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  1. This is precisely why I haven't bought it. Bethesda's games tank relatively soon after launch and always end up on GamePass sooner or later.
  2. Don't discount any of the weapons. The boons often change them drastically.
  3. It's in the first post of the Xbox Series thread too.
  4. Yeah but if that colossal penis throws enough shit at the wall something is bound to stick.
  5. What is quite funny is all of us in here trying to be Billy Big Bollocks business brains second guessing Microsoft when none of us saw this coming.
  6. I just don't think the old way of witholding stuff fits in with Microsoft's new model (for want of a better word). Of course they're going to want to sell Xbox consoles but that's not their primary concern any more. They've had a while generation of having to eat humble pie, maybe they've realised the old way of "Play with our toys in our space or NOT AT ALL" isn't the most sensible thing any more. They're not stupid. They know TESVI would be a massive coup as an exclusive but they also know that it's make a ridiculous amount of money by chucking it on as many formats a
  7. Doom Eternal was always a matter of time, every other big Bethesda release has been on GamePass.
  8. Nothing's predictable in 2020, man. Nothing.
  9. I found it worthwhile to do the quests because while you don't make your monthly subs back they still rack up over time. My last load of points bought me Control.
  10. Yeah, sorry I didn't make the distinction.
  11. My nephew has Crohn's and his medication makes him shake so thanks for that, I'll forward it to him
  12. There can't be Warmind or Osiris content because Mars and Mercury are being vaulted. Mars, Mercury, Io and Titan are going in the bin. If you look on the bottom tab of the store screen the expansions aren't there any more.
  13. Hurm, it won't accept the Volcanic planet I'm taking a picture of for one of the quests. That's annoying.
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