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  1. I've ordered one of these via eBay for £25. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324323136106 They're listed at £27.88 but the seller accepted my offer of £25, which saved £11 over the amazon price. All I need now is better weather this weekend.
  2. I can't name any of the actors from the FFVII remake but they're some of the worst I've heard of late. I'm sure they're all talented but in this they've turned the stereotypes up to 11. Just terrible.
  3. I’ve missed the spectacle of the bigger MCU since Endgame wrapped up the last phase. It looks like we’re in for some amazing world building, I was quite emotional after watching that.
  4. Sony will announce a range of coloured face plates for the PS5, along with some new controller colour options. No gameplay footage of Horizon or GOW, maybe a pre-rendered cut scene though. Everybody is waiting for Naughty Dog to show something but Sucker Punch will have the most interesting PS5 announcement at the show, even though it's years away from completion. Hideo Kojima shows something odd that features a famous actor. As always, no Ridge Racer
  5. Just north of Blackpool? Pier Windu
  6. That’s gas sorted, it was easy peasy at the local independent hire shop. I got one of these monsters as they could only supply the smaller ones to people who already had a bottle to refill. Also got a big pack of mozzarella and a couple of jars of nduja from Lidl as they’ve got Italian stuff in the specials this week. The Ooni UK Facebook group is going mad buying it! Peels are my next purchase , I think I’ll get one of those that @Jonny5 mentions from Amazon and try to find a wooden one to go with it. All I then need once it arrives is decent f
  7. Thanks for the tip, I’ve just had an update from Ooni. It’s coming on Tuesday! I’m off today so I’ll try and sort the bottle this afternoon.
  8. When I ordered mine a month ago I couldn’t find anywhere with it in stock, and Ooni had the 10% off so that helped. Hopefully it’ll be very soon, can’t wait to badly launch & accidentally bunch up and burn some dough
  9. My Koda 12 still hasn't arrived. I only ordered direct from Ooni as I had a discount code but they're taking their time. They don't even give you a decent update on delivery date, just a website that gives a rough estimate based on roughly when you ordered. Hopefully it'll be here by the end of April like they estimated. Any recommendations on wooden/bamboo and metal peels that don't cost the earth? I definitely can't justify £85 total for the official ones.
  10. Keep the XBox, it'll get hotter
  11. PS5 owner here. Haven't played many PS5 releases (just Miles, Astro & Sackboy) but loved them. Also loved playing what were originally PS4 games in silky smooth frame rates and at resolutions I didn't appreciate as I was still using an old 720P plasma. Saying that, Days Gone was a real treat, as was Control and Tsushima. My only regret is that I'd finished the majority of these and sold the discs before I bought my LG OLED so I haven't actually seen most of these glorious looking games running at 4k.
  12. Are the royalties to the studio based on a % of sale or a fixed amount? Would Housemarque for example get the same money whether I paid £70 or £30 for Returnal?
  13. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Vinyl is sold out by the looks of it. Could be a lucky escape for you though as if I'm honest, Drew Mulholland's previous subscription download (A Haunting Strip of Marshland) is a bit rubbish. It's the first thing from CiS I've been disappointed with and will never play again. It's not musical, no melody or anything like that. Without sounding all Abe Simpson, it's just ambient noises. It sounds like a random ASMR video and a BBC sound effects LP fell down some stairs. They've released some corkers so I consider it a rare miss. The Concretism and Dohnavùr albums/1
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