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  1. I got Fuchsia from Ur Mum which I think is Flubs island. She's pretty.
  2. Oh I read that review when catching up with my Edges, they reviewed it very favourably.
  3. I got my juggernaut challenge and on shipment of all maps. That was some funny shit because I absolutely swung the game by just wading in and capping all the flags.
  4. One of the aim ones is apparently abysmal, bit I can't remember if it's Bravo Team or Firewall.
  5. Haven't touched it, tbh. Watched some videos from Pestily and booted it to have a nosey at my inventory but not actually had a raid.
  6. Helle is open to friendly, shooting stars and Celeste is kicking about in the north east. Will prolly be afk, bazaar has recipes to the east of the plaza. Water the plants left of Ables if you can be arsed.
  7. https://www.gog.com/#giveaway Total Annihilation for free.
  8. It's like 2 quid more digitally isn't it?
  9. Yep that's it. How did you get there? Was it the same as what I spoilered above?
  10. When I went back to it last night the first square in the middle top didn't unlock the mysteries of the puzzle. However I applied your logic to and the rest was piss. So cheers for that
  11. No it's a lottery. The build quality over both consoles is inconsistent as shit. Except maybe the old chassis Pro's, they're uniformally fucking loud.
  12. Given the history of Riot and toxic players (and apparently in the workplace) they're not going to fuck about when it comes to quashing people like that. They don't want the bad press.
  13. Yeah it ain't going anywhere.
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