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  1. The accents in that scene were just... perfection. So funny.
  2. 'People didn't say anything... I'm not going to blame other people...' *Reads article where Francis was confronted on this many years ago*
  3. Very harsh to have 51 Worldwide Classics downloaded on my Switch but not being able to play it yet!
  4. You get a spacer with the Quest itself. However, unless you have really thick glasses you probably won’t need it. I wear glasses and don’t use the spacer - I checked, and my lenses never come close to touching the Quest’s own lenses. The disadvantage with the spacer is that it slightly reduces the already sub-optimal FOV of the headset, but use it if you want to be 100% sure you’re not going to scratch the lenses.
  5. This must be from a parallel universe where The Fast Show did comedy Japanese adverts rather than Chanel 9. It even has the funny random English words!
  6. Thread title updated again. Bloody racist cops.
  7. Sega finally confirm that the SNES was better than the Mega Drive, bringing eternal peace to the playground.
  8. I wonder if magically on PS5 the VR mode will suddenly be the whole game.
  9. Looking forward to this! I'm sure it will be nothing at all like the Perry Mason that used to be on BBC1 on Saturday nights... which I loved, btw. But just the name recognition has me smiling.
  10. It's great that Disney+ are including some of this stuff - I'm surprised that Netflix and Amazon Prime haven't, but hopefully they will as a result. Seems like a very decent 'added value' thing.
  11. It’s sad that these are going by the wayside now. I guess special features don’t sell more DVDs anymore so the studios feel no need to commission them.
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