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  1. ravon

    Sea of Thieves

    I’ve only just started to play sea of thieves due to me getting game pass. Its so so much good fun but definitely need a crew, people keep stealing all my stuff and killing me .. lol
  2. ravon

    Nintendo Switch

    Reloaded was about £6 in the sale
  3. ravon

    Nintendo Switch

    I only just brought sky force and my god it's fantastic
  4. Loving the look of this, please be more vanquish, please be more vanquish, please be more vanquish
  5. ravon

    Micro arcade handhelds

    Tetris would be cool
  6. If there's any codes flying about I would love one...
  7. @CrashedAlex Thank you so much for the amazing games you had a figure or two in, loved every arcade racer you made.... Fom one local Newcastle lad to another.... Anyone mentioned Motorhead?
  8. ravon


    It's very nice taste like vanilla ice cream
  9. ravon

    Battlefield V

    Deluxe edition in the psstore is showing as £44.99 when in your basket....Just got my copy
  10. ravon

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Never going to be a kickboxing match, shame as Tenshin is lethal.
  11. Has anyone come across Maximo sounds very much like Pop from league of gentlemen
  12. Yeah it's super washed out with HDR set on both...
  13. Mine looks much better if I leave HDR on, and turn HDR off on the TV and set the colour to dynamic via my TVs options.
  14. Simply games sent me a dispatched email at 11.30am
  15. All I want to know is can I dress up like Lee Van Cleef

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