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  1. Reminds me of that 'if Ubisoft had made Dark Souls' mock up of a few years ago. Maybe it was EA, I forget, but either way it was a terrible OTT HUD mess. EDIT: It was Bloodborne:
  2. I bought this yesterday thanks to this. It is excellent so far (Commander Keen in development!) so I can only second your recommendation and thank you for it.
  3. Ooh, those Reno Air Race planes could be fun for tearing through NYC at 200ft AGL...
  4. This post deserves two pos's as it is a perfect summary of the greatness of Quake but, sadly, the law only allows me to give one pos per post. That the straightforward, relatively basic but incredibly rewarding, gameplay loop of shoot, kill, explore remains brilliant 25 years later is testament alone as to how damn well crafted everything about it was. It also reminds me of what a disaster Doom Eternal was when compared to the brilliant Doom 2016 - all of the stupid bells and whistles and needless added 'depth' added to the gameplay just highlighted the visceral purity of the original Doom games and the reboot. Less is very much more in some cases. I've been slightly spoiled by the amazing lighting of the Quake 2 RTX update but Quake, despite being generations behind technically, still has such a unique and alien atmosphere. I would still very much like an RTX edition though.
  5. This reminds me that, after a year of casual playing, I have still not flown a jet or been above the clouds. I shall try and rectify that this week as it looks amazing.
  6. The next World Update (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) has slipped a couple of weeks from August 24th to September 7th.
  7. For PC players who enjoy flying through the concrete canyons of NYC as fast as their Top Rudder 103 Solo will carry them, there is a great scenery pack from SamScene3D. It hugely improves the messy standard photogrammetry (although some buildings look a little too 'clean') and adds a surprisingly high number of buildings that are not present in the MS modelling.
  8. It is usually an effect of propellor torque and gyroscopic effect alongside a couple of other variables influenced by the rotational direction of the blades...
  9. I meant to mention this a few weeks ago but procrastinated over where to place it. J.W. Rinzler, Lucasflim historian and author of some of the very best, most comprehensive, movie 'Making of' books passed away a few weeks ago, aged 58. I don't read many making of movies books but his Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Alien(s) books are brilliant and essential for anyone with even a passing interest in any of those films.
  10. Those speakers look like eyeballs staring at you.
  11. I'll be very, very happy if I never see another 8/16 bit styled game that isn't of it's era ever again. It's been overdone to the point of exhaustion for years and is usually an immediate nope for me.
  12. It is a handy technique to do a lot of damage so I’d rather have it than not. I had a crash to the Home Screen last night which is the first I’ve experienced on the Switch in any game. Also had a weird bug which prevented my character from walking left. There was a patch this morning so fingers crossed that has fixed it.
  13. Apparently the PC version has an accessibility option that highlights the usable platforms which sounds almost exactly what I needed to maybe save four or five runs across the known map looking for wltge way forward. It's much more of a Switch game for me though as 8/16 bit styled art on a big TV screen hurts my eyes but, even so, it's a weird option to remove from one platform.
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