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  1. Who’re all these people who keep showing up in the cut scenes? Bonkers. Enjoying doing up my Arsenal, though.
  2. What’s Femto exactly. And am I right in thinking that credits can only be used to upgrade your pilot/outer in the lab, meaning you can’t buy new weapons for your arsenal? And is there a way of selling duplicate weapons that I’ve salvaged in missions?
  3. Not bad so far. The plot is a bit like control, in as much as I have no idea what’s going on (the similarities end there). ONE MAJOR COMPLAINT: After laboriously creating my character and spending at least 10 minutes trying to decide on her eye colour I buy an upgrade and now I have glowing eyes and can’t see the colour I stressed so hard on creating. Another minor complaint: A digital preorder netted you a bunch of different skins but the collectors edition, which I also bought for reasons I can’t fathom (I also like buying things), doesn’t give you any.
  4. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    It plays alright but it does not feel (or look) like a £40 release.
  5. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    I think the new 8 bit do pads are programmable.
  6. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    HD rumble is great if people bother to use it. The fizzy water in Mario odyssey being a stand out. In other news, there’s a Contra Hard Corps demo on the store. It looks pretty ropey.
  7. Strafe

    Trials Rising

    It looks like there’s going to be some fusion tracks included. Wonder how they’ll drop.
  8. Strafe

    Trials Rising

    How do you get all that?
  9. Strafe

    Trials Rising

    The title screen (on switch, at least), now features an ATV/Quad. Is one coming to the game?
  10. 2nd attempt and S+’d that shit.
  11. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    Shopto are shit. Order not showing on the website, no one answers the phone and you have to raise a ticket on their website which is ridiculously convoluted.
  12. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    That dude in the video is mad creepy
  13. You get a mission reward for filling the album. It’s fun.
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