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  1. Clocked it. Wasn’t blown away, tbh. It’s decent but not amazing or anything.
  2. It’s not bad. Still getting my head around the controls. It’s basically an FPS control scheme for a 2D shooter.
  3. Like most games these days. It's download only so it's not like you need to pre-order to get it day 1.
  4. Is cloud saving disabled so you don’t advance the game clock, mess around a bit and then download a previous save and play again? Or is there another reason? I assume there’s nothing stopping you advancing the clock anyway.
  5. Actually, I think that’s just zoomed in on the background. Gameplay video shows plenty of leafy grass and sharpness.
  6. Can’t see Sega putting Sonic and co in a Mario kart, seeing as they have their own racing franchise.
  7. BotW has dungeons, just set in giant mechanical beasts.
  8. Might stop collecting moons now.
  9. Link and Zelda try and rebuild Hyrule. After the castle starts moving they investigate underground - beneath said castle - and end up on a journey to the centre of the earth, jukes Verne style. The bull is a big part of the game and carries your inventory and needs to be managed. You’ll possibly play as both characters which you can select, maybe even simultaneously or have Zelda as an AI partner. It brings world peace.
  10. I was, sorry. Misread the thread. So the 7 release next year is just part 1?
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