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  1. I don't think that I had verified my account by email, which I have now done so hopefully it will work now.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yep, i had all of the override abilities by that point, so rushed fhe 2 on the right. Use tearblast arrows to remove the 2nd crate. Then override one of the shell walkers to create chaos while I repeated the process on the other 2 crates. I spent wat too long trying to do it with stealth.
  3. nothing has been added to my account.
  4. Yeah, I have signed up anyway. Do the featured games change each day? I have plenty of slightly older sega strategy games that I could, and want to get around to playing. Dawn of war, total, endless space, CoH...
  5. don't really understand how this works. The only featured game that I own is company of heroes 2 which is 37 GB to download and take about a week to download. Can I play any other games apart from those 'featured'?
  6. Oxygen Not Included

    There is a lot wrong and right with the game. I didn't like either of the last 2 patches. I think they got the learning curve too steep and are catering too much to their existing userbase. I haven't tried the new patch yet.
  7. Pokemon Go

    My general rule is that i wont evolve a 'premier' pokemon until i have enough candy to evolve 2 of them. In the case of ralts, i made it to 250 candy and decided to evolve my level 33 9 attack iv one. I also usually go for the one that will have the highest attack stat when evolved, regardless of IVs. Calcyiv has got a great feature for this. The reason for this is that i wont spend stardust on 99% of pokemon so i go for the one that wil have the highest attack. Exceptions include pokemon that i already have loads of and those that evolve in later generations and thoae that i will spend dust on.
  8. Pokemon Go

    All of the current 3s are really easy. Even the 4s at the moment can be done with 2 or 3 (aggron). I think the choice of raid bosses is spot on myself, for the reasons John0 makes above.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I hit 100% completion the other day, which is a real rarity for me. Didn't 100% the frozen wilds but did complete the main story. I decided to give myself the challenge of ultra hard on newgame+...and it really isn't that hard. I haven't even got any of the ng+ weapons or armour yet. I ran through about 30% of the main story in one sitting. I was expecting my first real 'boss' encounter to be super hard, having struggled with hugely first time around. This time around, 2x 3 arrow shots to the weak point and it was down. The only thing that I struggled with was a random stormbird encounter. So i'm a bit dissapointed with ng+ to be honest. Still an amazing game though.
  10. Pokemon Go

    They are as common as pidgey was so I think you'll be ok.
  11. Pokemon Go

    Seems as though they did have their algorithm the wrong way around. https://pokemongolive.com/post/exraids-update-020718/ Still really ambiguous about which gyms are eligable and if those outside of parks will now be eligible.
  12. Pokemon Go

    I'm completely of the opinion that they have the account selection algorithm the wrong way around and it is prioritising lower level players, who have little activity at a gym as opposed to higher level players who have more activity at a gym. The evidence was building before this debacle with research data clearly showing a bias towards lower level and lower gym badge having a higher chance of getting a pass. Anecdotal evidence is all over the place. One guy (level 40) was the only player in his raid group of about 12 people, to not get a pass at a gym that he organised raids at, to trigger a raid. A friend of mine runs 2 accounts permanently and does identical raids on both accounts. His main, level 40, got no passes but his 2nd, level 31, got 2, both at gyms that he raided at months ago, in other cities to where he normally plays. I haven't got a pass despite raiding at eligable gyms consistently over many months. Of my local raid group, none of the top level accounts got passes, but two of the lowest level accounts got them, one of which was a raid from a holiday back in august last on the other side of the country. The whole thing is a farce.
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I'm still going with this and haven't even done much of the frozen wilds yet. Level 51 reached pretty quickly and still loads of story detail. Most of the combat is now pretty easy even the 'tougher' battles. Still really enjoying it though.
  14. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    I did this too, just before christmas. Spent significantly more time downloading than playing during the trial. I did play a fair bit of this war of mine to be fair.
  15. Games with Gold for February

    Downloading now, from the dashboard

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