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  1. Possibly. The Japanese physical release of EDF Iron Rain is entirely in English if your console is set to English language (even links to the game in the PSN store and with the English trophy list). I believe EDF World Brother is the same. However all the Switch ports of earlier games and I think the mainline titles on PS4 are Japanese only.
  2. Wild Arms doesn't do the Wild West setting justice, and isn't very good.
  3. Is this at it's core the same game that was released on the SNES?
  4. I couldn’t play the remakes of Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox One due to the controls “feeling wrong”. Same with Yakuza on the Xbox for that matter.
  5. I’m assuming this bombed? I bought a brand new PS5 copy earlier for €20.
  6. How many of those are actual movies?
  7. They largely moved to free to play mobile phone games.
  8. Thinking about this thread, what has died a death is the movie tie in. They were invariably rubbish and in my opinion gave the bad name to licensed games.
  9. Yeah the Sega Initial D games were brilliant, apart from the PS3 version which had far too floaty handling.
  10. In terms of Game Boy Colour branded games that were backwards compatible Dragon Warrior I & II whilst basic compared to modern RPGs still has that magic.
  11. I was a big fan of Adventure Island back in the day. No idea if it still holds up. Surely Wario Blast is better than Bomberman simply by having Wario in it?
  12. Thanks. Does this mean I can unlock all the Clip Picross puzzles without bothering with Mega Picross?
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