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  1. Looking forward to seeing whether the PS5 version of this has a much better VR mode in terms of visuals and performance. An interesting test case.
  2. Day one for me. Completing Hell in Spelunky was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve ever had.
  3. You mean after the embarrassing 'alien cum' joke and the not-as-good-as-Voyager's opening music and credits? (I like The Orville, btw...)
  4. Are you watching it on the High Seas?
  5. I've never 'got' Pikmin, unfortunately. I've played all 3 games and can't understand the appeal of the gameplay, even though 3 in particular looked lovely. Anyone else? Maybe I'll try again!
  6. Was there an actual preorder? Genuinely can’t remember. And oh yeah, this thing exists!
  7. Eighthours

    Fall Guys

    Finally won a crown on the Hexagon final round thingee.
  8. I was just coming here to post about wanting to see an extended Event Horizon. But not the gore stuff - there was 30 minutes of additional footage that has been lost, so there's no possibility of a director's cut, but I remember thinking when watching the original that the story had obviously been cut to ribbons. The most obvious bad edit was that Sam Neill is just suddenly nuts between one scene and the next, pretty much out of absolutely nowhere - his experiences to that point in the film wouldn't have pushed him over the edge in such a bizarre way. There must have originally been some interesting connective tissue there. Paul WS Anderson has said that they only had 4 weeks to edit the movie because it was pushed up due to Titanic being delayed. He reacted to a test screening where the movie was judged far too long, by chopping it to pieces in a panic because they simply had no capacity to edit the film to the pacing they would have come up with if they had more time. Unfortunately we will never get to see what it could have been.
  9. Eighthours

    Fall Guys

    Yep, it's a lot of fun. I'd like some more skill-based levels, and I lost some fairly decent finishes due to the servers going down and not giving me the points, but I really enjoyed playing this last night. Deserves to do well.
  10. Ah yes, the Council scene that was like something out of a very badly written episode of ST:TNG, or The Phantom Menace. Awful. Zion could have been such an exciting place, but it was the sequel’s biggest misstep.
  11. Eighthours

    Fall Guys

    Not yet, but one of the devs told me that they're looking at it (by tilting their neck the wrong way, obvs).
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