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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    One tip from me - Upgrade your satchels as soon as possible, especially the resource one. In fact, make a point of doing it. You may need to hunt more animals to get the right materials but it'll save you getting frustrated that you can't pick valuable things up later on without dropping something else.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Just finished this after 45ish hours of play and I'm at level 51. Obviously story mode is complete so I'm going back to do all the side missions etc. I've cleared all the Cauldrons and overrriden all the Tallnecks - Still got vantages to do, some bandit camps to clear, lots of errands and any other bits that develop along the way. I've loved it - Great story, beautiful graphics and sound and fantastic gameplay that develops as you play. Even though I got killed a lot, it never felt like the game was cheating me, and even though it's been 45+ hours of levelling up it never felt too grindy either. I'll definitely buy the add-on. It's currently more than I paid for the full game though, might wait a few weeks.
  3. Classic Namco - Everything from Dig Dug & Galaga to Ridge/Tekken and then titles that they let die like Point Blank or Mr Driller. I know some of their franchises still live, but the glory days of them releasing stone cold classics are long gone.
  4. Lttp: Zelda: A link to the past

    I finished it via the Snes Mini too, and enjoyed it - I 100% agree with the comments regarding the lack of guidance. I guess I've been spoilt by modern gaming and forgotten just how ruthless old games could be. Without the internet to help me in certain places I'd have probably given up part way through.
  5. This is the first time in a while I've looked forward to a PS+ game (Rime, not Knack)
  6. This kind of "strength in numbers" comment doesn't help and would only help Levy with any future court discussions. I find it weird that they'd even say this at this stage. It's great that the court have made the right judgement, now let the legal system string him up and keep thinly veiled threats out of it.
  7. Die Hard in Glasgow

    (scotch) Pie Hard
  8. Rose was likeable, and I never thought she was badly acted. Badly written in places, especially the heavy handed sentiment on the casino planet but not badly acted. Her character could have been actually used more - She's an engineer so they should have had her be the brains of the outfit who could defeat security systems. That way they could have got rid of the whole casino planet subplot and the atrocious codebreaker. I think if there's any hate reserved for characters in this film, he should be pretty high up the list.
  9. Is "Game" finished?

    Sales were always a case of shifting slow moving stock, but they are pretty much on all year round with the internet so the term is almost meaningless, On the high street just look at DFS et al, the constant sales from sofa stores especially has become a running joke. What worries me the most is the amount of empty stores, particularly in smaller towns - A lot of retailers talk about massive rents and business rates being a major factor in them closing down. Surely it would benefit the landlords and councils if the fees were reduced so that these stores could stay open. Seeing them close not only loses money for everyone involved but it also drags down areas and causes a knock on effect on neighbouring shops. If some kind of deals could be struck I'm sure it would pay off.
  10. Is "Game" finished?

    How do WH Smith keep going? Surely the half price chocolate bar and occasional birthday card market isn't that lucrative.
  11. Why do they feel the need to do these massive, all encompassing "events" so frequently? I thought Infinity was bad, and Secret Wars even worse. Saying that, I didn't mind Secret Empire as much, but it's hardly a classic.

    Thanks for the effort as always! It's good to see just how out of touch I am.

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