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  1. Very Vardyesque goal for Mane there, ball over the top and used his blistering pace to beat the right back, couple of touches and slotted into the far corner. Brilliant quick playing out from the back from our left side also. https://streamja.com/9P9r
  2. Good job it did get reviewed though as that was an appalling call by the linesman.
  3. Peach of a half volley strike though. https://streamja.com/JOaX
  4. That is awful, just... what on earth is he thinking?!
  5. I'm going to be disappointed if this isn't about Jason Statham becoming a reluctant landlord after being caught in the central London property downturn.
  6. Reus has just had a penalty saved in the Dortmund Barca game, Ter Stegen was at least a foot off his line when the ball was struck. Have they given up with VAR already?
  7. The interface gets more annoying with every iteration. We've got a basic smart TV in our lounge that has a Netflix app built in. It doesn't appear to be updateable so doesn't try to skip credits or autoplay anything when you're browsing. I much prefer it to the version on our Firestick. It even still has the old 5-star rating system, I take more delight than is reasonable giving things 1 star, just because I can.
  8. That feels like quite a cherry-picked criticism, a lot of the strongest characters were female, in fact the show seemed to make a point of it. Aughra, Brea, Deet, Maudra Fara, all strong and driving the story along.
  9. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-04-30-xbox-game-pass-games-list-price-6010
  10. All sorted, GPU now until 2021! Feels like I should've worn a mask.
  11. Cool. Right, I'm going in!
  12. I wouldn't use it enough to justify the price going up to £11 a month after just one month, and not sure if you can revert back to simple Live Gold once you've converted.
  13. Right, can anyone confirm if this live gold/game pass extension deal is still on? I've just extended my gold sub for a couple of years so want to take advantage of this if I can, but the game pass ultimate link doesn't really refer to it: Can anyone reassure me that if I hit that "Ultimate 1-month" button it'll wazz it all the way to the end of my gold sub? (or have I missed it all now?)
  14. Right, everything makes much more sense now! This is an excellent series.
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