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  1. Sounds like you've got the PAL version Have you tried removing the dongle?
  2. I've obviously pissed you off with my (admittedly shite) jokey comment about being one of RCL's finest. Seeing a new user joining just to comment in this thread is a bit odd, but I guess stranger things have happened. Sorry if I've offended you. On with the Vega show though, the Retro Computers site has a minor update about court proceedings. http://retro-computers.co.uk/daily-blog/#20181012 It doesn't give a lot of detail, just the fact that the current silence is at the court's request. I still think it'll all eventually fizzle out with no real outcome.
  3. cubik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The likelihood of it having an ethernet port is similar to the chances of it opening at the top and playing games on 3" CDs
  4. cubik

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Looks like it's just part of the molding detail, I don't think it's removable.
  5. cubik

    PlayStation 5

    Anyway, my uncle works at Sony and her's got one and it's got wireless VR headsets which look like normal glasses, and it doesn't need an internet connection as it's got the internet built into it.
  6. cubik

    PlayStation 5

    I know, that's why I followed it up with "All tech companies are patenting this type of technology at the minute, doesn't mean it'll be the core of the next gen though."
  7. cubik

    PlayStation 5

    If this is the PS5's biggest selling point, it'll be the first Sony generation I've skipped. All tech companies are patenting this type of technology at the minute, doesn't mean it'll be the core of the next gen though. If streaming is the future (I hope it isn't) then all we would need are FireTV stick type devices that cost about 30 quid plus a controller to play any game.
  8. Deep Impact(ed off the surface) Womp Ratatouille Poe Blart - Maul Cop
  9. cubik

    Housemarque - "Arcade is Dead"

    I guess the nearest in terms of pure arcade gameplay ethos would be Minter, but with regards production values and graphically they're poles apart. You're right in that their market was very niche, and therefore limited. They were the big fish in the small pond but being the best means nothing if your business fails. Aiming for a massive market means that the competition ramps right up, hope it works out for them but based on that trailer it looks like a generic fortnite with bad weather clone.
  10. cubik

    Housemarque - "Arcade is Dead"

    I'm sure someone will eventually come up with a formula that is as successful as Fortnite, maybe even more so. I've just been watching the video for Stormdivers and it looks a bit "me too" but I'm not the best judge of online shooters. Will battle royale as a thing be old hat by the time it comes out? Probably not but I guess this could just get lost among the background noise of pretenders to the throne. Housemarque at least understand how to make short bursts of gameplay fun so they're in with a shout.
  11. cubik

    Housemarque - "Arcade is Dead"

    I couldn't give a shit about online games, especially battle royale flavour of the month type stuff. I do however appreciate the titles that Housemarque released (Resogun especially) and still play them. When they move on to releasing something in a genre I don't enjoy I'm not going to cry about it, I probably just won't buy it. Good luck to them though, I hope it's a big success. Why people have to start spouting shit about companies "being dead to me" is beyond me. There's enough companies making games, maybe just play something else.
  12. cubik

    Official Ambient Music Thread

    It's worth pointing out that they have an iOS app which makes listening via iPhone/iPad much easier, stream straight from the app with no need to download.
  13. I think I maintain mine out of habit, as opposed to using it as a proper gaming service. I haven't had values out of PS+ titles for ages. Even the big budget and well reviewed titles haven't excited me. Maybe I'm just old..

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