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  1. Is it definitely not pc/console cross play? Definitely definitely?
  2. While wearing ridiculous outfits. The dissonance in these games is phenomenal.
  3. @Doctor Shark's mate was posting about it on Discord last night so it's up on PC. I thought it was released today so the 3 days should have been from Tuesday?
  4. The localisation is typically fantasy and it really is Incredibly charming. I just found once I'd got back to the main island after that one there was still a LOT of game to go and I was exhausted.
  5. @Doctor SharkWrong thread, dude.
  6. I think we just all have to enable it in our respective network options. I'll have a look in a bit.
  7. Turns out when you know where the other squad is it's easy to kill them. Who knew?
  8. Also the loot quality is now great. For the longest time all you found was utter, utter garbage but now there's decent loot everywhere.
  9. The Elite controller is all over the place in terms of build quality. We've had 2 V1 Elites and both have broken in some way. You don't spend £100+ for them to bust quicker than a standard pad. The fact V2 seems to have the exact same problems means I'll never touch one. Fuck that shit.
  10. It's charming as fuck but there's waaaaaaaaaay too much padding.
  11. Arena is excellent in a premade group. Communication is key. Plus I don't want to be too tin foil hat but something has changed in either the matchmaking or something because I didn't instantly die at all tonight.
  12. It's the main reason I have up on Rogue Company, I just got sick of people ditching it when it went ever so slightly south. This mode will only be played with people I'm deliberately squadded with because who's got time for that shit.
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