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  1. Excellent - so if it goes to plan I could grab the second volume with V and third with VI (whenever they arrive). I think that kind of seals the deal on me going for it (oh my bank account!)
  2. It definitely ticks the boxes. The free-form style was definitely part of the appeal as I've been doing some solo-RPG'ing with all the narrative creation that involves. This looks like it will give a bit more structure to that form of adventuring. Did I see somewhere they will do one more expansion after this? Rather than going all in I have considered getting Noctis plus the first release in order to save some cash for other Kickstarter money pits. I could always grab the others if they come around again in the future (though the FOMO pull is really strong).
  3. Nope, that's definitely part of the fun and rolling with the awfulness is what I love about the Arkham Files games. House rule here is the person who dares say "It can't possibly get any worse!" has to make the next cuppa because it can and will always get worse
  4. I hear you on Marvel United - going all in and grabbing the previous expansions has broken my wallet. Plus Phase 2 of the Hellboy board game Kickstarter which I didn't know about till last minute. Ouch >_<
  5. Your fault @Cosmic_Guru since you first mentioned it in this thread, but I've been uhm'ing and ah'ing over backing Hexplore it (and now I'm running out of time to decide). The settings and crazy range of characters etc is really appealing but I'm worried it might be a bit too crunchy.
  6. Don't get disheartened if you get smashed by Scenario 3 (The Devourer Below). It's commonly accepted that scenario is an utter swine, especially if you use the pre-built deck choices.
  7. The Girl With All the Gifts This probably garnered a lot more attention on it's release than I might be aware of, but I'm surprised this film doesn't get mentioned more often - I really enjoyed this (though after the disappointment of It Follows I was ready to enjoy watching paint dry tbh). It's always nice to see a zombie movie based in the UK as it always feels more horrible with a familiar setting that you can relate to (although it did fall into one big advertising sponsorship deal in the final third of the film with 'spot the high street brand'.) Good a
  8. Good thing about Tamiya is you can use it to melt bits of left over sprue and then use that to fill seems. It dries / reforms to it's original plastic's consistency and so can be sanded back if needed. I'm sure other products will do the same thing but I know the Tamiya has worked for me in the past.
  9. It Follows First time watching a film which got a lot of hype on release and even recently was being recommended to me as a brilliant watch. Can't agree with any of it at all - good premise, terribly executed, albeit it with a strong style and ambience. For me the film falls apart in the final third (probably not long after the boat house), like they had no idea how to script their way out of the rather nifty scenario they'd created. Any impending sense of foreboding or terror dissipated quite quickly and only one cheap (and rather pointless) jump-scare in the film caug
  10. Add 1 Doom for starting to realise how expensive the Arkham rabbit hole goes. Thankfully I joined this thread long after starting collecting AH, so I try not to think about how much I've spent on everything that's been release to date. And how much I'll keep spending, as I love the game to bits.
  11. "Saturday 8th: We're pleased to be able to reveal a brand new, never before seen game called Blursed Dity..."
  12. For anyone tempted by those cheap airbrush kits on Amazon etc - don't bother. I was tempted for speeding up basecoats and zenithal highlights, so my thinking was even if it was cheap and a bit naff, it would do me. Lots of mixed reviews and some pretty good demo's with reasonable results from `reviews` on Youtube. So I thought seeing as I'm not going to win any Golden Demons in this life, it'll be fine for what I need right? As it turn out, no it's definitely not. It started out okay. I based all the Cursed City models in black and after a bit of trial and error got in
  13. That's Modok - he's about to get his own TV series Love the green on She-Hulk and the lovely blend of Yellow Orange with Dr Strange's effects @Cocky - there's a lovely comic styling to them without it being over done. Like a fool I've gone all in on Marvel United and the upcoming X-Men United which is running right now on Kickstarter. Not quite Crisis Protocol with the mini detail since they're Chibi style, but I'll have enough Marvel stuff to paint till the day I kick the bucket at this rate.
  14. I'm genuinely gutted about our poor Kobold friend. What a way to go.
  15. It is very weird - I can't see GW deliberately doing this as such a limited run. With the costs involved in developing it, it just wouldn't make sense. Utimately they're a company that has to satisfy their share holders with profits and I'd be suprised if they recouped development costs for this on one messy run all on its own. Someone on Reddit suggested there'd been a screw up with wherever was producing it and now they won't, or can't, produce any more. But even if that's the case, GW should eventually be able to switch production to somewhere else, even if it might need to be r
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