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  1. Xbox One X

    Amazon. Dicks.
  2. I've jumped ship to join a clan that some friends are in. Feel free to drop me a party invite if you are ever short a body for an activity. Gamertag is: Nick Hogg
  3. I think that it makes sense for us all to be in the one clan. If the Men of Science (always liked that name when I saw you lot on during Destiny days) don't mind opening the clan up, then more than happy to join?
  4. I've sent a request to join, if you can approve me thanks. Gamertag is: Nick Hogg
  5. Destiny 2

    Yeah, I'll be playing this on Xbox and up for teaming up. Gamertag is: Nick Hogg
  6. Xbox One X

    That's an amazing piece of design. I would happily pay a wee bit extra to get one that isn't branded like that for launch. If they are going to write on a perfectly nice looking console, at least use the same unobtrusive white that they used on the day one One edition controller. And orient the text on the controller sensibly.
  7. PlayStation VR

    As geldra said, it's light on single player stuff. However, once you've had your first dogfight with head tracking where you are chasing a fighter around skimming metres away from a space station, you kind of don't care anymore. After Rez and Batman, it's my favourite of the launch games.
  8. PlayStation VR

    This is awesome. Properly jealous of anyone experiencing Rez for the first time like this.
  9. PlayStation VR

    It wasn't showing on my PS4 or the website earlier. However, it's just appeared on the website for me to download and I don't have a US PSN account. One question though. I pre-ordered Eve, but it won't download it. When I click on the Download button on the PS4 store, it has a wee think and then just returns to the same page. Everything else that I pre-ordered returns an "added to download queue" message when I do that. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Destiny 2 Coming To PC (Rumour)

    That all sounds promising. More than happy to leave my Destiny characters behind and start from scratch. Cayde had better be there though.
  11. Pro Cycling - Vuelta a Espana 2017

    I stepped away for a couple of minutes to answer a question from a colleague and when I came back Froome was running up the road. That's got to be monumentally frustrating for him.
  12. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Very enjoyable so far. I can see this filling a Destiny shaped hole.

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