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  1. Anjin

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Awful, nearly 3-0
  2. Anjin

    Good crisp bad crisp

    I went into Co-op to get some of their magnificent salt and vinegar crisps recently but they'd sold out! I picked up these jerk chicken cornbread chips instead and they are similarly awesome, recommended. They were good on their own but I think they'd be even better dunked in some salsa or sour cream or something so I'm going to try that next. I also bought some of these nuts, and they are also fantastic. Co-op are the king of snacks.
  3. I've watched the first couple of episodes of Norsemen, a comedy about Vikings. Very high production values, and it made me laugh, although the jokes about raping and pillaging, and killing slaves are a bit on the nose. I'd recommend giving it a shot though.
  4. Anjin


    I played the first two levels of the Doom campaign as part of the free weekend and enjoyed it, is it worth £10 to play the rest, bearing in mind I have zero interest in the multiplayer?
  5. Anjin

    Valve - Soon Shipping Games Again

    Possibly old news to folks, but I've just found that the guy doing Freemans Mind has finally started Half Life 2. Probably the only good Half Life related news you're likely to find this century.
  6. Anjin


    I have a steam code for Dawn of War II Retribution - Ultramarines DLC if anyone wants it, I don't have the base game so not much use to me. PM me.
  7. Anjin


    Some bellends are claiming that they are responsible for it on twitter.
  8. Anjin

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Fuck sake, just went to get a glass of water. 3-3 Everyone go for a piss and make a sandwich, no one drink water. This is science.
  9. Anjin

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This is pure sexy times.
  10. Anjin


    Thanks for Stardew Valley, very generous.
  11. Anjin


  12. Anjin


    Beyond Good and Evil is free on Uplay
  13. Anjin


    I took Sheltered thanks! @bradigor

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