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  1. I only went for Sayonara Wild Hearts (which is amazing). Tight budget so I've decided to skip Link's Awakening and get RingFit Adventure next month instead. I'll replay LttP in the meantime.
  2. This is essentially a description of my life.
  3. In a chronological list of Halo games? Sure.
  4. Throwing some shade at Smash Bros there. I've written a new top 50 where 49-1 are all God Hand. 50 is Anarchy Reigns.
  5. How does the original Prime benefit from pointer controls? I cant remember much free-aiming; I remember really appreciating that it was mostly lock-on for the combat.
  6. No Capcom Vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001? A good list, I enjoyed reading through it. Wished they'd written a bit more for the top ten games though. I really need to play Arkham Asylum and the Sims. I did start both Bioshock and The Witcher 3 but didnt get on with them. I'll revisit the latter of those soon though I think.
  7. Definitely the heavy folk for Time Trials. Big Donkey Kong Jr in his sweaty vest.
  8. Finished Super Metroid tonight! 2 hours 18 minutes but only 84% collection rate. It's amazing how much of it I still remembered so clearly. Still in my top five games of all time I reckon.
  9. You were using the analogue stick? That's crazy. The JoyCon is perfect for 2D stuff like this. You might fail walljumps more with analogue because inputting up or down in midair causes Samus to aim, losing the somersault. You have to be somersaulting to wall jump.
  10. Oh, we're just doing it the old fashioned way, setting a time and challenging each other to beat it (with an agreement not to use Rewinds). It might be possible for two players to do an online pass-the-pad style thing maybe?
  11. Replaying Super Mario Kart and getting stuck into some time trials with pals has reminded me of how thoroughly disappointing Mario Kart 64 was.
  12. Yeah the walljump in Super Metroid is magnificent. I really didnt enjoy the changes to Samus' handling for Fusion anywhere near as much.
  13. You get an item soon which makes it easier to avoid being in the sand in the first place but nah; that quicksand is the worst thing in the game.
  14. The Brook converters are pretty reliable if you still have an Xbox stick so that might save a few quid. My sticks are all broken in different ways right now; I've been on a self-imposed fighting game ban since starting Sekiro. Gonna wait to see what happens with the next gen consoles' compatibility before buying a new stick.
  15. They just released a new trailer for the next Guilty Gear at TGS and it looks ludicrously good. A big improvement from what was already one of the best looking videogames ever. A wee glimpse of May at the end too.
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