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  1. Blue


    Perhaps one shot will be fine.
  2. Blue


    Yes, my feelings exactly. I thought he completely missed the point in the video.
  3. Was just thinking that myself. I'll say Max.
  4. The US' anthem is the scariest thing in the world.
  5. So, who's going to be in the lead after the first corner?
  6. Indeed, but then previous major changes to the regs haven't had their main goal of bringing the teams closer together, so hopefully it will be a nice start in achieving that goal.
  7. There has been talk for weeks about where they have found new speed on the straights. Burning oil has been the main suspect.
  8. The more I hear of the 2021 regulations, the more I'm liking the sound of them. The FIA and everyone else involved seem to have made a sincere effort in assessing how to improve the racing and are implementing quite radical changes in trying to achieve it. I'm really hoping it sees race wins, podiums and championship battles, shared across more of the field.
  9. Blue


    Ye gads, sounds genuinely awful. Time to see if you like a high roast methinks. Oh, blooming. That's great, thanks. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it fades with time. Yeah it's audible from several feet away and if you're up close you can see all the little fizzbubbles jumping about 2cm above the surface.
  10. Blue


    Please tell me if anyone else has experienced this and explain to me why it happens. With some of the best coffees I use from Algerian Coffee Stores, in the Aeropress, they fizz for a few seconds after pressing. A real effervescent fizz that is both visible and audible. I can't imagine why this would happen, but it does.
  11. Blue


    I don't see Yigracheffe.
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