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  1. I had no idea! Damn. @shirubagan let me know when you are next open and I'll try again if possible...
  2. Maybe I can't see it as I'm not the original buyer/finder of it? Just the usual staples in there for me - tools, seeds, etc...
  3. Grabbed a couple of fossils that I don't think I have, left two in return. Very nice island. So many other's islands seem much more 'spacious' than mine which is really broken up by rivers and that makes getting around a drag..
  4. Will have a peep at your fossils and bring a couple to trade... Ta.
  5. Just dropped you a few oranges outside your house. Couldn't see the skull flooring in the cranny cabinet though but no worries....
  6. Just cleared myself out of nuts but will grab you some oranges. Thanks!
  7. Me too if there are more than one!
  8. I got some from a balloon present...
  9. Surely you can just wait until the seasons switch?
  10. Mike S

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm happily playing it on the console now as I've no idea how to fix the issue on the PC. It's a bit juddery in places but not too bad and, most importantly, seems a very promising game.
  11. Aah, right. The morning PA address?
  12. How do you know you will have them?
  13. Yep, that's the fellas. They are great.
  14. My favourite fish so far has been the anchovy as they look lovely in the museum/aquarium... I've had a couple of golden trout now. They sell for a LOT of bells.
  15. Mike S

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, no error message. Press install, brief flash of 'preparing', then straight back to the install button showing. I've set the Xbox to DL it so shall play on there instead. Better had be 60 fps though..
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