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  1. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    I've been watching some of the classic streams and the hypocrisy of PvPers is hilarious. They will happily gank grey level players who have no chance but if they get ganked then the it's lame and people should respect the 1 vs 1
  2. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    August 27th boys!
  3. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Rosen was never even given a chance there was he?
  4. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    I have actually started levelling a warrior these past few days, I love tanking on him. He is level 27 now and basically spent 20-27 in dungeons, I made friends with a Priest and we just group up and find 3 DPS to do just about any dungeon we want at any time. Warriors are vulnerable levelling though I have found, I find it better to stick to mob 2 levels lower and just hamstring kite other wise you need to rest too often.
  5. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    I played on a RP server for most of the time from launch until the release of WoTLK. The in character role playing is reserved for in guild events and between friends. In groups it isn't much different to a normal server, people are there to complete the dungeon not role play. The upside for a player like me, I don't role play but I do like to immerse myself in the world and lore and not seeing stupid names everywhere helps that, you also don't tend to see so much toxic chat in the world channels. Over all they just feel more mature to me as I think it may be an older demographic that rolls on them.
  6. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    I heard no RP-PVP as well but to be fair the team in charge of Classic have been very good at responding to requests from the community. Would it be such a huge thing to switch a PvP server to RP-PvP?
  7. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    I will roll on an RP server too I think, if just so you don't see so, so many idiotic names.
  8. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    Yeah, it will definitely be a PvE server for me. I simply lose interest in characters once they get to contested areas, especially places like Redridge where you get all the Horde twinks going for some 'balanced PvP' Twinks even ruin low level battlegrounds imo. I don't get angry or anything I simply can't be bothered. I have limited time to play the game and I'll be doing what I enjoy, questing, dungeons, exploring and professions.
  9. Let me ask people this. Why should I worry about how a business, whether that is a corporation or an indie developer, negotiates deals with their partners? It is not my responsibility to ensure they get a good deal, it is not my responsibility to worry about the viability of their business model. Just as it isn't their responsibility to worry about how I am going to pay for their game. The developers/publishers taking Epics exclusivity money have no concern or worry about the how a lot of their customers feel they are getting an inferior service so they can make more money. They are looking out for number one and so am I. I'll say again I will go to the store that offers me the best deal, if the Epic store had cheaper games to reflect the lower charge then I would buy from them in a heart beat but they don't so it then comes down to what else they offer which is nothing so I'll stick with Steam. I can't see how that isn't a perfectly reasonable position to take. The developers and publishers who give the Epic store exclusivity went with the best deal for them, why am I as a consumer not supposed to do the same? If it's sensible for them to go for the best deal why isn't it for me? If I had my way every game would be DRM free on gog.com, that's where I buy a game if it is available over Steam. So no I'm not some rabid Steam fanboy, I'm a fan of what is good for me. I have never argued that game makers have an obligation to put their games on Steam, they are free to sell them on whatever store they want and to also deny them from any store they don't want to sell to. By the same reasoning the buyer is just as free to choose what store they want to buy from and what store they don't want to buy from. In just about every other purchase people make they will shop around for what they consider to be the best deal for them, why it should be any different for games I have no idea. I see all the time in new game threads people asking where the cheapest place to get the game is, do you think they are worried about how the revenue split works? No, they want the best deal for themselves and so do I.
  10. I doubt it, but is Valve signing deals to prevent those games from going on other platforms? Are the games that are only on Steam there because it was the best option or because Valve paid them money so they wouldn't put it on other stores? I'm honestly not concerned about what split the developer get, that is between them and their business partners. The publishers and developers obviously don't care that by making their games exclusive to the Epic store a significant portion of their customers are losing features do they?
  11. Ok, you buy it on the Epic store then and the people who like Steam's features can buy it from Steam, everybody wins. If Epic was really creating competition this is what would happen, the problem is that the games aren't available on Steam for people to make the choice. We don't have more choice with the Epic store, we have less choice and that's bad. So maybe stop with the idea that not having all this stuff isn't a negative for lots of people. It is a negative for me, because the Epic store has next to no features. See? two sides to the argument, both valid and with rational reasons to why you prefer one store to another.
  12. This argument is flawed. I don't care one iota what percentage one corporation gives to another, I care about what my experience will be on the platform that hosts it. The Epic store is clearly a poorer user experience than Steam, the consumer receives nothing in return for losing all the features and convenience of Steam that people have become accustomed to. This is what irritates me about this argument, if you don't want to have to use the Epic store and prefer Steam then you are some irrational Steam fan boy on an angry rant. People never consider that maybe people like Steam because of the features it has, because of the friends network they have built up. Never takes into account security concerns, no I don't mean the Chinese thing, I mean bugs in Fortnite leaving users open to hacking just a few months a go. There are plenty of rational reasons to prefer Steam over the Epic store but people frame it like the only reason people prefer Steam is because they are stubborn, angry gamers. If the publishers wanted people to make the switch all they have to do is split the revenue gain with consumers in the form of a price drop, the publisher receives more and the game is a little cheaper so a win win situation. All we have at the moment is a situation where the publisher wins and the consumer loses, this is big corporations expecting consumers to use an inferior service so they can make more money. It is big companies throwing their weight around to strong arm consumers into switching to another service, a service that is in all ways inferior to the one they are leaving. The crazy thing is we have other gamers cheering on this loss of choice and receiving a poor service in return for mega corporation no. 357 receiving more profits. We are being asked to switch to another service that is in every way worse than where we are now, why would we be happy about that?
  13. I said publishers, not devs. Not once did I mention developers. #readthepost I said publishers because although indie devs are making the switch the fact is that if Epic want to truly compete then they they need the big AAA games and those are all published by huge multi-national corporations who could not give a fuck about you or me beyond what money they can get from us. Besides how many of you are concerned about the profit breakdown when you buy a box of cornflakes, when you go to the cinema or just about any other transaction you make. When you go to a bar at the weekend do you stop and wonder how much of your spending is going to pay the band or DJ? It is up to the publisher to create a viable business plan not me. Let me ask the people who disagreed with my post a question. Do you honestly think that Ubisoft will pass on any of the increased revenue they get to you as a consumer? Do you think Activision will? That they will use that extra money to perform extra QA to ensure their games aren't buggy at launch? I say again if you believe that I have some moon land to sell you. I have no idea why people romanticise game publishers, they are simply another big corporation and the only thing a corporation is interested in is it's bottom line. As Simms said without Valve the PC gaming industry wouldn't be what it is today. Without Steam we wouldn't have all these Japanese games coming to PC, without Valve things like Humble and indie bundles wouldn't be any near the scale they are. Steams DRM is very unobtrusive compared to what we used to have on PC, limited number of installs etc. Steam has been fantastic for PC gamers, it was quite literally a game changer in the market and it achieved uit's dominance not by buying up exclusives but simply by being the best experience for a millions of gamers. In over 11 years of being a PC gamer I have never once not been able to play my games through Steam, it works excellently, has features I like and use and has an amazing selection of games of all genres for me to buy. It has all my friends on it and easy ways to invite them to games, I can make a small amount of money playing games. I can read user reviews and I especially find the recent reviews on older games helpful as they will let you know if they work on the latest OS, just because a few games get reviewed bombed does not make publisher opt in reviews a good idea. Oh the game is a buggy mess, let's pull the ability for people to express their displeasure to other potential buyers. I like the user guides I can access easily in game, I like the forums where I can discuss or get help on games, I like the integrated controller support. I like cloud saves just in case and I like the mod support with it's simple to use method of installing mods. The reason Epic is buying exclusives is because they know that with their shit service it's the only way to take customers from Steam, when I first heard about the revenue split I very naively thought we may see slightly cheaper games on the Epic store to attract customers It's a great deal for the publisher, a shit one for anyone who likes to use any of the features Steam has.
  14. I use quite a few of Steam's features, yes I could go to other sites for help on games instead of steam guides but that usually means putting up with a shit lot of intrusive adverts. Some games don't like you alt-tabbing but most are fine with steam's overlay. Someone was surprised people like trading cards, I get cards by playing the game and doing nothing extra i can then sell those cards to get money off the next game I buy. Why would I not like this? it's quite literally money for nothing. Why are people pissed off about this? because by putting your games exclusively on the Epic store the customer is losing features that a lot of people like and use. You can talk all about it being good for the publisher getting a bigger cut but there is nothing good for consumers in it. If people actually think that the extra money from the increased cut will go into 'making better games in the future' rather than increased bonuses for directors and share holders I have some prime land on the moon I'd like to sell you. Besides why would I care what cut the publishers get? these are the same companies cutting content out and selling it as DLC, putting what amounts to gambling in the form of loot boxes into the game, making record profits and then laying off 100s of staff. I'll buy the game where ever gives me the best price and the best experience, the Epic store does neither of those things.
  15. Mallet

    The Random WoW Thread

    One thing playing on a private server has reminded me off is I have no wish to ever play on a PvP server again. The much talked about world PvP is a farce. No one is interested in a some what even fight, people only like world PvP when they are sure they can win. I have never understood what satisfaction level 60 players get from killing low level players.

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