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  1. Is everyone playing in co-operative or classic mode (or whatever they’re called?). I’ll only be playing with a mate, and it was fun finding some loot and checking if the other player could make use of it first in the previous games. Does the new mode add anything worth switching for, or is it mainly to protect against randoms stealing everything?
  2. Yeah! It works brilliantly and it’s actually very easy to use. Once you’ve installed Sidequest on your PC, you need to use it to install the modified Virtual Desktop file onto your Quest (it’s one of the apps available in Sidequest), then install and run the Virtual Desktop program on your PC which handles the streaming (this can just run in the background). To use it, you open the Virtual Desktop app on the Quest as normal, which will now have a Steam VR button enabled.
  3. Yeah, just had a quick go before my co op friend can join in and it seems great so far. Love the new health bar on the enemies, and the animated player hands. The whole Claptrap thing is a little stale, shame they didn't introduce a new robot, but then I guess that might have pissed off the fanbase A couple of annoyances - what's with the unskippable video(s)? And the character selection screen is odd: I was waving my mouse cursor over the characters before I realised you need to do it over the names, and then every time your mouse moves it restarts the narrated intro for them. Strange how nobody noticed that.
  4. Just keeping getting this: Ah well. I didn’t really want to play it, just load it up and have a quick go. I’ll try again in the morning.
  5. A friend came over to visit today, and we ended up playing this for a good 6 hours in co-op We had an incredible experience, despite never playing it before and not knowing what we were doing at first. I loved that it's more than just a game that you play in co-op: you really have to pull together as a team, and sailing the boat together is fantastic. We came across a few player-controlled ships towards the end of our session too, which we had fun with. We saw one docked next to an island and went in to explore, and one of the crew killed my friend, so we went back with our ship, stole their cargo, and sunk their ship with our cannons We did quite a few treasure hunts in that time, and I guess there's a couple of other quest-givers to built reputation with (which unlocks some kind of story mode, I'm led to believe?). Is there much to do beyond that?
  6. It's more likely down to exclusivity deals already in place with Sky etc.
  7. Currently half price on Steam again https://store.steampowered.com/app/242760/The_Forest/
  8. Good to hear, thanks! Can you use the sticks to move or is it teleport only?
  9. Paulando

    Apple Arcade

    Only if you activate ‘Purchase sharing’: I share my 2TB iCloud storage with my family, but nothing else, and we each have our own card setup.
  10. Paulando

    Apple Arcade

    You can actually be more selective about it these days, and can choose not to share purchases, but you still need to group a family. It’s not something you’d want to do with a bunch of mates really.
  11. Quite a few reviews are out: https://www.gamerankings.com/pc/261125-borderlands-3/articles.html It seems to be a lot more of the same, with more shinies, and a dollop of bad, overplayed jokes. I don't even follow the story in Borderlands, quite frankly, I just want to jump on and chat to some mates while we run around killing stuff, gain XP and unlock loot. If it's more of that, I'm cool.
  12. All games have a 2-week from purchase/2 hours play refund period. You can request a refund in the Oculus app, so feel free to give it a whirl
  13. Just an update on the streaming... I did try Virtual Desktop, and quite frankly, I was blown away by how good it was Laptop was hard wired, and Quest was on a 5GHz connection in the same room, which no doubt helped. I thought I’d notice some lag, particularly when I moved my head, but there was nothing at all. I immediately bought Skyrim VR.
  14. Looks fun tbh. The opening shot of Martin Lawrence getting out of the car made me laugh, and basically sold it to me. The first one is probably better than anyone remembers, the second has some fantastic sequences and is generally a cut above your usual action romp, and this looks like it could be more of the same. They seem to be playing on the ‘characters getting old’ thing*, which is exactly what a sequel so long after the last film should do. *(Apart from Will Smith of course. Does this man ever age? I hope they comment on that too.)
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