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  1. I've been trying to stick with the team, I seem to pair up with people who, like me, don't go straight in for a scrap but spend the match skulking about. I'm too used to COD, expecting a constant firefight. I really wish this had a bot training mode where you played the game proper but could respawn quickly.The training mode is aimed at people who've never played a game before and doesn't really help much with proper gameplay, tactics or using items/weapons. I've no idea which guns are better than others, a lot of the time I pick up the nearest I can find because it's that or nothing. Perseverance is key so I'll stick with it, that's what Sundays are for.
  2. I'm still terrible but have just managed two second place finishes in a row, mainly due to a team who revived me on more than one occasion. I still haven't got the hang of actually killing anyone yet, more a case of not being seen for 20 minutes.
  3. It was PG in the UK, same in the US.
  4. Wasn't the demographic of the first two films kids?
  5. cubik

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Windu is coming
  6. cubik

    Name the 90s chillout album

    Not one, not two but 4 EXTRA versions of Sadeness. All filler no killer. "Recorded on imported tape" - I've never seen a cassette album that boasted that before.
  7. Short round was great!
  8. Or this amazing actor who really showed the whole range of emotions, from singing a bit and then screaming for two hours?
  9. What about this rusty prick? I know Cars isn't exactly Pixar's peak (A Bug's Life is, obviously) but not only did he stink up the first film, they pretty much made him a star of the sequel.
  10. cubik

    Star Trek Discovery

    I really enjoyed episode 5.
  11. cubik

    Name the 90s chillout album

    Get it posted in the one hit wonder thread, it's a prime candidate.
  12. cubik

    The electronica thread

    Reminder - This is out today (but my copy hasn't turned up )
  13. That little shitty kid in Robocop 2. Also, the bad guy in Robocop 2.
  14. I wear glasses, can't see without them. Having to wear an extra pair of glasses over the top of my glasses to watch a film makes cinema 3D a bloody awful experience.

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