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  1. I recently read Dune so can't wait to see what Denis Villeneuve does with it. Having loved both Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 I'm hoping this doesn't break the streak.
  2. Chris Rock going after that Jordan Peele money. Looks good though. Will watch (probably).
  3. I love that this thread got bumped. This movie is so good. And different than all the rest. The race with home improvement kid at the start, Han being ace, Sonny Chiba. SO GOOD.
  4. Top work @Benny. You have the patience of a saint putting all this together. Add me to the Breath of the Wild is overrated squad.
  5. They had a falling out at the time which is why this got made instead of Clerks 3. It's been resolved though and Clerks 3 is now next on the list to be made. Followed by Mallrats 2.
  6. They better have a good fucking excuse for the ending of that trailer. I think the terrible Fate of the Furious has killed all the love I had for this series.
  7. Live action Luffy is going to look like a Cats-level nightmare and I'm here for it.
  8. Having recently seen Danny Glover in the new Jumanji film it's safe to say he won't be doing much in the film other than walking (slowly).
  9. Gambit


    I haven't watched anything since Crisis because I have no internet for a couple of weeks. However I did see the last scene on YouTube.
  10. He keeps retweeting a bunch of inspirational Twitter posts. He doesn't seem to heed their advice though and keeps going back to his usual fuck CEX and nintendard posts straight after.
  11. Is Death Note still on Netflix? If it is then that. I fully expect Lost in Space to meet the same fate.
  12. They're already planning their next big crossover on what the producer says is "Endgames catering budget". I do wonder where they can go from here, I don't know many DC stories that are on the level of Crisis. Maybe we get Injustice and have an evil dictator superman?
  13. Having watched every movie he's made since the 90s I'm grateful he's not involved. 6 Underground is unwatchable.
  14. No surprise really. They've already proven they have great chemistry and Hoechlin is a great Superman so far. My only issue is that he's already been operating as Superman in this universe for a while now, and fought many of his threats. Including Lex Luthor. Who do they go with for main villain?
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