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  1. I thought Portman kinda hated the experience of being in these movies. Does she have a mortgage to pay this month or something?
  2. Yeah, this looks like how I imagined it in my head, rather than how I expected it to turn out. Which is great! Looks like people are putting proper effort in!
  3. What do people see in these types of games? To me, it looks very repetitive and technically shoddy as hell so I'm wondering what the attraction is.
  4. Can you explain how or is it too spoilery?
  5. Just bought Rayman, Hyper Light Drifter and Night in the Woods, having already picked up Resi 4 on Friday. Damn you, sales!
  6. Seriously? What's the line in the song, then? I clearly remember that line being part of the Snow White portion of a Disney trailer montage. It was on their home video releases that played before loads of their stuff released on VHS in the late 80s/early 90s, the Disney Classics line or whatever it was called. I love the theories behind the Mandela Effect.
  7. Hopefully I'll have time to explain why in detail later, but while I enjoyed watching this, I thought it was pretty disappointing overall and certainly not the film it was pitched to the audience as. The setup was really strong, but the second half didn't go to the places that would have made it a much better film. EDIT: Here's a start, I'll expand on these thoughts later. Have just copied and pasted a few tweets: More explanation:
  8. Guess I'll finally be triple-dipping on RE4, then!
  9. I'm a shoutcaster now whenever I listen to Ben.
  10. But I was hoping to bathe in her bath water, as that makes me her boyfriend, right?
  11. Describing it as a second Switch for our 'gaming arsenal' would be great if you could actually move data between the machines. But you almost certainly won't be able to, so this won't work for me. If you could, I'd consider buying one for my son but I'm obviously not going to buy digital games twice.
  12. I haven't watched the talk yet, but I have a great deal of admiration for how Sean Murray and his team have turned No Man's Sky around (although I was one of those people who rather liked how eerie and weird and lonely NMS was at launch, so to me it's never been a bad game). Broker does have a point in that Murray has, to my knowledge, never really addressed why he said those things about the multiplayer, but I don't think that 'I LIED BECAUSE' is ever going to happen so we all just have to move on. I'm sure that Murray has learnt from his mistakes - the 'don't talk, just do' line shows it - even if he's now emphasising the abuse (which there's no excuse for) over mea culpas. In his heart of hearts, he must know he fucked up. But frankly, the level of toxicity in gaming culture on the internet is a much bigger issue.
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