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  1. There's no way the lag won't be noticable. Unless Google have developed a sophisticated AI solution to predict player inputs it's definitely going to have noticable latency which will render genres like fighting games unplayable. Or at the very least a less desirable option than playing them natively on dedicated hardware. For RPGs, turn based games or story games with a great deal of spectacle it ought to be great though. Especially if you can play a quick section during lunch on your phone then carry on at home or wherever.
  2. They revealed a new stage: the secret field stage from Alpha 2.
  3. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    I did! It arrived earlier today. It charges by USB C (a cable is in the box) and turning it on by holding Y and Start activates its Switch mode. Then you just pair it and it's good to go. The dpad is definitely the best I've used on Switch. The best I've used since Sega Saturn actually. It's very good for Street Fighter. It's small and very light too so it's less hassle to carry around than an arcade stick or modern pad. I won a load of 3rd Strike matches online and rarely were my losses due to failed inputs. I highly recommend it, especially after the disappointment of the HORI dpad Joy-Con.
  4. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    The Saturn controller was my favourite Street Fighter controller for years until I transitioned to stick. It's impractical to travel with a stick though. I do have the 8bitdo NES30 stick. It's good as it's a wireless stick I can use with Switch but the stick parts aren't great (it's basically a rebranded Mayflash Venom) and even though it's smaller than most premium arcade sticks its cumbersome in a backpack or suitcase. I'd love a slim stick which doubles as a case for the Switch. With a detachable stick for easier storage.
  5. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    I got one of those HORI left Joy-Con with a dpad and it's been pretty disappointing so far. Down-left in particular doesn't register unless extra firm, deliberate pressure is applied. Sliding from down to left as I normally would gives down, then left with no simultaneous input, making Street Fighter specials frustrainingly inconsistent. I prefer the default Joy-Con at moment but maybe things will change if I break it for a while. I should give that 6-button Mega Drive pad from 8bitdo a try.
  6. "raped". C'mon now.
  7. joffocakes

    ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove

    Loading times and frame rate are pretty poor on Switch, local co-op. Still very much enjoyed it but the game stuttered pretty badly in lots of situations, especially when one player falls to a lower level or gets an elevator back up themselves. I've only played through the tutorial and fixed world with two players followed by a restart of the Switch to test it again on Random world (in case it had that weird frame rate issue Hollow Knight had when the game was on too long). Still pretty rickety. Pretty significant input lag on the main menu too but this doesn't seem to be the case in game so it's not a huge deal. I'm looking forward to playing a load more all the same. Probably give co-op tabletop mode a try when travelling. Hopefully performance issues will be resolved in time. The music is excellent though. Loads of flabby bass.
  8. joffocakes

    Monthly Release Dates - March 2019

    I already pre-ordered ToeJam & Earl so I'm looking forward to playing that tonight. I really want Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro but I'll be away from my PS4 until April so I'll just pick up one of them when I get back (whichever's cheapest). Dead Or Alive will likely drop in price a fair bit so I'll hold off. Mortal Kombat 11 and Samurai Shodown are due pretty soon anyway. A strong month, phew.
  9. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd probably still pay £30 for Resident Evil 4 again to be honest. Not interested in the other two.
  10. joffocakes

    PS+ March: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

    Ooft; I've wanted to play The Witness for aaaages but never quite enough to actually pay for it so that will be nice.
  11. joffocakes

    Samurai Spirits/Shodown - 2019

    A new trailer was released to coincide with the announcement that the game will be part of the main EVO2019 line-up. It's out early this summer:
  12. joffocakes

    Dead Or Alive 6

    I had a go of the demo and it seemed fine. Looks decent but not spectacular and it's not as satisfying to batter someone around as it is in Tekken 7 but it's definitely fun. Pressing buttons at random to get a decent flurry of attacks always works well in Dead or Alive games. The holds to counter attacks are still great as well. Apparently the solo stuff in the full game is decent too since it allows you to quickly train a technique you're struggling with if you fail a mission. You can then quickly hop right back in. What little of the story was playable in the demo was dreadful nonsense, as you'd expect from a fighting game. I'd imagine players looking for a good single-player fighter would be better off with Mortal Kombat XI. Most of the online matches I played were pretty laggy but it's a free demo so maybe more folk were playing on wireless connections than would be normally? The stages are delightfully interactive; big exploding launchers everywhere just like the old Danger Zone stuff. Plus I punched someone into a car which then got chomped by a T-Rex so what's not to like?
  13. Some folk have pointed out that the whistle near the end of the trailer might be hinting toward Damnd as the next character. Might make sense since this year is Final Fight's 30th Anniversary and that game was originally called Street Fighter '89. Also Damnd is from the Dominican Republic so maybe Capcom want to give them representation in Street Fighter since they have a notable active scene and a Capcom Cup winner in MenaRD.
  14. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    Well up for buying Resident Evil 4 again and then not playing it until the guilt sets in as an even newer version releases. Best game.

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