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  1. I got my X800 from amazon new for 174.25, the apps are shit but it's a good player. Might be worth holding off until black friday.
  2. I ain't knockin', don't get me wrong. Good things come from limitations, it's really making me think weighing up entertainment, impact/influence, artistic merit, etc. I saw most of these movies at release, a few I caught years later it's really hard to judge how they might hold up on re-watch nearly twenty years later. Like it's criminal Ong-Bak and Banlieue 13 won't register and yet were such a big part of this forum back then introducing parkour to the masses. However the biggest takeaway from this thread so far is that Master and Commander needs a 4K release.
  3. Some really tough cuts made with just three picks, brutal. The interesting discussion is what you excluded and why.
  4. Sons of Liberty. I lasted 3 minutes and 48 seconds, RIP Bombcast, won't be going back unless Ben is on assignment.
  5. 2000 1. Battle Royal 2. American Psycho 3. O Brother, Where Art Thou? 2001 1. Royal Tenenbaums 2. Gosford Park 3. Donnie Darko 2002 1. The Bourne Identity 2. City of God 3. Bubba Ho-tep 2003 1. Lost in Translation 2. American Splendor 3. Touching the Void 2004 1. Primer 2. The Incredibles 3. The Life Aquatic
  6. At least Matt has an excuse for being a little tuned out he's probably thinking about refunds or open tickets or something.
  7. Doc-ewe-mintary, step up your game gentlemen.
  8. Should I play through metal gear 2 (I've played 1 & 3), now that it's on game pass, or just watch Metal Gear Scanlon?
  9. Can anyone start a 360 game on their one?
  10. John Wick 2, very disappointing compared to the first one, I've come to enjoy it more on subsequent viewings however.
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