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  1. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    What was the consensus?
  2. There’s probably a better place for these but anyway.
  3. Usually is but apparently hardly anyone knew - including most of the staff at Nintendo - so they had to delay. All the others have been revealed up front in the past so easy to prep for.
  4. 28th January. That’s been my only real disappointment, not getting to play straight away.
  5. This isn’t real, person who negged me Though I don’t think there’s anyone there who is unrealistic, bar master chief. I could see an Arms character going in, I seem to remember Sakurai saying that he wasn’t able to put an Arms fighter in because of the respected development times of the titles (ie: everyone was finalised before Arms was ready)
  6. The next 6 fighters revealed courtesy of my uncle who works at Nintendo. 1) Dante (DMC) 2) Master Chief (Halo) (Halo CE releasing on switch) 3) Tracer (Overwatch) 4) Currently un-announced Animal Crossing character (AC: New Horizons) 5) Akira (Astral Chain) 6) Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
  7. I don’t think releasing a fighter with button input lag and frame skips would be a good idea for Smash.
  8. I think Sakurai should have come on Rllmuk and asked everyone who they wanted.
  9. Cuphead mii fighter costume looks excellent!
  10. There’s a second fighters pass coming, you may yet see it. I get the whole not seeing the character you really wanted but I’m more excited about how the new fighters play and Byleth looks pretty unique. I wouldn’t let it ruin the game for you.
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