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  1. Couch Corpse

    Dirt Rally

    Ah, just reading back. My bad.
  2. Couch Corpse

    Dirt Rally

    The first one had problems running on the rift via steam, you had to disable steamvr to force it to open natively on the rift. Is this still an issue?
  3. Couch Corpse

    Name the 90s chillout album

    Deep Forest https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Forest_(Deep_Forest_album)
  4. Couch Corpse

    Films with one set.

    The Thing?
  5. Couch Corpse

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Looting bodies. I've done the work and killed the cunt, now just give me the shit.
  6. Couch Corpse

    Films with one set.

    Glengarry Glen Ross, just the office and the chinese restaurant, but mainly it's just the office.
  7. Couch Corpse

    Nintendo Switch

    Got mine, the d-pad location still makes it uncomfortable, they should just remove the stick and have a higher pad only as it's a specific purpose component. The d-pad surface is a bit slippy also, I would like it a little more tactile, guess I could give it a scrub with sandpaper.
  8. Couch Corpse

    All time greatest gaming moment

    Pro Evo on PS1, football games didn't exist before this, with all due respect to ISS on the N64.
  9. Couch Corpse

    Nintendo Switch

    Where? Before I order from play-asia.
  10. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I think Brad has regretted his life path for the last few years, now that he's realised he's no options.
  11. Couch Corpse

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I could one credit Shinobi back in the day.
  12. Couch Corpse


    You can kill the flying squid things with the moving level bricks if you time it right.
  13. Couch Corpse

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I always suspected Dan and Brad do not get along when Dan was west, I think it was an element in Dan's move east.
  14. Couch Corpse

    Movies that need a remake

  15. Couch Corpse

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    The line read in Hail Caesar.

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