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  1. ravon

    The Circle : Ch4 : Reality Show v2.0

    So they can gas them all in one go.
  2. ravon

    Monster Hunter: World

    Finally got to nergigante.. not as hard as was expecting.. 25 mins first go..
  3. ravon

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Watched half of it last night utter rubbish
  4. ravon

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Thanks Ordered.. £27 not bad at all .
  5. ravon

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Has anybody found cities skylines in stock anywhere
  6. How many hours is it to complete
  7. ravon

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Really enjoyed that latest episode
  8. ravon

    Dishonored 2

    Mine arrived yesterday, played for a hour or so.. Its more Dishonored which is fantastic..
  9. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    Track mania made me feel very off, but I had a headache before I started. Soon stopped..
  10. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    Brooker seems to be liking it..
  11. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    Not sure if anyone has visited the US Store after launch day but there is a few new games on it. Made for VR Ace Banana The Brookhaven Experiment VR Mode included Collateral Damage VEV: Viva Ex Vivo™‎ VR Edition
  12. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    Great evening spent in VR, takes awhile to get it all setup and fiddling with taking pictures of myself to measure my eyes. Then re doing the eyes over and over again as I didn't believe it. Did notice the screen door effect quite a bit on the dark sections of london heist, but that disappeared when I was in the middle of a shoot out ducking behind objects. Robot rescue was my first port of call, and just seeing the controller in you virtual world was amazing let alone the game... Truly brilliant. Dipped in and out of quite a bit of stuff, robot rescue, rez, thumper, london heist, battlezone, into the deep, tumble, and hypercube. All great, my wallets going to be getting much lighter, thumper is fantastic and really feels like Rez did when it first came out mind blowing. Spent the last hour of the night with tumble, which is just a joy to play.
  13. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    Do we thing Sony will release a proper cinema app that you can sit inside with your mates and watch videos..
  14. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    I can remember when I first tried the rift at playexpo a few years ago, think they were running the original dev kit 1 though it was blocky as hell you still got the sense of presence. If PSVR is a step upfrom that i will be happy.. 1 hour to go until i can leave work..
  15. ravon

    PlayStation VR

    This is me right now... i really need to get out of work..

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