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  1. Cant beat Jamie Olivers recipe for a good base, never let me down yet, and it tastes real nice.
  2. now my dilema seems to be, do you fully cook the meat in the smoker or do you do 5-10 mins in the smoker then finish it off on a frying pan etc? there seems to be some conflicting views on the internet. Tea smoked duck sounds killer!
  3. As a budding home cook I got given a stovetop smoker for christmas to add to my collection of kitchen toys. So far I've just chucked some venison and chicken in it, to quickly try it out, they both came out sweet smokey and yummy. Was just wondering if anyone has any killer recipes to try with it???? I have also got both oak and cherry wood to smoke it over, if that makes any difference. Cheers.
  4. What I REALLY struggle to understand is how vegetarians can happily eat cheese (or any other milk based product), then completely turn their nose up at eating veil which is often a bi-product of the dairy industry (presuming the calf if it is male isn't given a bolt gun to the head as soon as it leaves the womb)
  5. That will be more of a torte than a cake (just missing the ground nuts!)
  6. Nice idea but off topic, as i'm asking what your favourite is!
  7. That sounds absolutly delicious! Who new i would get the answer for tonights dinner in the first post! Do you stream or griddle the prarns and asparagus sepratly then add at the end?
  8. Hey, As I am sure you all know, there are as many variations on risotto bianco (basic risotto) as there are people who make it! So just want to know what your favourite things to add to a basic risotto? As the moment im really loving garlic, vine ripened cherry toms and fresh basil, but would love some more ideas!
  9. Make a prune and brandy syrup/jam, and swirl it thru some homemade vanilla ice cream, you seriously cant beat it!!!!
  10. As per the title, does anyone have any tasty suggestions on how to cook this? I was just going to score the skin and rub salt in to crisp it up but if anyone else has any more tasty simple suggestions i would love to hear!
  11. Fantastic game, some good picture, don't understand why people want all the crap splattered across their car?
  12. Eggs benedict in one of the "PAUL" patisseries scattered about the west end, the hollandaise sauce is second to none, plus they do a pretty good expresso to boot!
  13. Hey, Just moved house and my Xbox has been in storage for the last 6 or so months, just dusting it off now. Dont have a clue on any new games, so give me some recommendations for an FPS! The last one i got was Far Cry 2, but it was too "sand-boxy" for my liking, maybe something a bit more old school in its style if there are any these days. Cheers, Paul
  14. My DSi arrived today woop woop! The good: -Feels and looks like a super piece of kit -Sound on it is excellent -Touch screen is so responsive! The bad: -Screen is lower resolution than i expected -I cannot connect it to my wireless (its a funny ad-hoc setup) -i have to wait to next week for my games from play asia to arrive
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