have had three first teamers test positive.
  13. Danish kids TV series featuring a man with a very long, uncontrollable penis.
  14. I really enjoyed it. Not as good as the -Wipes but I think that they couldn’t have been that caustic and acerbic for an hour over what was completely depressing subject matter. The silliness - and some of the jokes were Police Squad! level - gave it some levity. Grant and Kudrow particularly excellent I thought. Karen the Soccer Mom started off annoying but by the end the way she delivered was almost the best delivery of the entire show.
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