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  1. this series has a special place in my heart It seems like yesterday I was with @Stanley in his flat as we joint played the first game through to the end over a number of sessions. There is something quite magical about the atmosphere and the slow pace which completely went against all the sugar rush overkill games of that time. Playing Darts, collecting Capsule toys, and taking in the locales, and even the banality of working added to the spark once you got what you needed and unravelled the next part of the story. I think that's why Death Stranding has got into my head, its evoking the same kind of feelings. Really cannot wait to play this.
  2. Pc Gamer All those doubts went away when I tried playing Destiny 2 on the same limited bandwidth that had worked well for Gylt, 35 Mbps. The pixelation and stuttering made it hard to see and aim, and I often found myself trying to compensate for the lag by moving less. Stadia is just like all the other cloud gaming platforms I've tried: Often great for singleplayer games, terrible for multiplayer if your internet isn't up to snuff. Google Standstill
  3. Didn’t they say at launch there would be no Super, ultra type versions of this game.
  4. his teammate wasn’t. in all fairness there was defo one kill where his mate proper headshotted me with an lmg that was all kinds of superhuman and defo felt the advantage. it was me and the slipper legend vsthose 2. poorloserlookingforeanyoldexcuse.
  5. hey @Bishimitsu good game, and sorry had only time for 1, you guys on pc....??? (dirtykeyboardandmouseadvantagehustlers)
  6. if it isn't digital trade it in please
  7. If you crouch when decending steep inclines you don't slip. Also obvious but if you auto Arrange your cargo it maximises the balance, so rather than having a crazy tall selection of cargo it pops them all over you. Spent a week with this and as bizarre as it is I think its my GOTY
  8. just got back and spent a few hours... utterly captivated, the batshit mental aspect of this really does appeal to me, and bizarrely the whole traversal thing is kind of on par with spintires another game I love. Not felt such a sense of confusion and captivation since I first played dark souls and the lore that fuels the game. And the whole helping other players by leaving ladders and finishing deliveries is really akin to summoning in the souls games, you don't feel alone and feel part of something special. The moments the tunes kick in feel really like Tetris Effect to me and its really pushing all my buttons. I cant really explain why I am captivated but its really really superb and Im made up I love it as I thought id hate it.
  9. I’m away at the moment and have this waiting at home. Reading all the verdicts it definitely seems to be a proper marmite affair. I can’t see me getting on with it tbh, sounds like crazy taxi without the taxi and some sort of sponsored walk.
  10. dude I feel for you having this experience. But the problems you’re having are unique to you. There’s no lag or poor hit detection, magic bullets or any other nonsense. it’s stable and must be something your end.
  11. Really enjoyed the read of those. Although I recently finished another run through on Dark Souls. That write up makes me miss it. very surprised @Nate Dogg III Didn’t have Ultra SFIV in there.
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