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  1. Gotcha. I’ll stick with it, crackpots and all.
  2. Never played 7 and remember 6 being a massive action mis step. My copy arrived early and had a quick blast. jesus don’t know if this is for me like, it’s so grim and with graphics being as they are these days it’s the kind of immersion that is all a bit much. Kind of miss the campness and awful acting of the early games. Rather than the hyper realism of these new ones with crackpots chasing you round. Don’t think it helped I couldn’t see hardly anything with some glare on the tv until some nut case appeared biting my fingers off, nearly threw the pad through the ceiling.
  3. never played 7 as it looked utterly horrible, not that this looks nicer like, but something about the big lady is intriguing. Wonder if there's any link to Dimitri from Darkstalkers/ Vampire Saviour both vampires like? Or just a little name check nod. Think I'm going in cold no demo style...
  4. Hey @Curtis do you mean just make your way back to the ship and sleep using the nearest warp point?
  5. My eyes. I look like Marty Feldman after 6 bags of coke and a crate of red bull.
  6. kin el was doing splendidly well for over an hour wondering what the hoo ha about difficulty was then one mob battered me and I fell to my death. next run dead in 10 seconds. errr
  7. Guess they’re going for the whole arcade feel. But even so. I know spending a couple of hours to get to the end then get battered by the end boss will drive me crazy and end up getting traded.
  8. So can you quit at certain points and return? Dont know if I can be arsed otherwise.
  9. Updated Official Prediction, I state this is the best game ever then after 2 days place the box next to Sekiro and look at myself in the mirror sadly.
  10. of all the cars you could entice with a gold Range Rover really?
  11. finally completed FFXII, after 3 goes I always ended up in the same place and then gave up time after time. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it does have a couple of sticking points. Some of the quest lines are beyond vague and I never really ended up with amazing gear or weapons. Is 13 any good? Im a glutton for punishment
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