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  1. I wonder if this change means you'll have to claim the games ala Xbox Gold/PS Plus in order to add them to your library or if they'll be automatically added for top tier subscribers. I just took a look at my full list of Steam games on Humble Bundle and there must be 500+ titles in there and most of that is through the monthly pass.
  2. bear

    Google Stadia

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/16/20918208/google-stadia-controller-wireless-tv-chromecast-ultra-cloud-gaming Based on that it does seem like it has to be physically connected to everything apart from a Chromecast Ultra.
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/17/20919609/nvidia-shield-tv-tube-leaked-features-dolby-vision-newegg New versions of the Shield have been leaked ahead of their official launch. Not much of an improvement specs wise considering how old the Shield hardware is at this point, I was hoping for something that would give a real boost to performance in emulators. Disappointing but unsurprising. The remotes quite different though. No sign of a new gamepad though. Anywho I'm guessing we'll get a few more details about what the plan is for Geforce Now when Nvidia properly launch them.
  4. Good to see them calling out Jones. His hatred of Ireland makes Sammy Wilson look reasonable by comparison.
  5. Freakout and Driv3r are good shouts. I got Freakout when it was cheap but even then I felt ripped off. Felt like a tech demo or an early build of a game. A few years later some people started building it up as a game that could work well on the Wii. I doubt any of them actually played the little pieces of game that were there. Herdy Gerdy This looked great when it was unveiled with an artstyle that made it look like you controlling a Disney cartoon. I just remember it being hard to play. Kingdom Hearts The camera made me nauseous. I still find it hard to believe people were actually able to play through the whole thing. Gutted because I liked the idea. DoA: Beach Volleyball 2. The original was a fun volleyball game with some easily ignored weird friendship sim game tacked on or at least that's how we played it. They broke the volleyball aspect in the sequel and doubled down on the creepy bits. Great job guys.
  6. I hope you didn't get too excited by this idea. Ferrari gonna Ferrari after all. Good race from Bottas. Hamilton unlucky but he'll probably secure the title at the next race.
  7. Brad Sams, who has consistently been the most reliable source when it comes to Xbox hardware news, has mentioned a few times that they are using a 1TB SSD with the Scarlett devkits so that's why I think both will end up with a 1TB SSD. Agree that the SSD will most likely end up soldered to the motherboard and be able to work as some sort of hybrid drive when you plug in a hard drive. Intel and AMD both already offer technologies that let customers use a combination of SSDs and hard drives in this way so it'd make sense for Sony and Microsoft to build off that for their next consoles.
  8. The killer is that there seems to be next to no actions taken against touts or those selling tickets online for massively inflated fees. If you take a look on DoneDeal around the time of member sales you consistently see the same people selling match tickets for at least twice face value. Saw Wolves tickets being put up for €400 last November/December. Gross.
  9. Summed up by that rubbish right at the end.
  10. Two rotten corners in a row there. Awful waste of an attacking chance.
  11. You can sign up for the xcloud early access thingymabob at xbox.com/gamestreaming.
  12. Is this Morta thing anticipated or something? Trailer isn't doing much for me.
  13. I think Everton will give Silva the Man City game and then get rid. With the various issues at Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man Utd there's a slight chance for someone outside the "big six" to qualify for the Champions League. Given the level of investment at Everton over the past few years they really need to be competing for that spot.
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