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  1. Vinny saying when someone came up to him asking for an autograph he was like.."why?" And that he doesn't deserve all of it proper got me.
  2. Holy shit. Final Beastcast featuring Dan, Austin, Vinny, Alex Abby and Jeff. All star reunion about to go live now.
  3. Jumped back into this after a couple of seasons off. Tried the new mode and hated it. The style of shooting in this really doesn't suit that sort of game type imo. Battle Royale is still great though. Managed to get 5th when there was just me and one other guy in the squad. Then we got battered thanks to a Valkyrie bombarding us and taking higher ground. That shit is broken.
  4. He's not just got editorial experience but Community work as well when he was at Harmonix. All of them will be fine. They have so many contacts in the industry that there's probably already been a few offers thrown at them.
  5. Giant Bomb being the number 1 trending topic on Twitter is exactly how they'd want to go out.
  6. They literally just hired Jeff B from CNET as well. I wonder if they were just offered a hefty severance and decided to take it.
  7. Errr.....they just announced that Vinny, Brad and Alex are all leaving Giantbomb. I guess it's over (even though Jeff is still there).
  8. 04/05/21 - New Super Lucky's Tale (Switch) One from the backlog! Originally started last year and abandoned, I needed a quick and pleasant game to keep me occupied during my work lunch breaks and this was actually pretty good! I'm not going to sit here and say "It's like Nintendo's finest!" because I'm not fucking nuts. What it is though, is a nice, simple platformer that young un's and old un's I feel will equally enjoy. You unlock some special challenges after the credits, but I feel like I've got my fill of the main game. And my rule is that if the credits role then
  9. This has since been added too with the Persona 5 anime that arrived today: And also some other stuff over the months since, including Strikers, a Joker amiibo and some tarot cards from P4 that I found when I was clearing out some stuff The "holy grail" of the collection would be the awesome looking Makoto figure you can get but the price is ridiculous and it's always sold out. So that one's just a pipe dream.
  10. Wow. Loads of people were interested in this it seems. Anyway, a lot happened in the 9 years since this thread was posted in and the film just came out today on Amazon Prime. It's incredibly boring and does the thing where the post credits scene sets up a more interesting movie. Spoiler for the ending:
  11. Meanwhile Toys for Bob (the Crash 4 developers) are now being forced to work on Call of Duty and are at risk of layoffs.
  12. This'll be available to rent next week in the UK finally. Which was announced a few hours after I succumbed and sailed the high seas for it. It's alright. The middle is a bit of a drag before shit kicks off in the final act. And the whole thing seems really darkly lit, made it hard to see what was happening at times. Didn't mind Cole Young as "fan fiction character insert". In fact the whole thing felt like fan fiction, but with a budget. That's not a bad thing mind. It's fucking Mortal Kombat after all. I understand people complaining about: Not as
  13. Does Battlefield V have a single player campaign?
  14. 24/4/20 - Mega Man Zero I played this back on the original GBA and remembered getting quite far in it. God knows how because fuck me it's hard. I guess my skillzz aren't as good as they used to be. After an initial try on the Normal difficulty and abandoning it earlier in the year, I decided to opt for the easier casual setting, just so I could enjoy the design, music and story. It's not bad. A bit disappointing with its level design though. I can see what they tried to do, making each level have alternate paths or objectives, it just wasn't as interesting as having 8 or so unique
  15. Huh. I thought this was similar to Godzilla Vs Kong and would be available to stream as a Premium Rental. But it's not on Amazon? Do I have to sail the high seas?
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