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  1. Any of them, you buy the score streaks from the crafting table. Access it, press RB/R1 and it should be there. It costs rare salvage so you might have to do it on later waves. Don't forget to look in the gun attachments for the gun body bits that give you extra salvage.
  2. This looks fucking adorable.
  3. A hip fired, close range sniper rifle at that. My Steady Hand, Time Worn Spire and Multimach CCX aren't nearly as effective as every bugger else's either.
  4. @Ry @BubbleFish if you're still bothered about Outbreak tonight I can be on about from 8pmish. No obligation if people don't feel up to it.
  5. Aye grats, dude. And thanks to the solitary person who voted for me, it was very sweet.
  6. It was more a timed door that you seemed to need someone ready to dive through.
  7. I really, really, really wish that devs would hire actual writers. I get why they don't hire Hollywood screenwriters because money but there is an abundance of actual decent writers in the world.
  8. Yeah the numbers are completely bullshit. Also there's one section I genuinely don't know how you'd do it solo.
  9. Can anyone tell me why I can't scan the clues in the Presage quest?
  10. Ah yes, Warner Bros. That paragon of prioritising quality over profit.
  11. I think this is going to be it fundamental problem. The setting is sci fi so it's not going to appeal to the people still playing Division (in theory anyway). The gunplay is garbage so you're not going to hold Destiny players. They could get the people still pining for Anthem (all 12 of them) but it doesn't have the hook of being the best Iron Man simulator made. And it definitely needs longer in the oven because holy shit are those edges rough. There's a nugget of a good game in there, it just feels between 3 and 5 years too late.
  12. Probably to give Gorf control over the thread, so they used an old defunct post to merge it.
  13. The combat in this, it's very basic gameplay, is garbage. It's wooly, there's no feedback and every enemy is a bullet sponge. I turned on the Xbox this morning because I fancied another go, it has all that shit I like in looter shooters but when the thing you spend most of the time doing is as poor as this? Nah. I can't be arsed.
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