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  1. Yeah I'd read 4 pages by then and forgot, but some would say that it changed when Sam Simon left (season 5?). But that's a different thing again.
  2. I don't and have never watched Pokémon but good to know.
  3. Season 8 is where I threw in the towel. I wasn't massively invested in it and was just watching it as the missus was but after the fallout of the plane crash I actively did something else while she watched it. Absolute fucking garbage. I remember Breaking Bad being excellent after the end of S3, but there was an awful lot of filler there before that. This is the problem when they make 22 episodes a season because of advertising revenue. I don't think I could get through all of it again. Surprised noone has said the Simpsons yet. Around season 8ish is where the good ends. When they started the formula of completely random events in the first ten minutes compared to the last twelve is where they lost me. They traded humour for wackiness and it was shit.
  4. Any game that has guitar based special moves is a game that I'm on board with. Also something about the art style has either been tweaked slightly or it's grown on me.
  5. https://www.comixology.co.uk/search/items?search=punisher+max&subType=COLLECTIONS Complete Punisher Max is on sale on Comixology. Get on that shit.
  6. I hope One Finger Death Punch 2's price is in line with the PC version and doesn't incur too much switch tax.
  7. They're 2 separate games, yeah.
  8. It's got Strider on it. Also probably the fact it's had lots of tweaks making some of the games better than the originals. And games that haven't been released before.
  9. There's a space for both I think. It's going to be interesting that's for sure.
  10. I'd give it a bit longer. I've had no bother with it but some have had issues.
  11. Get 3. S, A and B and rake in the dough. Actually that's a point. Can you have 3 S rank mods fitted? I just presumed you couldn't.
  12. Yeah tonally completely different but still in the vein of "what if the heroes were not actuall very pleasant". The Plutonian is similar to Homelander but probably more broken.
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