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  1. cubik

    The electronica thread

    Cheers for that, just bought it
  2. The best arcade game on the Amiga was Rainbow Islands, I cant think of a better home version. On the whole though, the MD and SNES were much better games machines
  3. Take in a pack of jaffa cakes, milk chocolate hobnobs and a chocolate digestives (McVities, no Waitrose or M&S fancy stuff needed) and they'll be happy. As long as you don't act like one of the knobbers from this awful advert you'll be fine:
  4. Channel 7 has never worked for us even though it always showed in the planner. Just checked it again and it's broken, more of a static riddled slidehsow with occasional noises. Channel 50 shows in the planner but says no signal. Not sure if it ever worked.
  5. We're on Winter Hill too. What channels were missing once you'd retuned?
  6. As much as C-3PO is easy to dislike, he's an iconic character and I hope he gets the send off he deserves. The friends comment, whilst cheesy was great. There's no Han, Leia's appearance is based on clips from the cutting room floor, Luke is a ghost. Let us bid at least one character from the original film and subsequent saga an emotional hero's farewell.
  7. I was really disappointed by the last film and half convinced myself that I wasn't really interested in this. And then that music kicked in.... Star Wars is back. Trailer looks bloody great, I can't wait!
  8. It looks like they're about to drop an album via bleep https://bleep.com/
  9. Phone is currently updating so no pictures but this just arrived and is currently spinning: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177991-black-meteoric-star-ghost-frequency https://soundcloud.com/gavinraynarussom/sets/black-meteoric-star-ghost It's a nice mix of crunchy synths and techo/electro tinged instrumentals, by Gavin Rayna Russom from LCD Soundsystem
  10. Just watched this and loved 2/3 of it. A lot of the bits with the class and teachers didn't work that well for me, the MJ/PP relationship was handled well though and the superhero movie bits were great. I'd happily pay good money to see a version that removed this guy from it though. He's the Jar Jar Binks of the MCU
  11. TLOU was great, I'll probably play it through again. As for that rounders game, I'll pass
  12. It just didn't click with me. I started playing it on the bog and didn't even end up with dead legs from sitting there too long.
  13. Still there (I think it’s probably moved since then) and still one of the best around. I’ll be there on Saturday to pick up some preordered albums, the latest by 65daysofstatic and Telefon tel Aviv
  14. Seeing as how today is the 20th Anniversary of the moon being blasted out of earth's orbit, how about some classic 70's TV - Space:1999
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