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  1. Mine is The Exorcist. Or Tubular Bells as it has bizarrely become known as.
  2. Yeah, I was definitely getting a taste of early Raimi, and also Peter Jackson. As much for the film not being afraid to do its own thing, whilst throwing in plenty of surprises, as for any direct riffing on those guys. Also, the lead was channeling Bruce Campbell in places - the finale in the house was quite something... Thanks again to @Goose for bringing it to our attention.
  3. @Number 28opening up in the time it takes me to walk from Redd to the airport. Can confirm the painting is Detailed Painting. Ladder is needed for access BYW...
  4. Probably be about half seven ish as I am still too angry at a picture in the picture thread to do anything else...
  5. I definitely want it but, nope, can't accept it. I'll open up a bit later for the screen. Will advise on here!
  6. It is the most hideous looking consumer electronics I have ever bought and still annoys me every time I see it which is all the time I am looking at the TV given that it's enormous white bendiness draws the eye so much. Black replacement plates cannot come soon enough. Still, some fine games so far and that's the important thing I guess.. I do not have a washing machine sitting in my eyeline in the living room.
  7. An animal just posted that to you?! I am jealous. My miserable gits have never gifted me anything of any value at all let alone a painting for my very poorly stocked museum. In other news, Redd is visiting today for the first time in over four weeks and has made up for his long absence by having a real Van Gough Starry Night in stock. The other fakes are the usual mona lisa, vitruvian man, and some other I don't know the name of - gold thing with flowers on it - looks like a screen.
  8. I don't know much about all the noise above but I do know that I absolutely love my Switch and despite it being underpowered or whatever it is my most played console by far.
  9. Great, great, shout. This was brilliant and everyone in this thread should swing it right to the top of their watch list...
  10. I AM COMING TO VISIT. I haven't seen Redd on Pazuzu since well before Christmas and remain annoyed at how infrequently he swings by...
  11. Dog Soldiers (2002) I hadn't seen this since around the time of it's release and don't have overwhelmingly positive memories as I never liked the soldier's banter, the score was awful, and I do not care for Sean Pertwee at all, but seeing a 4k transfer for a fiver on Apple tempted me to give it another watch. Guess what? It is ace and highly recommended to those looking for a fun, schlocky, horror to waste an hour and a half. The plot can be surmised as squad of soldiers on exercise in the Highlands become bait for a clan of werewolves with gory consequences. The dialog
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