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  1. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently yes. It's the one thing that constantly disappoints and frustrates me with the Switch. I don't even need something new, a port would be fine. Until then I'm going to feel like I can't be a single console owner.
  2. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I've been really looking forward to Xenon Racer for a while but have been concerned it might be a let down. First impressions and reviews aren't exactly glowing... I was one of the two people that bought V-Rally and it was utter shite (and I enjoyed all the originals). I really want a decent racer but I won't be buying Xenon without trying first.
  3. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    Would Nintendo really release a fixed joycon version? It would make a number of their own games, Odyssey for one, not work as intended. Let alone stuff like Labo and 1-2-switch (yes, I know it’s shit).
  4. g wings

    Steamed Hams: A Simpsons Story

    Steamed hams but it's... d'oh
  5. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Yes, he seems to get better and better and leadership is clearly second to none. I wonder what he will do after the world cup. I haven’t heard any talk of retirement but will he want to start over again with the new coaching team. Does he fancy one more lions tour?...
  6. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    My, then 6 year old, played about 15 minutes of tutorial and then jumped in online. She's pretty capable and certainly never lets the team down!
  7. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Cyrmu am byth!!! What a great couple of games. Wales were brilliant but Ireland lost the plot. Lovely to see Anscombe looking comfortable at last, this will really give him the confidence to kick on. Disappointing to see Sexton sulk his way through the game and I thought they should have subbed him early but it wouldn’t have mattered. I do wonder though if Ireland will regret insisting on having the roof open, they just had so many handling errors and turnovers at important times. The England Scotland game was hugely entertaining, at least as a neutral(ish). I do hope this shuts Eddie Jones up for a while though.
  8. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    The world cup you mean? They still could but based on Saturday it looks unlikely. They had two great results using a pretty singular strategy. If they can adapt they will be dangerous as their mix looks good. Strange though how little they tried to use the centres on Saturday even though the game was so focused on kicking.
  9. g wings

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought the same after reading about fog issues on Nintendo life or somewhere. Turns out the 'journalist' didn't bother checking more than one level!
  10. g wings

    Trials Rising

    Never played it before and had a go on the switch last night. Nothing to compare it to obviously but it’s playable and I started to get to grips with the throttle on the stick. the frame rate didn’t seem a huge issue to me, again it’s new to me.
  11. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    The ref was poor but thought he was harsh on Wales in the first half. He certainly went with Wales’ momentum in the second. We beat England at their own kicking game and were very patient, that’s what won us the game.
  12. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    My kids also think I’m a bad daddy for shouting so much! What a game though. So many great players on both sides. Liam Williams rightly MoM but thought Parkes did so much well too. Chuffed for the team and Gatland.
  13. Please understand: Online edition
  14. g wings

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Wales v France first. The outcome of that could play a big part in the final outcome of the tournament.
  15. g wings

    The bad gaming parent thread

    I introduced Arms to my two kids (5 and 7). Now one of them will spontaneously sing the theme tune and then they start belting each other until me or my wife dare to step in...

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