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  1. Astro's Playroom is superb. It got kicked out of my top five for the year at the last minute as I'd gotten pretty deep into Demon's Souls when I was writing up my favourites but upon reflection I'd say I enjoyed Astro a lot more. I'll still return to it for the time attack stuff and it's the game I'd show people who come over and want to see what the PS5 is like if people were able to come over.
  2. I wanted to lay Ghost of Tsushima but was put off when I found it it was open world. It does look very nice and the if the combat is genuinely good then I'll probably give it a go; I've never bothered with any Assassin's Creed games for those reasons.
  3. I didn't get around to A Short Hike until last week and I absolutely adored it. I expected a quaint wee wander, and it absolutely delivered that, but I didn't expect it to absolutely nail the feel of gliding as well as it does. It's perfect.
  4. Game Expected To Be GotY 2020 That Still Doesn't Have A Release Date When Team Cherry announced in early 2019 that this Hollow Knight update, originally a playable version of Hornet woven in as DLC, had spun out into full game of her own I naively anticipated that I'd be playing Silksong by the end of that year. I adored Hollow Knight (even replaying it in my excitement for this announcement) and revisiting the world Team Cherry cultivated with the nimble combat and manoeuvrability of Hornet is exactly what I want from a videogame. Throughout 2020, any rumbl
  5. Some info about the game's various offline modes has been released. The Tutorial will likely be as thorough as the last couple of games (pretty much the best in the genre) then there's the Mission Mode which will help players to learn how to effectively counter different situations. Arcade Mode will have branching paths based on performance, including different story scenes, bosses and 2v1 battles. There's a Survival Mode if you just wanna keep battering folk. Training lets you practice on a dummy and includes advanced options to tailor their behaviour to suit whichever
  6. A (little) bit of gameplay is shown in the new Shun'Ei trailer. Hard to get a feel for the flow of it as its uses really rapid clips chopped together.
  7. Yeah you need to trade a gold coin for the Ring of Uneven Scales. Wasn't in the original game apparently. There's also the new Ring of Longevity which you get as a bonus with the Digital Deluxe edition but otherwise need to trade a Pure Bladestone with the crow.
  8. Yeah I did it, mostly because I didn't want to leave anything undone.
  9. Yeah 3D Land is my favourite purely because it's a more challenging game in single player. 3D World's levels are wider and more forgiving, likely to accommodate four players as @Garwoofoo said. I still absolutely adored it though. The faster run speed, new dive move and Cat Mario climbing for more height should make even the simpler courses interesting to return to and earn faster times. For dweebs who care about that stuff.
  10. Bowser's Fury looks reeeaaal good. I wonder if it's a one-off thing, or a high-score challenge or if the map is procedurally generated to an extent? Sure was a lot going on in the trailer.
  11. I preferred 3D Land overall because it was a tighter challenge and was a bit more difficult, which suited me. 3D World is beautiful though and has heaps more variety. A handful of challenging stages at the very end too. It's still a load of fun.
  12. Pretty excited for this. Really curious about how substantial the Bowser's Fury part is too though I expect they'd have made it a full priced game of its own if it were massive. I'm happy just to play through it all again, especially if it's still significantly faster than the original.
  13. The latest Fighting EX Layer costume arrives for tomorrow; Garuda for Akuma, cementing his position as the go-to choice for try-hard edgelords: A few folk have noted (not me, I'm an idiot) that the V-Skill into light tatsu > shoryuken combo no longer side-switches so that may be one of the balance adjustments due in February.
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