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  1. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hmm, I thought Oxenfree has a really interesting premise and builds a nice atmosphere, though slightly is let down by the ending. Tacoma I just thought was boring, with quite a slow-burn setup (not easy in such a short game) then it's all over in a flash. I didn't like it and felt it completely wasting a really intriguing setting.
  2. I'm not sure I'd buy into that at all - has is ever been talked about by Square as being a re-imaging at any point? - but sure, that's possible I guess.
  3. 02/04/2020 - Mother Russia Bleeds (PC) Man, were side-scrolling beat-em-ups always so bad? I used to love Double Dragon, POW, Renegade etc but I've tried a few over the past year and they've all been uniformly terrible in largely the same ways - dodgy hitboxes, stiff movement and off-screen attacks where the enemies is outside of the scrolling range. It's all the same again here, where a traveller family seeks revenge on the Russian state because of some things that happened blah, blah, blah. I mean, nobody plays these for the story, right? The fighting itself is graphic - lots of blood, exploding heads, some dismemberment - but unlike many of its peers, there's no mild-RPG mechanic to enhance your moveset - what you start with is what you get (and it's not a lot). It's 4-player (either with real people or you can use bots, which is a decent touch) but at the maximum you get thrown a stupid amount of enemies at you which can become very frustrating in one particular boss fight because everything becomes a big old blob of pixel art and you lose yourself amongst the crowd - not easy when you have a very short window to traverse the screen and perform a specific action, but keep getting knocked-down by a stupid dog. Anyway, I played it, I finished it, I didn't particularly enjoy it. Bleed on, Mother Russia. Previously completed:
  4. @grindmouse Is there really any need for the pointless personal attack in the original post, especially if you want to generate some interesting discussion (because I think there is good discussion to be had about this)? Can we at least try and be adults about it? Edit: I have no skin in this game as whilst FFVII was one of my driving forces for getting a PS2, it never really left an impression with me outside of seeing some impressive cinematics for the time. In a way, then, like @SeanR the change is actually more interesting to me. That does not change the fact that I think Square have deliberately mislead people in their marketing of this (as I said in the main thread). Some will be okay with that, others not, but that's not really the point - and on that, they should definitely be called out for it. As @sprite showed in the main thread, the back of the box still calls it a remake, whereas the PS Store description calls it a re-imaging - they can't even make their minds, it seems.
  5. I never read this thread and have just got back into playing this again (just left Eos to see what's going down at the Nexus) and I think it's good and fits with the style of previous games. I like the whole 'finding a home' mission, too. What did people have problems with? I know the texture pop-in isn't great but the actual gameplay is as Mass Effect as it ever was (in a good way), from what I can tell?
  6. Gabe

    Epic Games Store

    Thanks - I think I've talked myself out of it because I didn't really enjoy 3 in the end. It'll probably be down to Watch Dogs 2 or AC: Origins.
  7. @sprite I think the broader point is that a lot (most?) people would've been buying this on the basis of having the original story fleshed out and it isn't really that. Now whether they love or hate it, the point is they weren't granted the courtesy of being able to make an informed choice either way before buying it. Something that could've very easily been done without spoiling anything at all, and one can only assume the reason Square didn't is because they must've felt it would harm sales. Mind you, calling it just 'Remake' (rather than adding 'Part 1' or some-such) also infers it's the whole game - and I read a thread on ResetEra (I know, I know) where anecdotally a lot of people didn't know it was only the first part. Again, it's something Square could've addressed but didn't.
  8. Gabe

    Epic Games Store

    @Fry Crayola Oh yes, I realised that after I posted, though the season pass version would fall into the deal. Not sure I care enough about it though. Is AC: Origins worth playing if I've got (but not yet played) Odyssey? I know the basic structure and stuff will be the same, of course.
  9. Sadly, for my tastes that's another terrible month. I've played Gris (didn't enjoy it) and own Bards Tale and have no interest in the rest. I'm not too bothered about the cost, but I do think getting an annual subscription was a bad move. I'm very grateful they do let you keep pausing though - that's my 4th month in a row. I wonder if the bonus game for those making choices this month is as a result of a drop in numbers over the months?
  10. Gabe

    Epic Games Store

    It's a shame, I have a coupon but there's not really anything there that interests me. Is Far Cry 5 worth a punt for under £3 if the last one I played was 3 and felt a bit drained by?
  11. 29/03/2020 - Operencia - The Stolen Sun (PC) I wasn't intending to finish another grid-based dungeon crawler straight after Ruzar, but as this is due to leave Game Pass soon, that was my motivation to crack on with this quirky RPG. Firstly, this is much, much better than Ruzar, from presentation and polish to structure, plot and a viability of different playstyles. You choose your player character from the arch-typical mage, warrior or ranger and then proceed to do all the things you'd expect in similar RPGs - meet new teammates, explore, fight, repeat. What's odd/interesting is that none of the characters you meet are pure mages, so unless you choose to be one yourself, you will have to do without. That is not as much of a problem as you'd expect, though, because each member's skills cause either physical or elemental damage - so mage spells are (kind-of) covered in a sense. The plot is very throwaway (something about somebody kidnapping the Sun King) and the voice acting is unintentionally amusing, but it's all competent enough. The actual maps you explore are varied and have plenty of secret areas or puzzles to find - though often you need to progress further in the game in order to get a traversal skill to allow you to access them - but are also small enough that you can chunk-up your play sessions into satisfying bits. That variety doesn't extend to the enemies though but, with finite battles on each map that isn't a massive problem. What can be a problem though is that enemies hit hard. With some unlucky RNG rolls you can die to any mob, especially before you meet a dedicated healer - so it is important to use buffs/debuffs in some of the longer battles. And long they are; perhaps because of the decision to not have respawning enemies, it means every encounter becomes a war of attrition due to high resists and generous health pools - there are no 'press the attack button to win' fights here. Bosses, as you would expect, take this further. There's also a weird situation where if you ambushed a group you'd get the first attack (as normal) but then the enemies would get two attacks in response. I couldn't understand if this was a bug or working as intended in some strange way. It actually made it more penal to go for the ambush, unless you felt confident you could wipe them out first (in normal battles the enemy always seemed to have first strike too, no matter how high a character's initiative stat was). It is not a game without quibbles then, and, in truth, there's no one feature or fight you would feel compelled to wax lyrical about - it's all rather unremarkable really, but that's not an insult. What it does do is nicely present some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling with some challenge and fun along the way and I'm very pleased to have played it. Previously completed:
  12. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Odd - that's exactly the problem I had, which was resolved by going to the store. Hmm. Oh well, hope it sorts itself out for you at some point with this and/or other games.
  13. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    @Mike SHave you checked your downloads in the Microsoft store? I had this problem recently with Train Sim World (as noted in this thread) because in the app it would fail to start the installation - but I checked in the MS Store and it was queued in there and I was able to start it and then it was fine.
  14. I need to give this a go then, although I don't have any of the DLC and I imagine some, if not all, is fairly essential to get the most out of it? Part of the reason I love EU IV though is because I always enjoy building the biggest navy I can - and spanking the French and Spanish
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