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  1. No matter how many series of Bo Selecta, Little Britain or anything else Francis, Lucas and Walliams do in their careers, it will never, ever, match the heights of the "Going for an English" sketch. That piece is clever in a way they can only dream of.
  2. Amazing how big Little Britain was before it dropped into the memory hole. Tell you what Francis can do. All future Bo Selecta repeat fees and DVD royalties to be donated to BLM causes.
  3. I know Burnley have gone down the refund / credit towards next season / donate to the Community setup route. I'm taking the credit option - I already give to the Community setup separately.
  4. It's just the remaining fixtures as scheduled, unless I'm mistaken.
  5. Initial provisional fixture list from The Athletic - spoilered for length.
  6. Are managers who were under pressure still under pressure? Making changes during this run-in seems effectively pointless.
  7. Or watch the indicators on the back of your car and follow them at the next turn... I think that I chased down the Road Rules and use the names of the streets to build a mental map. I always found that the end points were chosen from a set list of finishing points, so once you figured out where you were heading you could use existing route knowledge to get there. Combined with remembering street names, I knew when to prepare for a turn. "Go down West St, third left into Future St" sort of thing.
  8. That Forza Horizon doesn't save the World Map and Car filter options you used has been an irritant for all four versions. It has to save so much other detail for crying out loud.
  9. Championship due to restart on 20 June, which came as a surprise to a few of the clubs. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jun/01/championship-qpr-appalled-by-restart-date-of-20-june
  10. Comfort yourself with one thing. You didn't lose a game at home to a 42 year old Zamboni driver... <SteveDangle> WHO WORKS FOR THEM! </SteveDangle>
  11. Well, at least my lot will be live on the BBC.
  12. Telegraph reporting that the Premier League will restart on June 17th.
  13. I’ve just had it pointed out to me that that Man Utd “dazzle” kit is a great attempt to see if you can game VAR.
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