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    So, what's with the rumours of signing the Brazilian dude Everton? Is this a worrying sign we might be moving someone on?
  2. I've mentioned previously that my 5 and 7 year olds have become more and more obsessed with Zelda. Every discussion we have is about arrows, weapons, koroks, Kilton, who's been where, who's fought who, etc. Quietly my wife has watched in the background. Early on she thought it was a childish waste of time, geeky, dull, etc. Safe to say she's not in to games. But over time, as she's watched the kids play she's got more and more interested in the scale of the game, the detail, the varied landscape, the rambling and especially the puzzles in the shrines. Last night she started the game herself! It's so fun to watch and remember all the stuff I experienced over 2 years ago. Starting with nothing, being so underpowered and under equipped that running from fights is the best option, working out how to use magnesis and stasis, strategising how to beat a camp of baddies, having fun with cooking, seeing the first active guardian and finding out the hard way just how powerful they are. Getting stuff wrong time and again and learning a little with each death. Oh, and of course earning the paraglider, still my favourite part of the game, suddenly the whole world and adventure opens up. Best game ever, and that's unanimous in my house!
  3. ‘Sake... They could have used that resource to port any number of games on my Sega dream Wishlist.
  4. What a great show, it feels slightly old fashioned but in a good way, Really enjoyed it and glad it’s getting a second series. The politician and scout master are particular favourites. I really enjoyed the brief flashback showing what happened to him!
  5. I had the same issue and wrote as much in previous posts. I was at the point of giving up on it but persevered in the end. Truth is I kind of let go and enjoyed it a bit more, largely due to the performance of Jodie Comer who is so watchable. But It feels like a different show to series 1 and the writing doesn’t come close.
  6. g wings


    This stuff. It’s amazing...
  7. Sounds like you're just warming up then It's had a renaissance in my house. First the kids got really into it a few weeks back (they are allowed to use the switch on weekends) and then my wife (who never plays games) fell in love with it. All the attention has reignited my passion in it and I'm now mopping up all the side quests and finally completing the DLC stuff. I reckon I have about 250 hours on it at least now. Wonderful game.
  8. I paid £300 for a two sets of twin sticks and £90 for Virtual On:OT Was worth every penny!
  9. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m back in to BOTW, reckon I might finally be done in 2020.
  10. Has anyone with little kids got this? I really want it but then of course the kids will want to play it and not sure how accessible it is? Will a 5 and 7 year old find it too tough?
  11. g wings

    PC Engine Mini

    They’re going the wrong way. I want a Dreamcast mini
  12. I think that’s good news. Hopefully they’ve got a good plan to wrap it up with a strong ending.
  13. This could go on and on. I can imagine it ending with him being paid out.
  14. Bit of both by the looks of it. The gameplay has a number of glitches. Passing can be horribly removed from where you aim, goal kicking is awful but worst of all sometimes when you switch player control too fast all the players glitch and become unusable.
  15. Lords of the rising sun on the Amiga
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