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  1. They still have to test everything so the more games they add the more expensive it gets to develop.
  2. This has become my game of choice if I just want to turn my brain off for an hour or so, I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. I bought the season pass though so they must be doing something right. So far the expansion has been two very long levels, maybe the longest in the entire game, which is a bit annoying to me as I already felt it'd be a better game if they split some of the longer levels in two. I'm curious to see how they flesh things out going forward. The fundamentals are all solid so there's potential for it to become a really good game.
  3. Surely a simulation is one of the more obvious beneficiaries of having more CPU power available? If they are simulating a bunch of data points on a Xboxone to approximate reality then going to a massively better CPU on the Series X should let them simulate more data points and produce a more accurate simulation, that seems fairly obvious. If you're mixing the player pool them you can't have people running different simulation models so everyone gets tied to what the Xboxone can handle.
  4. I'm surprised at the apparent lack of interest from Google. Of all the platform holders or storefront operators out there they seem like the ones who need new studios the most.
  5. bear

    Instant Noodles.

    Some of them have legitimately worrisome amounts of salt though. I used to buy the McDonnells cup noodles but stopped when I saw it had about 80% of your recommended daily salt intake in one not very large serving.
  6. bear

    Instant Noodles.

    Based on my limited exposure to the Paldo and Samyang brands the noodles tend to be more substantial and they come with sachets of sauce instead of the packets of crushed stock cubes you get with cheaper stuff. The prices for Samyang seems to have gone a bit silly on Amazon since Covid but the Paldo Jangmen and Volcano Chicken are still reasonably priced. The Volcano Chicken is nice as despite the name it's not just heat, it's got a decent curry flavour as well.
  7. For practically every console launched since the Euro was introduced the way console pricing has worked is that they replace the dollar symbol with a euro symbol and base the UK price on the European prices.
  8. Week of July 20th seems to the current rumour. Includes a suitably hyped up exclusive picture to look at. Not much in the way of new news though. He makes it sound like the Series S might be a much more traditional looking console than the Series X due to to cost considerations.
  9. I'm a little nervous about ringing in sick tomorrow morning.
  10. I think you can buy it through the Kindle store.
  11. I like Crash Bandicoot 3, it was a solid game at the time and it has aged a lot better than most of the stuff from that era. Trailer for this one seems alright.
  12. When games try to be funny or clever about giving you a mission that's just there to slow you down and waste time. "Sorry stranger, you've gone and bought a size 14 12-point socket when what I needed is a size 14 8-point socket. Guess you'd better head on back to Timmy's tools on the other side of the country to go get me one. Sure is unfortunate that I just said a size 14 socket the first time you headed over there, what a waste of time, yuk, yuk, yuk. " Joking about the bad thing doesn't make the bad thing good. It just means you knew it was always bad.
  13. The solution is going to be that you buy more RAM. That's my wild guess.
  14. @StanleyLike I said, I got the point you were making about Sony's overall output but was just thinking about when we could expect a new Naughty Dog, or Sucker Punch, game on PS5 and the realisation it could be 2023 or 2024 which still seem like crazy sci-fi future dates stuck out to me.
  15. I get the point you are making about Sony's first party strength but if you're a fan of Naughty Dogs output in particular are you going to go and buy a PS5 early on if you know that they probably won't ship a big PS5 game until 2023? I suppose thats the downside of a studio putting so much effort into these lavishly produced games, the gap between titles gets longer and longer.
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