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  1. Poison is definitely the silliest thing she can do, yeah, but Nightmare/Intangible+ is one of the strongest combos in the game and brings a lot of other strategies into play. Providing you can last long enough to get the parts you need, anyway. I die an awful lot on act one with Silent. Doing all three chars at once is a really nice idea though. My brain couldn’t deal with that, I don’t think. Hats off.
  2. Limit Break is kinda essential for it because it's not the fastest engine in the world, particularly if you only have one proc per turn (Combust is the standard - I got both Brutality from the Pandora's Box). I don't normally bother upgrading Limit Break but it felt sort of essential here with only Spot Weakness to rely on otherwise.
  3. No, there's also Rupture, which adds 1 strength when you lose HP from a card. The two Brutality and Combust proc it, likewise unblocked Burn etc. Weirdly you can have as many Brutality as you want but it only procs Rupture once. Spot Weakness was just a nice bonus, really. With the Shrugs and Battle Trances, and the two Brutality drawing two extra cards every turn, I was seeing that Limit Break every three turns max, so things quickly got silly.
  4. Speaking of cathartic A1 Ironclad runs: So much to note here. I had exactly 100 strength on the killshot, which I don't think has ever happened before. I finished on 169 health (nice). Didn't have a Reaper (I passed over one for Ice Cream) but still ended with an unused Lizard Tail and two blood potions that I picked up somewhere in act 2. Early Feed is the best.
  5. Yeah I'm the same. I have one A20 heart kill with Ironclad and that feels enough like finishing the game for me not to need to do it ever again, haha. I'm on A17 with Silent at the moment, I basically alternate runs at that with A1 Ironclad stomps to cleanse the palate. Had a lovely thing going last night with self-forming clay, barricade, corruption, snecko and every two-cost card I could lay hands on. Really struggling with Silent though. Ironclad suits my playstyle very well, and because it's by far my most used class I'm so used to the autoheal that I struggle terribly without it. I've barely touched Defect or Watcher, but will pick one of them up once I ding A20 with Silent.
  6. Yeah you can do it — imp did it the other way round so probably knows the folder structure etc. Why would you want to though? e: from reddit: steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire In your Beta Preferences folder there will be a file or two for the Watcher. Copy those into your Preferences folder.
  7. Oh, Watcher's out officially on Steam, along with all the new relics and potions and balance changes we've been fiddling with in beta for a while now. Slight delay before console release for QA. I just want the mobile version.
  8. Yeah of course, but you can't use a potion every turn, and the downside of snecko being 75% more likely to make a three-cost card cheaper is that it's also 75% more likely to make a zero-cost card more expensive. I've seen more three-cost Battle Trances than I can count, I'll tell you *shakes walking stick pointedly*
  9. It can be brilliant but I reckon it’s killed me more times than it’s saved me. One turn where all your defends come up at three cost and you’re toast, or at least in the toaster.
  10. He takes snecko after the first boss, at which point any three cost card becomes immeasurably more viable because of the odds of it coming up cheaper than normal. In that instance yeah, I’d take a second, maybe a third. It’s also not the worst idea to take a second if it’s very important to your run and you’ve got a decently sized deck, just to increase the chance of you getting it in play early. Similarly a second corruption isn’t a bad idea for exhaust decks. And if you’ve got a lot of energy, particularly through ice cream or mummified hand then fuck yeah, take it.
  11. Speaking of Jorbs, just imagine getting this starting draw against the act 3 boss. However,
  12. That's fair, but if they make something obviously busted you know it'll be nerfed at some point so it's worth getting as soon as you're able. I'm not going to moan too much about Recluse because a) it was busted and b) I wouldn't have been able to get it pre-Shadowkeep if I'd actually tried, but it was quite deflating getting the thing, revelling in its brokenness for all of seven minutes and then it getting hit with a nerf.
  13. I played about an hour of the new stuff one night last week and was bored to tears. New Light caters wonderfully to new players, and I guess the seasonal grind etc appeals to the daily hardcore. But there’s very little for people in between. I feel no incentive to play at all.
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