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  1. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm just going on what's said in this Ars Technica story. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/09/switchs-replica-nes-controllers-only-work-with-emulated-nes-games/
  2. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    Obviously using it for something like BOTW would be pointless but what's the benefit of not letting games that could work perfectly well on the NES controller support it? Sonic Mania would be fine on the NES pad, possibly better depending on how good the D-Pad is but the developers apparently can't offer that option. Seems a pointless restriction.
  3. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    We're paying for it through the 30% cut Microsoft/Valve etc. take of any content sold on their platform.
  4. bear

    Nintendo Switch

    The whole paying for online play thing is increasingly a load of bullshit. Possibly justifiable in the early days of Xbox Live but once download only games started selling in decent numbers it's increasingly hard to justify. All available evidence suggests that Nintendo are making far more money through the sale of downloadable games for Switch than they ever did on the Wii-U eShop but they still want that sweet subscription money. Adding the ability to back up your saves behind a paywall and bundling access to their NES version of game room might put a little sugar on top but it's still just sweetening a shit sandwich.
  5. bear

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The picture makes it look awful but it was never a deliberate attempt at eye-gouging.
  6. 3D World Deluxe and Maker Deluxe next year with the Odyssey follow up in 2020. I thought we might get some new content for Odyssey as DLC but it looks like that won't be happening now.
  7. A solid direct but nothing super exciting. They showed off stuff I'll probably end up buying but I never went above "oh that's nice" on the patented-hypeometer.
  8. Buying games so you have a collection to look at on a shelf is a disease of the brain not a hobby.
  9. bear

    Luigi's Mansion - 3DS version

    The ghosts in that trailer looked a lot like the ones from Luigis Mansion 2 so...
  10. bear

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    Topic title is probably over the top. Moving swiftly on, the basic idea is what are your favourite "if I try this" moments that work out. The thread is partly inspired by the scrambled eggs topic reminding me of the time I put some chorizo jam on a piece of toast before topping with scrambled eggs. To start with I recently made up a batch of the béarnaise reduction needed for this recipe. (could only get white wine vinegar so used a little extra dried tarragon) http://www.simonhopkinson.tv/recipe/4/grilled-fillet-steak.aspx but instead of using it all to make delicious béarnaise sauce I substituted some of it into this mayonnaise recipe from Serious Eats https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/10/two-minute-mayonnaise.html along with some fresh tarragon to make a great Tarragon Mayonaise. I'm basically one more good idea away from getting a Michelin star.
  11. Madworld is the worst game I've ever played. I have played games that are worse on a technical or mechanical level but Madworld is the only thing where I've felt shame about playing a game. Whenever the Black Baron showed up I got nervous that someone would see me playing the game and I'd have to try and explain that character. Maybe I was being overly sensitive about it for some reason but I couldn't hack watching those cutscenes.
  12. bear

    Bad bits in otherwise good games

    Have the Medusa head sections in a bunch of Castlevania games been mentioned yet? They are terrible. Inspired by the mention of Advance Wars earlier but it can be applied to a lot of strategy games but I hate reaching the point of knowing a mission/level has been "won" but I then have to deal with a load of mopping up whats left of the enemy. On some of the bigger Advance Wars maps in the War Room mode it can be a right pain as its just a case of grinding down whats left of the enemy forces.
  13. Could they have announced a PC port before the Xbox version was fixed without causing a fan backlash? " Why are you working on a port when you haven't even fixed the Xbox version? #343sux #bungieforever" Bringing MCC and Halo 5 to PC before the release of Halo Infinite makes sense to me. The Halo 5 engine runs on PC already through forge doesn't it?
  14. bear

    PlayStation 5

    It hasn't changed the world like some predicted but it's still growing and the technology is improving. The Windows Mixed Reality headsets last year are a lot simpler to setup than older systems like PSVR because there's no need to set up a camera/sensor. With PS5 it should be just a case of plugging a headset into a USB-C port on the front of the console so there won't be as much faffing about involved.
  15. bear

    PlayStation 5

    Would 2020 be too early for them to integrate tech to allow wireless VR headset? At the very least I think we'll see a move towards using a USB-C connection for the next PlayStation VR headset (everyone else seems to have signed up for that anyway through that Virtuallink consortium, not sure if Sony are part of that) but is wireless a possibility?

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