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  1. It's a shame that it appears you can't start on a river.
  2. They could do CG markers these days with an instant reaction to the takeoff, no probs! Probably even project them next to the sandpit in real life too. But I have to say, I don't want them to get rid of the take-off board. It adds a whole other level of skill to the event.
  3. I'm also really interested in the game. I expect a noble failure where the structure doesn't quite work, but I really hope the dev smashes it.
  4. What did they add between entries that took away from it?
  5. I tried this last night and unfortunately crashed into some hills about three quarters of the way in! Just couldn't regain the height I needed - I'd dropped to 1,000 feet for much of it as that's what I thought the game was telling me to do. Nice to have a GPS - I hate to think what I'll do on the other trips without one. Need a decent tutorial on the VFR stuff.
  6. I've just started playing this because I bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS One for Flight Simulator on Xbox and this is another compatible game. I knew I'd like it but had heard it was very complex. It does seem to be that but it's also very immersive. Is there a decent tutorials resource for the current version? Also, I only have the 'Core' game on Game Pass, so what am I missing out on? Sorry for the basic questions!
  7. This show has really exploded into life over the past week and the slow burn is well and truly over! I've done a complete 180 on Toby - he HAS to stay in now, just to see what shenanigans he gets into next. The preview for tonight's show had me on the floor laughing ('My head is with Chloe'). Amazing stuff!
  8. I like the style of the visuals in Last Stop, it’s just that it’s so technically wonky in its character animation. I love the cuts and the virtual cinematography in each scene (particularly the tracking shots while walking), it’s all very movie-like. I wish the characters and animations were slightly better grade - the game could have been a stunner with a bit of a bigger budget, methinks. Characters climbing stairs look painful in their execution, unfortunately, and the lack of quality in the movement really takes me out of the experience. I’m enjoying the story, though! Am only an hour in and on the second person, but it’s been fun so far even in these early stages. And yes, the depiction of London is great. I’ll definitely carry on with the game and it’s definitely perfect for Game Pass… overall it’s a shame that it’s not quite as good as it could (and arguably should) have been.
  9. How do you start talking to Air Traffic control from a parking space? I would really like to take off properly by being ordered to a runway, etc. Many of you are describing great, immersive experiences that I don’t know how to get going. I can spawn my plane in the parking spot, but then what?
  10. Amazing performance by Charlotte, I’m so pleased to see her win gold. The scoring’s interesting, though, as visually some of the tricks in Hannah’s first run looked more spectacular to me, particularly the one where she was off the bike completely and span it round in the air to the side of her twice before getting back on! The commentator at that point said that everyone else was just going for silver, a classic commentator’s curse moment. I guess the backflip 360 just had insane marks for difficulty, and the rest of Charlotte’s run was lovely too.
  11. The training missions seem particularly busted right now. Objectives not triggering/appearing much more than before in my current game. EDIT: Yep, have watched a YouTube video of a guy doing the taking off and landing missions, and so much of what he’s seeing just isn’t appearing in my game at the moment. Oh dear!
  12. How do you activate the drone camera on Xbox?
  13. Any need to watch the movie beforehand?
  14. Excellent, I’ll give that a go. IMMERSION.
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