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  1. I'm up to the fourth act on this now. I've never beaten the game before as I always used to get stuck early on at the bit
  2. bear

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Its well worth 7 quid. If you do get it then make sure to look up a moves list online. A lot of the fatality commands are unlocked in the krypt section of the game but if you have the move list from elsewhere then you can still perform the hidden fatality and unlock it that way. Don't join the Lin Kuei faction. Special Forces or Black Dragon win most of the faction stuff.
  3. bear

    The Man Utd Thread

    I don't like saying this but Man Utd will still be well able to attract players even if they finish outside the CL places. They might drop to fourth in that Deloitte money league (the horror) but they'll still be able to offer contracts most clubs can't afford.
  4. They want a console they can sell for less than $200 when they put it on sale. They won't be able to that with an X anytime soon.
  5. If they sold it with a code for 3-6 months of Gamepass+Live instead of the packaged games it'd be a lot more appealing.
  6. bear

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    On a more grounded note Brad Sams is suggesting that MS might give a spec-free overview of what they are aiming for at E3. So like the PS5 stuff told Wired but communicated differently. -Some sort of battle royale inspired mode in the next Halo. He also says Halo Infinite has a mahoosive budget of around $500million. Which sounds like a very big number. Maybe the plan is for the new engine to power other Microsoft titles going forward. I like Halo but even I can't see Infinite selling in Red Dead 2 like quantities.
  7. bear

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    From some insider bloke on Resetera: I've decided that this must mean the base level Scarlett will be AMD based and the Anaconda will be Intel-based. Because that's daft and when we're talking about something silly like internet rumours about game console specs we might as well embrace daftness.
  8. The all digital console feels like it's been announced with pieces of the plan missing. Maybe the disc trade in plan fell through or the wider roll out of Xbox All Access just wasn't ready in time for the hardware launch but I find it hard to believe that the plan was always going to be "oh, it's $50 cheaper". Maybe those in the know will eventually shine some light on the situation.
  9. They said last night that when you boot up the discless console you'll get an offer to buy three months of Gamepass for $1.
  10. That's a much better way of phrasing what I was getting at. There's a standard in place for an 8K connector so it makes sense for the console to use it. The fact HDMI 2.1 also adds support for adaptive sync/freesync and refresh rates about 60hz might not grab as many headlines but it's arguably more interesting as a feature games might actually support.
  11. Does 8K support actually mean anything beyond the PS5 being likely to have a HDMI 2.1 socket on the back of the console?
  12. bear

    Xbox E3 Briefing | Sunday June 9th 9pm UK

    Well hopefully because they'll have built the game to take advantage of the leap in CPU power the next gen looks like offering. I want a Fable that gets back to the idea of a world being shaped by your actions.
  13. bear

    Xbox E3 Briefing | Sunday June 9th 9pm UK

    It won't be on this Xbox so why bother? Save it for the reveal of the next machine.
  14. bear

    Xbox E3 Briefing | Sunday June 9th 9pm UK

    I think we'll see a lot more PC stuff from them than we have the last few years. Surely it's time to start showing Age of Empires 4 given they announced it two years ago.

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