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  1. Driving around in GTA5 is fun though. Best on chase cam rather than dashboard view though.
  2. Just bought this today. Forgot I had some uplay coins so spent 100 of them and got a 20% discount. Was able to get the Gold edition for £12. Well pleased at that. Looking forward to this, never played any of the series before - and its been a while since I've played any open-world game so probably the right time to jump in.
  3. I don't know if this will help you, but I used to use an old steam vr tool called ChaperoneTweak (I think I got it from here). It's quite useful as you can just grab the position and move it. I needed it to override the default position in SteamVR for BeatSabre because my room is a funny shape. This did the trick - only had to update it occasionally not every time. Might be worth trying if you are totally stuck. Good luck!
  4. Was glad to see this tweet today. Was worried about the in-game currency but they have confirmed no microtransactions so I'm very happy.
  5. Argh, just pre-ordered from steam for 34.99!
  6. I read that it's going to support a variety of HOTAS. Fingers crossed for my x-55 getting support. VR and HOTAS is a very powerful combination ... Loved that combo in elite dangerous
  7. Simbo

    F1 2020

    The ghosting data to compete against would be awesome.
  8. Simbo

    F1 2020

    I agree with you that it's a more likely a commercial decision these days. But I do wonder if things are starting to change slightly in the broader gaming industry ... If EA of all people found a way to make the business case for VR support them maybe there is hope yet for others to follow suit. Edit: For some fun ... Here is what I would love to see assuming anything was possible. It's based on watching the recent F1 2019 eSports and extending spectator mode so we could watching real races (live or afterwards). Imagine we could get the GPS car telemetry fed into a F1 game session where people could watch in spectator mode. Would be great in vr jumping from car to car. Unrealistic goal but wow, that would be a very engaging way to watch F1 and reinforce game sales. (For the very small minority/segment that had a pcvr setup of course).
  9. Simbo

    F1 2020

    Daft question ... If a game engine can support the processing power needed for split screen then surely you can do VR? It's still two cameras rendering two view points just with two cameras on the same car and very close to each other. I know that there is effort getting the menus and overlays working nicely in VR but the core problem has to be the dual viewpoint pipeline. Maybe the screen refresh rate isn't there yet (72 or 90Hz are needed) but perhaps this is the first step on a path to eventual VR support, so I fully welcome the spilt screen support. Always the optimist, but if EA can pull it out of the bag (never thought I would ever type those words) with Star Wars Squadrons then there may be hope for VR in F1 yet. Edit: would also be happy with a 2 tier recommended pc spec: one for regular and another for VR. Would very much upgrade my pc to play this in VR.
  10. It's old news but if anyone is playing project cars 2 for the first time and has a FFB wheel it's worth trying the jack spade custom FFB config files. I use them with my t300 and think they work really well. http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?51628-Jack-Spade-Custom-FFB-Files
  11. Just saw this on /r/Oculus. https://www.projectcarsgame.com/three/.
  12. I quite enjoy Dance Central vr. Even though I can't dance. It does work up a sweat too. They have recently added a fitness tracker. My wife finds my attempts at dancing hilarious so it's good for a laugh too.
  13. I ended up needing this to get a rough idea of what was going on in that last episode. Too much of it was way over my head this time. Hope the series settles down a bit. Series 4 has been a little hit and miss for me.
  14. Simbo

    F1 2020

    Playing F1 a week or so before the actual races was a big part of my f1 actual race build-up. I enjoyed getting really familiar with tracks before watching the race. I really miss it. I would even be happy with some half baked vr support / 'beta' opt-in.. Just as long as I could sit the cars and race. Was hoping that the guys at SMS could bring some of their VR knowledge into codies. Anyway, that's my annual rant over ... Don't want to buzz-kill the news for those that are genuinely excited.
  15. Simbo

    F1 2020

    Would love to buy this but (as with each year) holding out to see if they plan to support VR on PC. Unlikely but always the optimist. Really missing not having an F1 game since 2016 but refuse to play in 2D. Looks like a good edition this year too.
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