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  1. This good man did a series of short video guides on the game's mechanics:
  2. I think a lot about naively assuming I was about to be rescued when the military showed up in the original Half Life. That was great.
  3. Pretty delighted with that Direct overall. Lots of games I'm eager to pick up; could really be doing with 51 All Time Classics right now, though.
  4. Very excited to see an ARMS character make it in (the really should have made an appearance already tbh). I'd Love Min Min or Twintelle but maybe it's a mixture of various ARMS characters so they can make use or their various attributes? If not it'll just be Spring Man/Ribbon Girl I guess? It's already great news because it means we get ARMS music.
  5. I'll definitely reinstall the game for Ash. Excellent.
  6. Noticed a few nights back that there was a Nook Miles award for catching 100 fish without any escaping and I was pretty close to it but then, because I was so close, I started stressing too much and messed up on the 97th catch. Finally got it today though!
  7. Didnt think much of the first three Uncharted games but I didnt play them until this gen's remasters so the fourth might be more enjoyable.
  8. Granblue is out here this week finally and I don't have internet yet but this is some delicious whiff punish action I want to be a part of: I'm sure sure I've said this before but a player calling out what they're gonna do then managing exactly that is my second favourite type of fighting game clip just behind players calling out what they're gonna do and absolutely failing.
  9. Hopefully it's Virtua Fighter 6 for mobile so I can play it wherever I want!
  10. Just saw this wild Tarantula tech on Twitter, spoilered just in case it is a spoiler? It is impossible to say what counts as a spoiler.
  11. I took a while to get the iron nuggets too because I smashed all the rocks in my town on day one. Whoops. But yeah; a couple of Nook Mile Ticket trips and I was sorted for the shop build.
  12. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition better than 3rd Strike?! Pretty strong month for reviews overall. I've only spent the briefest time with Dreams but it's an absolutely bewildering thing. No idea how they achieved it. Gonna self isolate myself right into it.
  13. Seaman except it's a human with the mind of a fish.
  14. I didn't realise some of those plants were weeds. They're pretty weeds.
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