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  1. I've levelled up the luck shard and I still had to kill 50+ Haagentis in order to get the flying beef to complete the Susie questline. I'm sure increased luck helps but the game doesn't tell you by how much. It would have been nice if you could look at a monsters stats and see the both the original drop rate for an item and a current drop rate based on what you equipped. I beat the second to last boss and then decided to finish off the townspeople's quests before taking on the last boss. I think I'm now ridiculously overpowered for that boss fight as I've gained about 14 levels since then grinding out items. On top of that I realised that maxing out a passive shard makes it into a skill shard so I've gone from having one passive active at any point to having around a dozen. My current plan is to unlock the last whip and do the optional O.D. fight before finally trying the last boss. It'll probably by the easiest boss in the game at that point.
  2. I think The World Ends With You handled grinding for items perfectly as it exposed all the information and tools you needed in order to improve your chances of getting an item to drop. This doesn't seem to have anything like that which is a pain in the arse. A fiend heart has a 2.00% drop rate and thats it. Improving my luck rating might help with that but I don't know by how much.
  3. So Celtic are still pish, as the natives would say.
  4. Up to 98.7% map completion now and I think the final boss is next. I haven't checked to see if I have all the secret areas of the map done but I highly highly doubt I have. Starting to hate Susie now. I've two quests left to do for her and it looks like that'll involve grinding things out in order to get the last few ingredients I need. It's the weakest set of quests as it's the most grindy by far. Maybe I'll change my mind if the two battles I have to do in order to complete the Lindsay questline are horrible altogether.
  5. Hotline Miami 2 is leaving Pro next month so get it claimed if you haven't already.
  6. y you need to go to manscaped.com/secondcuntiestforumontheinternet and use the promo code RLLMUK to get 20% off the Lawn.... Sorry, I've been listening to too many podcasts advertising that thing lately.
  7. The release date is March 2022. I sure hope any details about Infinite don't count as spoilers by then.
  8. I don't think so. The spec for the Deck just lists USB C.
  9. I don't see why Valve would enter the NUC market and start making mini-pcs. It's not like the emerging handheld market where the big players are still relatively small companies who use platforms like Indiegogo when launching hardware. All the big PC manufacturers have some form of mini PCs. The big drawback to them right now is that AMDs current APUs are Vega based and Intels integrated graphics are still a bit lacking but the Iris Xe stuff is already a lot better than most people realise. Intels NUC compute unit stuff sounds an awful lot like what you want Valve to do.
  10. It's not a native experience but my most recent impressions of PC gaming have came through using Geforce Now. I loaded up Saints Row IV and for whatever reason the game defaulted to low settings. It was only a small thing to go into settings and turn things up to High/Ultra (Saints Row seems like the sort of game where they might have put a funny name on their best mode, I can't remember). King of Fighters 12 recognized my fightpad but instead of A showing up as A it was listed as Button 5 in the menus. It's all minor stuff in the grand scheme of things but PC gaming still has that little extra layer of fuckery compared to consoles. I might be singing a different tune entirely in six weeks when my "gaming" laptop shows up.
  11. I'm sure that once they get a release date locked down that the hype machine will kick off in a big way. Its just a bit strange that this will be the Halo game that sets franchise records for the most people to play it at launch but its not going to be a Halo 2 or 3 level event.
  12. I wonder how long those people stay interested once people accept that this is still a PC at the end of the day? I'm fairly sure that the OS and frontend will be slick but its not going to be console level simplicity.
  13. WWE Universal Championship Roman Reigns (c) vs Edge WWE Championship Bobby Lashley (c) vs Kofi Kingston WWE Raw Women's Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte Flair WWE Raw Tag Team Championships AJ Styles & Omos vs The Viking Raiders WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs The Usos Money in the Bank Ladder Match Ricochet vs John Morrison vs Riddle vs Drew McIntyre vs Big E vs Kevin Owens vs King Nakamura vs Seth Rollins Money in the Bank Ladder Match Asuka vs Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Nikki ASH vs Liv Morgan vs Zelina Vega vs Natalya vs Tamina BONUS QUESTIONS 1. Which match opens the main card? Womens MitB 2. Which is the longest match? Men MitB 3. Identify a wrestler to debut or make a return on the show. Sasha Banks, she counts right?
  14. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/steam-deck-owners-can-upgrade-its-ssd-even-in-the-cheapest-model/amp/?__twitter_impression=true It linked to a story that the SSD can be upgraded but it's not recommended.
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