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  1. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Baby drivers ruined for me more than any other due the relationship between kevin and baby...since he was about the same age as the kid spacey assaulted
  2. Overhang Drink

    12 grammes of suger per bottle? Im out. EDIT. Read it wrong lol
  3. Overhang Drink

    no nutritional info? for a "healthy drink"?
  4. Yeah you just spoke of it. bit of a weird way of bringing it up.
  5. Movies of the 90s

    I actually didn't notice how old the thread was! But Just mention it!
  6. Movies of the 90s

    Yeah you just mentioned it. So weird when people do this.
  7. Movies of the 90s

    Best 90s movie. Pulp fiction due to the pulp fiction rule (If pulp fiction is eligible for a best film list its number 1) Most 90s. Trainspotting
  8. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    If its in Belfast that means no Tatooine which meand no Mcgregor.
  9. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Of course they will be in it!
  10. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Harrison ford from 1972.
  11. the greatest line in cinema history is

    This goes for all submissions. Like. Fucking obviously.
  12. Have you ever switched allegiance?

    That sounds terrible. so you just stick your thumb down all the way and wait?
  13. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah that's the thing its not bad or good its just nothing
  14. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Listen guys I fucked up. I unreservedly apologise for not saying " I've got a bad feeling about this"
  15. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    We absolutely did.

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