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  1. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    The Saints Bucs was a nail biter. Some great special teams by the Saints and an amazing 'trick' play but Drew Brees literally threw away their chances of winning. I don't get him at all, he so often. seems to miss the safe pass which killed them today. Would have loved to have seen the Saints take on Green Bay.
  2. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Great playoff games all round, some brilliant match-ups. Loving watching the Bills in this game, especially the 3rd quarter!
  3. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Glad they got through but they looked less and less convincing as the game went on. Rams looking good though, their D is so good
  4. Finally got round to watching this and was worth the wait. Loved every minute of it and it was beautifully shot. My wife was less convinced and thought it could have been one episode of a 60 minutes show. There’s a clear nod to that at the start though.
  5. g wings


    Funds still available for transfers apparently...
  6. does he have his own account? If you are sharing an account you can’t both be online at the same time. Theoretically one of you can play offline but I’ve found most games need online for at least some functionality
  7. Thanks all. If I create a new account for him I still assume it means he won’t have access to previous saves and so loses any previous progress?
  8. I’m trying to have both in use at once so my boy can play his endless Lego Star Wars games and I can play other stuff. Problem of course is that whoever isn’t signed in on my account loses their progress.
  9. But am I always going to be stuck with using a guest account on one machine and starting games all over again?
  10. So I’ve just received my new Series X and already have a One X. I was under the impression that both Xboxes could be logged in to the same account and be used at the same time. But that’s not the case. A total pain as it means one Xbox has to be signed in as a guest account and I can’t access existing game progress etc. Am I missing something?
  11. minecraft dungeons is good fun for a mixed ability group
  12. g wings


    I’m now in Oz again so hard to really know what’s what beyond a few news headlines and Arseblog etc. So, honest question... how fucked actually are we? Depending what I read it could be that squad really is weaker than almost every other team, or that the tactics are way off, or that we transitioning to a new coach and style or we just aren’t getting enough out of the players? I’m assuming it’s a bit of everything
  13. @gossi the dog @Boozy The Clown thanks, just found that. It wouldn’t let me download within the game itself but via the dashboard it worked! Weekend for the boy is saved!
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