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  1. I did a quick search and it came up with this list for Switch output (also includes Nintendo published games):
  2. Quite meaningless out of context. What period, what platforms? I am referring to Switch-generation Nintendo... WiiU and 3DS they hit the ball out of the park in terms of new original content. Also, topic title: Does Nintendo's attitude put you off buying their stuff? My answer is Yes, referring to Nintendo as it is today. That's an opinion, and an answer to the question in the title of this topic. I totally respect and see why other's feel different about it. And I was clear that although I am not buying their stuff right now, I hope they stay around till the end
  3. Unfortunately it is true during the Switch generation (to which my comments applied, 3DS and WiiU were complete opposite). Maybe the percentage should be 60% but the amount of WiiU ports (versus new content) and cheap cash ins is astounding at the moment and their creative original output very low. Half of their franchises are also dormant. The WiiU sold like crap but man they hit a homerum in terms of original new content on that machine. I do appreciate them adding some new content to some of these ports. Anyway I love Nintendo just not their business practices and stubbo
  4. Highly likely if you ask me. Disney is like a pimp prostituting their wares and if they can get 30 Star Wars games out each year they wouldn't object. Look at how they approach Disney Plus in terms of streaming content (10 new Star Wars Series in 2-3 years) and you have a good idea what to expect. I am pretty sure they want to make up 2 and possibly 3 years of lost revenue from their Themepark business and have earmarked gaming to fill that hole. I expect at least 1 game accompanying each TV show (e.g. Mandalorian) and movie. I am personally turned off by this extreme
  5. Yes. My problems with Nintendo are threefold: Company is run by accountants and hardware lacks quality... they always skimp on quality of the hardware. Having been spoiled with the One X, Series X and also a decade of Apple products I just don't like the plastic fantastic feel of Nintendo hardware. I find the Switch in handheld mode uncomfortable to use in terms of buttons and it also suffered from Joy-Con drift which still hasn't been fixed 3 years in. They also use low quality screens in most of their handhelds. Of course Microsoft and Sony were also guilty of this with Xb
  6. This has to be seen in another light: the whole gaming industry and in particular the big publishers get a lot of slack for many things (and rightly so). But CDPR was always hailed as the good guy in the industry that would never do those "evil things" and here we are where the way they handled this release is nothing different from what Ubisoft, Take 2, EA or Activision would do (except maybe MTX for now). I wouldn't say we are just there yet, but they are definitely not this "underdog" anymore that only acts in the gamer's best interest. But we get back to the point: Hades and Di
  7. Sure. But stating in hyperbole that this game is the best in every area is what i meant to call out. It simply is not true. What it truly excels in from my point of view is, in true Rockstar fashion: world building, and that is of course super important. This is also why Red Dead Redemption 2 was so praised. But the underlying gameplay mechanics fo those games are sub-par and feel clunky. So no, it doesn't get a pass from me as the best game ever. And judging on the public perception and how it has been reviewed universally I don't think that is an outlier opinion.
  8. We are not going to award future potential. It was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread at launch and "no way CDPR will fail to deliver since they are not Ubisoft" and yet they delivered a terribly broken and unfinished game.
  9. What a hyperbolic nonsense. It gets many things right and even more things wrong. First of all a game made under excessive crunch will never be THE finest game ever made (but apparently people on here have a fetish for those... see The Last of Us 2). Furthermore: - Story is OK but nothing special - UI/UX of menu's is horrendous - Shooting isn't on the level of let's say Destiny - Driving sucks - Obsessive sexualization of everything is unnecessary and childish - Game feels clunky in many areas which is understandable given the 8 year devel
  10. one of the finest games ever made. Not at the moment.
  11. I just bought the Gold Editions of Hitman 1 and 2 for a tenner each in the Christmas sale. I want to support this studio that was booted by Square-Enix and now self-publishing which I respect a lot. More studios should start doing this instead of bending over for their corporate overlords.
  12. Yes, this is what I reported and suspect as well. I am also at 400 hours while I believe I put in 60-70 at most. Also because in all of these games you need to assemble your cast/party which takes time. Not much different from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Only halfway the move they have assembled everyone and the story really kicks off from there.
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