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  1. Yeah Game Pass is pretty amazing. Yakuza games as well; woaft.
  2. I didn't not enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 but I couldn't muster the desire to put it back on again after reaching chapter 2. I think I got equally far in the first RDR as well. It was very pretty and I liked the gentle wandering and picking herbs plus I was hugely impressed by the attention to detail in the notebook sketches. I might go back to it but I need that hard drive space for the two dozen fighting games I never play.
  3. Oh I just think he's cute. There's so little difference in character and kart handling in this that it only matters who gets the biggest point bonus on that particular track.
  4. Quality of Life. Things like not having to waste time switching into a menu to get on your bike or have a separate pokemon in your party just for Cut/Surf etc would probably fall under that. Things that make the experience less tedious to play. Theres probably a neater definition.
  5. Fallout 3 was a big one for me. I appreciated everything about its weird 50s Americana propaganda, the freedom to go explore wherever you like and the various moral choices but actually playing it didnt grab me. It all felt a little flat and the combat was a chore. It had terrible screen tearing on 360 as well which I couldn't get used to. I sometimes get tempted to go back to it but I think I might have left it a little late now.
  6. Argh, I thought I was gonna be able to resist this but I'm really excited for it now.
  7. Shy Guy Pastry Chef is my favourite videogame character.
  8. Is it really only the twelve? How will Just Dance work with it; motion control on the pad? Or just dancing to video? I'm still interested in seeing how well this works in real world conditions. Assassin's Creed and Red Dead Redemption oughta work just fine. I do think it could be really useful for competitive fighting games too, not as a main platform but definitely as a way to test stuff while on the go.
  9. Ah, Terry is spectacular. They've done such a great job with all these guest characters. Treated better than their own games in some cases. Can't believe they added 50 music tracks. And the stage is cool! KoF characters in the background and a wall bounce mechanic you can use for combos. Real satisfying pause when you smash someone through it too. Mostly I've been accidentally KO-ing myself with Terry's Crack Shoot off ledges.
  10. I think the variance in scores (sometimes 1st place is 7k+ ahead of 2nd) as well as the surge in score increases close to the tour deadline suggests that its pulling real players scores. They likely just assign you a random lot from the playerbase to compete against. Not that they couldn't cynically emulate that behaviour of course.
  11. The player names are definitely real at least. I dont think Nintendo would approve these:
  12. Heres a video from HiFight breaking down some of the game's new mechanics. Big changes are throws no longer being a one-frame, proximity attack. They have a whiff animation too. The gatling chain combos are gone, or different? Lights either chain into themselves or specific command normals rather than an escalating sequence of slashes to specials. Stun, stagger and danger time are gone. Also some Guilty Gear players are worried about attacking players no longer having as much opportunity to press their advantage since the stage transitions in the corner reset players to a neutral position. Dunno what the criteria for the transition is, or if it can be avoided in favour of setting up stronger oki. Apart from the (likely placeholder HUD) it looks beautiful. Obviously. EDIT: Oh, here's an Evernote text dump of new mechanics spotted in the stream by (Twitter handle) @GREATFERNMAN: New Guilty Gear System Mechanics
  13. Chupa-chups in Zool and Dole bananas in Super Monkey Ball always come to mind when I think of product placement. Call of Duty is a huge fir its gun advertisements one too; Simon Parkin wrote an excellent article on that a while (seven years?!) ago: https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2013-02-01-shooters-how-video-games-fund-arms-manufacturers
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