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  1. Disagree. They’re up against a petro state and a billionaires plaything in the EPL. Against clubs that are run as businesses they’ve still outperformed everyone else. Financially they’re in a far better place that Real, Barca, Inter and Juve, three of which are virtually bankrupt. Ultimately, like I said, either it’s a football club or a business. Pick one. This is just trying to have your prawn sandwiches and eat it.
  2. And the amounts spent on transfers and wages compared to every other Premier League club.
  3. Now list the number of trophies, Champions League qualifications, finals etc that they have got to in that time and also compare that against every other Premier League club.
  4. I'd agree with that. If you haven't played the earlier ones, you cannot go wrong with Crackdown 3. But I think that it is one of those very few instances where they got it absolutely right the first time. I bounced off Sunset Overdrive quite hard for some reason. First game that I bought for the Xbone, too.
  5. Then, and don't take this the wrong way, you will never be in a position to do so.
  6. Exactly. The only reason that Man Utd aren't hoovering up every trophy is that their main competition doesn't give a shit about money. The club is being run as a business, against petro-chemical states, Russian oligarchs and two Spanish clubs that operate as if they have an infinite money cheat code. Whoever comes in - and let's face it, it isn't happening because the Glazers ain't selling - is going to be even worse.
  7. In an ideal world of course a fan owning a club would be better. So another question - it's easy to spend other peoples money. Would YOU spend 70% of your net wealth buying a football club? Not running it, not improving it, not including transfer budget, simply BUYING it. 70% of your own net wealth. (And FWIW, I worked out how rich I would have to be before I bought Burnley. Based on the fact that ALK bought them for £200m, I worked out that I would need at least £1bn in actual, realisable cash before I would consider it.)
  8. Not that it is going to happen, but there is no way on this planet that Daniel Ek is buying Arsenal with his own money. He only just has enough. So the interest money is still going to go to the banks. Now, the money is still exiting the club. Is it money going to a bunch of banks pockets better or worse than it going into the owners?
  9. This is the real problem I'm having with the protests. If United were regularly finishing 9th-15th and unable or unwilling to compete with Liverpool, Chelsea etc for players I'd have a hell of a lot more sympathy for the situation. But they are second in the league and hold a four goal advantage after one leg of a European semi-final. They don't win 75% of trophies any more, but that's sport for you. It's inherently cyclical. As it is, they are being run like Mike Ashley runs Newcastle, but with an absolutely bulging trophy cabinet. Manchester United gave up its root
  10. The Glazers ownership of Manchester United has cost the club £1bn. During that time, they have won 5 Premier Leagues, 1 Champions League, 1 Europa League, 1 FA Cup, 3 League Cups, 6 Community Shields, one FIFA World Club Cup. They've had the greatest manager of all time and after his retirement appointed two of the top coaches in European football history (who got fired after winning trophies). They've brought through kids, and signed players of the calibre of Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Mata, Lukaku, Fernandes. The club is a money making machine, in the top three worldwide in terms of
  11. Really enjoying making my way through this - a lot of nostalgia being triggered in a good way. Great work.
  12. After reading that interview I bought one of his books “The Time Machine Made Me Do It”. A sort of comedy Raymond Chandler thing. Already had some belting lines in it.
  13. Yeah, the normal wariness about police narratives applies.
  14. FC United of Manchester is 15 years old now.
  15. This is the third attempt, I think. They're still there. The only thing that's shifting them is cold, hard cash and a lot of it.
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