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  1. Good games Donut! I might be on for a little bit late this evening if either of you folk (or anyone else) fancy a few fights. I played a wee stint in Ranked earlier and won all but one fight so that was nice. One player I beat had a 35% disconnect rate but actually stayed til the end despite me beating his Dudley. In the rematch he opted for a Dan mirror match and we both taunted a whole bunch so I thought maybe they had a sense of humour but when I was about to KO them they quit so I guess they were just absolutely ragin'. A Rolento player invited me to a first to five too, they were very polite and the matches were great. Ludicrous corner pressure and I loathe Rolento's standing hard kick and standing medium punch. And everything else he does. A great set though, it's my favourite game.
  2. Ironically Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the SNES had some of the worst loading times on the system; it would freeze at the start of each fight while assets were decompressed.
  3. I've decided to continue believing that it's real.
  4. Promptly deconfirmed by Ono but I'm glad I wasnt online during the five hours between EB Games Canada's tweet and Ono's denial because I would have spent a frenzied evening excited about Street fighter V on Switch.
  5. All I want from faster loading is to be able to switch characters in Street Fighter's training mode in an instant.
  6. Grim Fandango's world is definitely interesting enough to spin into a tv series.
  7. Yes! Nathan's first match is 12 and a bit minutes in.
  8. Super Street Fighter IV!!!!!! I was unemployed which is the best advice I can give for getting better at fighting games.
  9. Yeah three Directs in a month is too many.
  10. I've heard that the screenshots are instant but on a few occasions for me the captured image has been seconds late, which is frustrating. I really hope they fix the messy UI for PS5. I was glad they added the quick side-bar but notifications pop up directly over the menu text which is bizarre. It's also frustratingly slow.
  11. Been playing more UNIST and the buttons are reeaal fun to press. Press press press. Buttons that go full screen. Rapid slashy chains. Buttons you long-press to make them even more satisfying. Don't fully understand how it all works but I'm having enough fun with the combo trials to consider buying the updated game on Switch for lunchtime combos. This one took me ages:
  12. Commissionry position.
  13. Thank you for the offer! I dont have anything to play it on at the moment unfortunately. I've been watching Juicebox's tutorial and a bunch of old tournament streams. It's a beautiful looking game. I'm playing Under Night In Birth just now to see if I fancy getting it on Switch. I've passed all the Tutorial but cant get a perfect clear on this one throw tech/jumping A thing. I dont think I understand what it expects of me. Trying to find a character. I think I had how all of them look except Waldstein but I'll definitely be terrible with him. Using Gordeau just now because I went to a doughnut truck called Gourdough's Big Fat Donuts once and it was excellent. EDIT: I lost my first ranked match then won the following two. 66.6% win rate! That's me back on Street Fighter.
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