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  1. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Highlights here for anyone (like me) that didn't manage to watch it live: https://www.yoursoccerdose.com/2018/12/11/liverpool-vs-napoli-highlights/
  2. christaylor

    Football Thread 2018/19

    This is bizarre, the ref just seems to have awarded Boca an indirect free kick in the box for a foul!
  3. christaylor

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Great breakaway goal for Boca in the first half against the run of play. River should have just had a penalty though I reckon, Boca keeper wiped out their forward but took a knock to the head in the process so got away with it. Spicy.
  4. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yeah that's what I was thinking about actually. I know years ago you could have gotten away with that but the rules were updated to prevent that particular situation. It's just the way it's written in what Dogsout quoted makes it seem like any contact with the ball means it's under the keeper's control, which seems weird.
  5. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Where's that from? That second bit especially seems like a very strange interpretation and I doubt has ever been enforced in any situation in open play in any match ever, unless it's only referring to when the keeper is still holding it in one hand, after having collected it.
  6. christaylor

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Didn't have a problem with that, looking at the replay on motd. Alisson has both hands on the top of the ball, pushing it into the ground, but not clearly "holding" it so it's fair game. However I did have a problem with the fact there was a Burnley player in an offside position stood right in front of Alisson who swiped and missed the ball, causing him to change footing, which led to the goal. Not that it matters now.
  7. Did your guns disappear from the horse or just from your weapon wheel when you were on foot? Quite often the game will (annoyingly) reset your shoulder/back weapons but they're always there back on the horse.
  8. It's in the bottom right part of the item wheel, think it might be on the same tile as your knife, though it might be one that you have to select when you're near your horse. I don't think it's possible to lose it.
  9. Did one of Strauss' debt collector missions last night up in the north where you have to track down the white Which was nice.
  10. Yeah I'd heard that might happen, I just couldn't resist! If I come across them again I'll wait it out.
  11. Another option is to simply hide. They'll scour the area but eventually get bored and head off, giving you more time for looting. Spotted the KKK last night while out for an evening trot. Watched them for a few mins from behind a tree before chucking a stick of dynamite into the middle of em, then mopped the stragglers.
  12. Managed to find mine buried in the achievements section of RDR2 on my profile on the Xbox website. For some reason it's in minutes... 1567! Is there anything on the rockstar social club site?
  13. christaylor

    Golf Games

    Played a lot of Mario Golf: Advance Tour on the GBA, that was great.
  14. Oh man, that white Arabian is the best horse in the game. According to one youtube vid I watched.

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