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  1. You can get the Calus weeklies from the tower, there's a bot in the left door as you spawn in downstairs.
  2. The game just did one of its infrequent shitting itself things and updated infamy and valor ranks and whatnot, but also said something about Cache Anseris being unlocked? What's that then?
  3. Probably. It was way too expensive at launch, but that Arwing was absolutely worth the £13 I paid for it. Then I spent another fucking £50 on other ships and guns and whatnot in sales to unlock all the gubbins. Absolutely worth it. And yeah the bizarre thing is you only need to link them to the console once a week. If you buy the digital version you don't need the toys.
  4. It's very typical Ubisoft collectathon but it's got bags of charm and is a really satisfying little game.
  5. It's a very cute notion that only people devoid of sex lives watch porn. And no, fuck that. Life's too short to make it miserable by depriving yourself of things that bring you joy. On the other hand I've no doubt in my mind had I not been distracted by video games for the last 35 years I'd be in a very different place with regards to my work/career.
  6. Has anyone started a club for Asphalt 9?
  7. You're not paying directly for the maps, so they're 'free'. They should Be saying "Included in the price of the game" but it's not as snappy; they're only free in the traditional sense as you won't be paying for them post release as you have done before. But that's all semantics. My assumption is that any post release content is paid for with post release money as I'm an idiotic optimist, but maybe the actual fact is they're a business, they like making money, the suits like getting fat bonuses so they want to rinse it for all it's worth. That's all the justification they need. Fucking garbage, but again what can you do except not buy the game/season pass or fuck it all and leave your morals at the door?
  8. What? It covers map development in that it means they can keep making shit after the initial release. Maps don't just pop out of the fucking ether fully formed, devs don't work for free. The season pass system no longer works, so they need another means of continued/extra funding for that. What they SHOULD be doing is using the money from initial sales for that, but who knows how their fund distribution works. Someone who works in game dev might be able to say. I'd assume they get X for the development till release with y for post launch support but then z needs to come from somewhere else to fund it into the future.
  9. Well, yeah. It's fucking garbage but that is the nature of business for these companies. The devs crunch themselves to death, Bobby Kotick sticks $150m in his bank, lays a load of people off, sits on a beach earning 20%. Nobody is saying it's not a shitty practice, but short of literally no-one buying their games it's not going to change. The devs still need paying so the new money has to roll in.
  10. Hah, jokes on you all. My only solo win was the bot fest, my other two are because I hid and let them kill each other/let the zone get them. In all honesty I suck at BR games. I just go to pieces and make stupid mistakes. I've never won PUBG, I think I won a H1Z1 (I know, shut up) duos with the luckiest grenade in the world, never got a Blackout win. Too old, too slow, too prone to being a cack handed twat.
  11. It's not just a F2P thing. Destiny 2 has one. I'm too fried to think of any other paid games that have them. I have no problem with Battle Passes (Pass's? Pass'?) personally, so if it's this or fucking loot boxes I'll take this. Activision are never going to give the multiplayer away for free while they can still sell like gangbusters each October, but they do need to keep the money rolling in till the next Call of Duty. I will say I'm surprised Blackout isn't a) back for this game rejigged and b) not free to play yet.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-10-17-activision-says-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-will-monetise-through-battle-pass-not-loot-boxes No loot boxes, apparently. All through season/battle pass and straight up purchases. I'd like to think this is Activision listening to the noise made by its players which may be partially true, but I think the continuation of the egregious and aggressive nature of their loot boxes as they were in BlOps IIII would bring them under scrutiny of the governments looking into the practice and so they've shit the bed. Course, BlOps IIII could have been a test bed to see which way the wind was blowing and they got their answer. Fuck knows. Anyway, either way you slice it it's a good thing.
  13. Yeah, it's a console many of us on here own as well as an Xbox or a PS4. The best decision Nintendo made was to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  14. Sorry if I'm being dim (again) but what happens to the mods that you sometimes get when you pick up a purple engram? I just got a class armour mod and I can't find it anywhere. Is it just a thing added to the pool of stuff you can buy from Banshee?
  15. What are they building behind Ikora in the Tower? Also is Glory only obtained in Survival?
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