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  1. BeeJay

    Cadence of Hyrule

    Been watching a stream of this; the music is just wonderful.
  2. First win, yay. I really thought I'd screwed it at the end of the 2nd act. I chose to sacrifice hp regeneration for 3 rare colourless cards. However, I then stupidly didn't realise that HP regeneration meant ALL types of HP regeneration including colourless cards and potions. So not only did I end up carrying 2 useless HP regen cards around, getting in the way, I also missed out on 2 actually useful cards. As it turned out, the whole of the third act was a breeze. I had 3 'play a card gains 1 block innate' cards which combined with a discard/shiv/poison strat meant that if I could survive the first few turns, I was pretty much unkillable. I only lost 7 HP on the final boss. I was waiting for them to transform or do something crazy but it never happened.
  3. Holy Fuck, I just got to the level 3 boss for the first time: Sorry about the phone picture but my computer doesn't seem to want to screenshot this game. I couldn't believe my eyes when I did the calculations. Amazing fun though and can't wait to go again. It was only my 2nd run with the ironclad.
  4. BeeJay

    Trials Rising

    I've been doing the squirrels with my daughter. One will read a guide and the other will drive. We swap I've each level, unless it is too hard for her to get. It's been a surprising amount of fun actually and has kept my interest in the game in general which means I have also been giving the last skill game a go, the rear wheel one. Wheelying is something that I've never got in real life or this game so even getting a silver has been a lot of hard work.
  5. I'm largely with you, apart from I think there will still be plenty to enjoy this year. A few years back E3 went from being "look at this cgi of a game that might be out in a few years" to "here is in game footage of a game that you can play...tomorrow". It was a great shot in the arm for the industry and made E3 exciting again. This year, we regressed in to the former and I just can't get excited for what has been shown, simply because it is all just cinematics. Even with all the faux hype from twitch streamers and the media, I just can't get excited for it. I'd have preferred more boring hardware talk to be honest. Maybe Sony did the right thing by not going to E3, and focussing their attention on the right time to show new content, when it is ready.
  6. I'm absolutely loving this but have decided that I am staying away from all guides and hints for now. The joy in this kind of game is the journey of self discovery and one thing that I've found with this game is that there are very few situations where I have struggle to understand the meaning of a card or game mechanic. This makes it a perfect game for solo exploration. Even orbs and exhaust are easily understandable just through the mouse over hints and through experience. I was a little bit surprised that orbs don't stack though, which took a little getting used to.
  7. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, I'm well aware of the difference, outer worlds was able to be 'installed'. Edit I think auto correct changed it from worlds to wilds.
  8. Thanks, so do some cards that you unlock during a run, then become available from the start of a run?
  9. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Crackdown is the only example I've seen so far but I've just managed to 'install' the outer wilds. Obviously it hasn't installed but the game is queued for download.
  10. Is this completely rogue-like? What, of anything carries over? Is it just unlocking characters?
  11. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Thanks, my pc had conveniently forgot to tell me that it didn't have enough space on the OS partition to install the update. Updated this morning so hopefully I can get on slay the spire this afternoon.
  12. BeeJay

    12 Minutes

    Probably the most interesting game I've seen so far this E3.
  13. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Am I correct in thinking that even existing ultimate subscribers can add live or game pass subs to their ultimate sub at a conversion of one month to 20 days? If so, 12 months game pass at £30 would unlock roughly 8 months of ultimate. I think I have almost enough space on my current sub to make that work and still be within 36 months. Has anyone tried this yet?
  14. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, I have ultimate too and can download some of the leaked titles but not all. I'd be very surprised if pc wasn't included in ultimate but the currently available titles could be a glitch.
  15. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Seems quite an obvious answer considering it has been confirmed that they are working together.
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