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  1. Really not impressed with Wayland Games at the moment - first time using them and now wishing I'd remembered this thread before ordering something today. Order of three items, each one showing in stock. Just checked my account to find one item is mysteriously out of stock and so holding up my order. Might just be my luck at the moment though as had the same thing with Firestorm this week too - three copies of an Arkahm Horror Mythos pack in stock so put an order in for one. Received a 'your item is packed and ready to go' email but no dispatch email. Four days later I g
  2. For someone who was thinking of getting into Descent and then held off because there was a new one coming, it looks quit interesting.... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/10/22/descent-legends-of-the-dark/ ... £135??!!! That's Gloomhaven territory for what feels like some 3D tiered terrain mechanic. Given FF's penchant for expansions (which the blurb already says is coming) it feels like it should be priced much lower as an entry way in the way Mansions or the other Descent was.
  3. I'd read they only open it back up to people who've already pledged, so the only way to join in after is piggybacking on someone like yourselves who already has backed it and can order additional items - I haven't followed how Awaken Realm's tends to run these sort of things so unsure if that's correct? Also didn't realise their `Sundrop` figures I was fawning over above are just a mass produced Zenithal highlight with some shading. Probably easy enough to replicate if you have the time and a shed load of Agrax Earthshade.
  4. Me and Kickstarter don't hang, but I do wish I'd gotten on board with Awaken Realm's Etherium. Especially now the final product is starting to hit and the impressions are very positive. Looks like a nice Dreamlands cosmic horror vibe to it, and there's a metric f'tonne of content. The models look crazy detailed but really good unpainted with that light patina style (although not sure they all come like that). I'm reeeeeally hoping it gets a retail release, or is at least more generally available from retailers like they did with Nemesis.
  5. Yeah, but it was Zavvi anyway. Even if you'd ordered it there's a very real chance you'd have still never got it. By which I also mean... it looks like it's back up for Pre-order with them. I've just splashes a fortune out on Eldritch Horror and expansions. If I pre-order this as well I might as well empty my bank account into the street.
  6. Of all the companies to be involved Hasbro was the literally the worst outcome IMO. They treat the UK market with contempt when it comes to their Action Figure brands so wouldn't be surprised if this was the same. Couple that with Zavvi of all companies and I'd say there's not much chance of seeing this here.
  7. Interesting that it's a straight up remake, expansions and all. I wonder if the plans is to launch it and then bring out all new expansions?
  8. This has thrown me for a loop - I was all set to bypass the Xbox, upgrade my PC and pick up a PS5. Really tempted to ditch the PC upgrade now and just get the Xbox (with all the PC changes I need to make it works out cheaper by quite a lot).
  9. Glad it wasn't just me - there was definitely something going past the window but it was a blur and hard to see. Wondering if it's just an oddity they put in there, or something that becomes relevant later on.
  10. Am I missing something with Episode 3? The scene where Hippolyta was talking to Montrose in the shop - there's a clear noise like 'something' happened. All I could see was it looked like the outside was slightly reversed?
  11. Mostly every single issue of anything to do with Black Panther is free on Comixology right now - not sure for how long. I stole the links from Reddit, but changing the .com parts to .co.uk should take you to the UK site. 2018 to now: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2018/comics-series/115301 1977 - 1979: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1977-1979/comics-series/64172 1988: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1988/comics-series/128401 1998 to 2003: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1998-2003/comics-series/990
  12. I'm in charge of a huge f'off mechanised suit of armour... time to leave my scantily clad body hanging out the front of it
  13. Fancied putting together something a bit Cthulh'esque to hold some of my RPG dice - this is the end result (crap phone camera doesn't do it justice really)
  14. What an absolute shocker, such terrible news. In the age of internet rumours and gossip over every little thing, the fact that this was kept hidden for so long has made it even more of a shock.
  15. This looks amazing, can't wait - hoping it will be this years Watchmen equivalent for great telly. Also Yogsothoth for the season finale or complete bust! (I've not read the book or anything, so have no idea).
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