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  1. I'm not sure it's the fact City hate to be got at, as you put it. More the fact City were horrendous in defence today. They really missed Laporte, it seems. John Stones and Nicolas Ottamendi aren't good enough without a leader at the back. A bit like the Liverpool defence without Van Dijk.
  2. Can was the epitomy of Liverpool prior to Klopp, he was up and down and struggled with consistency throughout the time he was at the club.
  3. Pepe has absolutely no end product, he is extremely frustrating. Tottenham were absolute crap too.
  4. I agree with dizogg, so far VAR has done what it was designed to do. I understand there will be mistakes but there will be less as the officials get used to the system. Removing the need for the ref to run over to a TV screen to review is a massive improvement over other implementations.
  5. I'm not going to watch it unless someone confirms Shining Force 2 is firmly in the top 10.
  6. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    I agree, Campbell has been excellent but Lomachenko is simply better.
  7. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    I think Lomachenko all bar the first round. The rounds have definitely been close but all the quality has come from Lomachenko.
  8. @Timmo https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49468694 The short straw has been drawn by Shamoon Hafez this weekend.
  9. What was Lascelles just doing? Looked like a very strange fall in real time and slow motion, the contact with Kane looked minimal too so it would have been a soft penalty. VAR got it right.
  10. Yes. Almost every article that is an opinion piece from a BBC pundit has a little italicised footnote stating they were speaking to Chris Bevan. I haven't been able to find an example this morning, though.
  11. Doesn't he usually talk to Chris Bevan? Every single pundit on the BBC speaks to him. I feel sorry for him, having to listen to retired professionals mostly talk absolute bullshit.
  12. I think I may just do that. Talking up the Liverpool vs Arsenal match as the 100% records falling also annoys me. I understand Sky are trying to sell the drama when they do it but the BBC football website does not need to do it.
  13. The BBC are billing tonight's game as winless Villa against unbeaten Everton 2 games into the season. What bullshit.
  14. Where would be fit in? As one of the midfield three? Not sure he has the game for that yet.
  15. To rule whether or not a clear and obvious error has been made. I'm not entirely sure the video shows anything conclusive so there is no evidence of a clear and obvious error.
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