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  1. They gave the initial release an ‘essential’. Bit odd
  2. You have a code already? Let me investigate if it’ll work
  3. Also, I’ve played about an hour a day but looking through this thread most people are talking about things I have no idea about! Like Timmy and Tommy’s 10% handling fee. No idea.
  4. What happens if you are using a physical copy and then buy it off the eshop. Do you keep your save etc?
  5. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s a decent price for a launch model switch with Let’s go Pikachu, a pokeball plus and a pokeball plus charge stand? Taking into account the following: 1) ebay prices are ridiculous 2) I lost my job last week and need money
  6. Ethernet into your router if you have an adaptor. Pause and restart. Restart your router. erm.
  7. I see some Pictures of bespoke costume design with codes. Where do you put these in? Not QR codes, alpha (or alpha numeric) codes.
  8. Island designs are procedural, right?
  9. and that takes place on the island?
  10. I’ve had a very long day and only just got in. If I start now will I arrive at my island at night? Might wait till tomorrow
  11. There hasn’t really been much competition and it’s not Friday yet but I think this is my favourite release of the year so far.
  12. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, similar from me. I wonder if current events have screwed the latest Nintendo direct proper so they put this out instead. Or maybe I’m just disappointed because there’s nothing I want. Probably that.
  13. Strafe

    Nintendo Switch

    Was hoping for a shadow drop of lonely mountains. Oh well. Quantum league looks interesting
  14. Strafe

    NIOH 2

    Ha, it’s a brand new copy/download code that I won’t have a chance to play. Actually, that’s a lie, I’ll have loads of time to play but I’d rather have the cash currently.
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