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  1. Well, you're racing around in a car, it's incredibly arcadey in feel and presentation, and it's also more fun than any racing car game I've played for as long as I can remember. It's a real shame that it never really found an audience.
  2. Deleted as was too whiney. But there was no option to switch..
  3. Mike S

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Having played both extensively, Zelda BOTW is an awful lot more entertaining and a much better game than RDR2. I smiled all the way through... On the flip-side, the world of RDR2 is the most extraordinary, and most convincing, I've experienced and it's one that continues to offer surprise and interest even after the best part of 100 hours invested. The clumsy, unwieldy, and hostile controls and interface though are the total opposite of Nintendo's slick, effortless, ease and still frustrate and irritate. Both games are massive time-sinks and it'll be difficult (impossible) to play both at simultaneously so good luck! EDIT: sorry, that was written thinking you'd be starting BOTW from scratch not just the DLC!
  4. It's really annoying trekking all the way to a Legendary animal location only for the area to be too busy leaving me unable to track the damn thing. Even after wandering off, few sleeps, etc, I can't activate the one I am after.. It's also a bit annoying losing a perfect bear skin after being mugged by wolves when removing a perfect wolf skin in order to carry the damn bear skin. It'd be nice to find the dropped skin where I was killed... I'm still really struggling to get back into this after the tedium of Chapter Five...
  5. Mike S

    Nice games to potter around in

    Forza Horizon...
  6. To be fair, Tetris is consuming me too but (thoughts on Chapter 5 spoilered).. In short, Chapter 5 was awful and makes me want to rush finishing the story and move on.
  7. That was a magnificent, sobering, and profoundly moving documentary and all the more so for being told entirely in the words of the participants. The recollections of the casual day to day life and death those kids faced was heart breaking and humbling.You'd kind of hope that such huge scale mechanised slaughter of so many young men would deter us, as a species, from conflict forever.. I wasn't quite so impressed with the colourisation as I had expected to be as it still has that weird fake appearance that has always plagued colourised B&W footage, especially on the skin tones. The interpolated frames, bar the odd weird blurring, were much more successful and really brought that old footage to life. Peter Jackson has done very well here.
  8. Chapter Five has really inflicted a big hit on my motivation as it felt like total grind/chore from start to finish.. I've finished it now but just can't get back into the swing of things after that chapter.
  9. Mike S

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    The level in the sandstone canyon, with the fellas on horses, is absolutely magnificent. I'm preferring this on the TV rather than through the PSVR as I think it looks much better all sharp, hi res, and futuristic than it does being all jaggy and a bit blurry. Plus, I really hate having the PSVR clamped to my head. Amazing, hypnotic, experience either way though.
  10. I'm not really feeling Chapter 5 at all. I hope it's quite short as I would like to get back to what I was doing before.
  11. Mike S

    Games that get under your skin

    Thanks very much @Vemsie I'll read The Paleblood Hunt again and then the broader articles. It's such an incredibly well conceived game world and all the better for the lack of direct exposition. It's so good a game that I don't think I'd really want to see a sequel.
  12. Mine were. Can't remember when or which mission though, Chapter 3 or 4..

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