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  1. Torbjorn is basically a soft throw if you're picking it in competitive. No character is easy to play apart from Moira, so you may as well just pick a few you like the feeling of, check out some tips, and get better. Maybe give Soldier 76 a miss though.
  2. Can't actually wait. No more instalock Genji/Widow bullshit in the lower levels anymore. The problem with that was always the 3rd or 4th person who wanted to play DPS either throwing, or thinking they can "flex" onto Moira and then just pressing right click all game, the tanks getting shredded, and then complaining that they got 3 gold medals. Nothing about that was fun. Ever. The game was decided at the loaded screen. That will still happen sometimes, but not as much, and that's a good thing. If you don't want long DPS queue times, learn to play a support character.
  3. I got to play through Planescape Torment for the first time last year. The graphics look like an old photograph covered in coffee, the voice lines sound like they were recorded using a tin can, and your guy runs around like he's shat himself. And somehow, I absolutely loved the atmosphere, and found it on par with any modern RPG. It's just all so inescapably grim. Like, literally you can't even die properly, so you just have to press forward through this smelly city until it's finally over.
  4. Just go along for the ride. I for one support this new movement and the feeling it brings to my loins. Japanese people have been consuming body-swap stories pretty much forever so it's unsurprising this has hit a sweet spot over there.
  5. So unique, even if it had a shitty skiing level. You regained health by spying on sexy ladies. So good.
  6. 1. OutRun 2 2. Gunblade NY (or possibly LA Machineguns, I can't remember which but those rumbling guns were amazing) 3. Manx TT Superbike 4. Time Crisis 2 5. House of the Dead 6. Daytona USA 7. Sega Rally Championship 8. Prop Cycle 9. Virtual On Ontario 10. Street Fighter II Could have all been racing games really. Scud Racer and Crazy Taxi only miss out because they lack nostalgia compared to the 90s stuff for me.
  7. https://shadowverse.gamewith.jp/ is far and away the best resource for finding meta decks. I realise it's not in English, but the 2nd and 3rd option on the top bar (desktop) will take you to the juiciest deck lists for rotation and unlimited respectively. The deck code link is the blue button beneath the deck recipe.
  8. Shadowverse has pre-built decks and fairly generous log-in rewards, so you're looking at a pretty small outlay to get up to speed compared to Hearthstone.
  9. i think they should make golden cards have a small bonus or something so it's worth getting. I think +1 attack or -1 less mana to cast or something
  10. I genuinely can't bear to go to Yo Sushi. It's much worse than Kura Sushi in Japan, but about 4x the price for each dish, without the variety or the fun. I've just moved to Golders Green, is Eat Tokyo the place to go there then? When I lived in Leeds I did like Sushi Waka and the one in Meanwood I've forgotten the name of. Definitely as good as anything you'd find in London! The guy who owns the Meanwood restaurant also loves whisky and has a good collection.
  11. I played the first one on Steam a year ago and loved it, what about the second and third ones? Are they just crappy spin offs or something?
  12. I thought it was quite nice, but the Overwatch ones are still way better.
  13. Anything going up against Overwatch or PUBG is going to have a horrible time. If you've got OW or PUBG to play, why bother with other games that probably aren't as good, or don't offer anything particularly different? Star Wars Battlefront II is my pick. Sequel to a hated game in a crowded genre, released when its potential player base is probably still busy with COD.
  14. Conversely, I've never seen Rag lose.
  15. Yeah so F1 Live in London was a bit busy then.
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