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  1. Wiseguy

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    fyi 'Fry's coming to Sainsbury's'
  2. Wiseguy

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    It was Incredibles 2! Did anyone make it?
  3. Wiseguy

    Cineworld Unlimited Ticket

    In case anyone is planning to sign up for an unlimited card, you can save a decent amount on the annual cost by buying a 12 month code on eBay. I've used them for my last two.
  4. Wiseguy

    A Quiet Place

    I saw it today. The rocket toy scenario is not as stupid as the trailer suggests. The film was very good and the trailer doesn’t do it justice.
  5. Wiseguy

    Sicario 2: Soldado

    The director's last film was Suburra, which is available on Netflix, worth a watch.
  6. Wiseguy

    Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    John Lasseter has effectively resigned from Disney https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/john-lasseters-pattern-alleged-misconduct-detailed-by-disney-pixar-insiders-1059594 EDIT: re-reading the articles it may genuinely be a temporary leave of absence
  7. Very interesting thread, it's difficult to get an in depth look at film and tv behind the scenes. I'd recommend the book Film Art by Bordwell and Thompson to anyone who's interested. Based on what you're saying @kerraig UK is Thelma Schoonmaker as responsible for Scorsese's films as he is himself?
  8. Wiseguy

    Terminator 2 back in cinemas, in 3D

    Sorry to put a dampener on the hugely positive post above, but it was only on for one day, August 29th (judgement day) in the UK. So the window is closed. Also, in the US it ran for longer and, more bad news, it was a flop compared to other 3D re-releases.
  9. Wiseguy

    Actors Eating on Film and TV

    This is fairly common in the US. American friends take the piss out of my polite ending of phone conversations.
  10. Wiseguy

    I love MGMT Oracular Spectacular

    A cut copy single is the free single of the week on itunes at the moment.
  11. I agree too on the script, I can't believe they went through so many and picked this. I think it's a testament to the cast and Spielberg that even a ropey script and George Lucas couldn't ruin the film.
  12. Wiseguy

    The Dark Knight

    Heres a new link to the bootleg: http://youtube.com/watch?v=qj1ItIcSIHw
  13. Wiseguy


    Chicken prices are going up, from what I understand, because people weren't buying enough dark meat (white is far more popular) so Thai agricultural companies (possibly other countries' too) decided to stop killing so many birds, leading to a shortage in supply. Furthermore the Thais have increased the price of their chicken. Apparently prices will only continue to increase, according to my dad (who works for one of the Thai companies).
  14. Wiseguy

    My Blueberry Nights

    I have seen it. It's by no means bad, it incorporates a few of the visual techniques that you'd be familiar with if you've seen Chungking. I think it's worth watching if you're a fan, not as good as his previous work though.
  15. The guy behind me burst into laughter after about 30 seconds of the film, so my immediate thought was that nothing in the film would be funny enough to counteract this annoyance. I was wrong, but not in the way I wanted to be; it was so unfunny that even the guy behind hardly laughed. The funniest part of the film, I think, is Ferrell singing 'get that funk out of my face' in the trailer, aside from a few giggles, even if you're a big Ferrell fan, I'd wait to borrow someone's DVD. The film seems completely disjointed too, there's a bizarre sub-plot with Woody Harrelson and the woman from ER, both of whom appear to be normal, rational characters, juxtaposed with completely irrational, comic figures like Ferrell and ER woman's husband. I assume this was intentional but, in my opinion, doesn't work in any respect. I thought this was far worse than Blades of Glory and obviously didn't come close to Anchorman or Talledega.

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