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  1. I think I'd really enjoy an Uncharted game if they had an option to remove the combat or at least shorten them significantly and up the frequency of the puzzles and exploration instead. I've been trying to get through 4 since it came to PS Plus and it is much better than the first three but I've been on the Madagascar section for ages now and struggling to finish it.
  2. Ridge Racer please. Optimistically hope Sega decide to kick off next gen with a new Virtua Fighter. Capcom are unlikely to show any of Street Fighter 6 if the rumours of the additional year of development its been given are true. They'll show Dan in Street Fighter V just for me though (optimistically a next gen port/patch too).
  3. No games announced so far appeal hugely but I'm getting a PS5 first since I've got load of PS4 games untouched and I'll be playing a lot of Street Fighter 5 next year when its new updates arrive. I reckon I'll get a Series X with that monthly payment/GamePass option some time next year if it's still an option.
  4. Really wish Sunshine supported gyro aiming when spraying water.
  5. Finished off Mario 64 this evening and had a spectacular time with it. I'd forgotten a fair few of the later stars so that made things more interesting. The camera can be nightmare at times and judging distance when risking lethal leaps from one abstract shape to another is tense to the point of frustration. The mushroom tops in Tall Tall Mountain were a culprit, as we Tiny Huge Island's red coin room. Helped me really appreciate the steps Nintendo took in later games to make up for the depth perception issues (FLUDD floating, additional spin to hover, consistent, block-based desig
  6. I did something similar in that I twice earned the 100-coins star while sliding and wasn't able to grab it only to discover it doesn't reappear unless you exit the stage and do it all again.
  7. Preordered one as my wife said she'd go halfers on it. Getting Demon's Souls alonside; not hugely into FromSoft stuff (though I enjoyed Sekiro) but it seemed the best of the kinda underwhelming launch lineup. Might inspire me to finally finish Dark Souls in preparation. Just waiting for Street Fighter 6 now.
  8. Got all seven stars in the first three areas and onto Jolly Roger Bay; I've got Never Ever by All Saints blastin' on repeat to recreate Christmas '97 perfectly. I'm loving it so far. I'm happy with them retaining the visuals of the original but the draw distance on regular coins could have done with a fix, a real pain when going for 100 coins in a stage. Mario still feels amazing, the best he ever has. Wild that they nailed it so perfectly first time. I dont quite remember everything, even in these early stages, so that's a bonus! Gonna get 120 stars (eventu
  9. Played 64 for about twelve stars or so. It's still great; definitely some awkward camera moments though, particularly when it shifts position while trying to collect coins on slopes. Was gonna get all the stars on Bob-Omb Battlefield before moving on but the 100 coins one is a pain without the wing cap. Mario!
  10. Uh, the "Let's a-go!" soundclip cuts off before it finishes. Aw.
  11. The lad with the weird voice from GameXplain said he had a strong dislike of Mario Sunshine but got enjoyment out of it in this. I played it in Japanese on Gamecube so I'm looking forward to understanding understanding the words.
  12. Can anyone playing any of these for the first time please post about how you're finding them? I would enjoy that, thanks.
  13. I'm just gonna play them in order. Looks like I have Galaxy 2 digitally on the Wii U so I might even play that after. I'm a couple of stages off finishing zyoshi's Island at the moment so oughta be done with that tonight.
  14. Thought we'd see some bigger game announcements, even for some stuff a wee bit further out. Village is the first Resident Evil I've been interested in since RE4 so I might give that a go. How many console generations are gonna pass with no Ridge Racer? Also I want a fighting game.
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