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  1. bear

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    On the first bombact where they discussed the game Brad said it might already be in his all time top ten.
  2. bear

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Nah, he loves it. It's a lock for the top ten as far as I can see. Dead Cells is a lock as well.
  3. bear

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    It's definitely going to make the top 10, Brad clearly loves the game.
  4. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I wonder just how cheap the Xbox All Access subscription will be for the discless model? The Xboxone S package at $22 a month worked out as an overall saving of around $130 over the two years of the contract. If the pricing on the discless model is equally as aggressive you might be able to get an Xboxone+Gamepass+Live for around $18 a month. That'd be a seriously good deal.
  5. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Possibly but the disc is still taken out of circulation so the second hand market will be reduced.
  6. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I don't see why you would. The game will be getting added to your Xbox account not the machine. I'm hoping there's a way of way of just sending a bunch of discs to Microsoft for them to process.
  7. Are they far off already? Putting Mojang/Minecraft to one side as they are doing their own thing that leaves around 14 teams (I'm counting Obsidian, inXile and Playground as having two teams, everyone else as one). The two racing teams are producing a Forza every year. Is a three year cycle for games from each of the other teams an unrealistic target? That'd put them on 5 in house titles every year plus whatever titles they publish.
  8. bear

    PlayStation 5

    The longer they wait the better their chances of moving completely to digital distribution. They don't need to rush out a console to stay ahead of Microsoft so I can't see them releasing something next year.
  9. bear

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    I was misremembering this Kotaku article. https://kotaku.com/sources-the-ambitious-now-cancelled-plans-for-disney-1776370484 It generated a lot of revenue, not necessarily profit like I thought, but got sunk by overspending on the toy side of things.
  10. bear

    PlayStation 5

    DLSS? As in that proprietary tech Nvidia showcased at the launch of the 2080? And using HDMI for connecting a VR headset instead of USB-C which will be the standard connection going forward? Get in the bin lads. Get in the fucking bin. Dumb speculation videos are fun but you have to cross your ts and dot your is.
  11. With all these studio purchases and openings, possibly more to come, Microsoft have gone from 5 or 6 internal teams to 15-20 teams in the space of twelve months. Depending on how many third party titles they continue to publish it looks like they could be planning to publish at least 6, possibly 10 or more, medium to big games every year. How many Gamepass/Xcloud subscribers do you think they need to hit in order to justify that level of investment?
  12. It's better than it was but it still needs a lot of work. There seems to be no way to filter things properly so it's hard to find all the Play Anywhere games for instance. That seems like a category they should be promoting harder because it's something unique to MS and also as a way of getting more developers to support that initiative. Same way with crossplay titles. Spencer did acknowledge that the Windows 10 Store needs serious work during his interview last night. Maybe we were meant to see those improvements last night but then the 1809 debacle upset their plans.
  13. People's hatred of the Windows 10 store really is something to behold. I made the mistake of reading the PC Gamer story and comments about this news and it's chock full of absolute loopers. People seemingly seriously suggesting it'd be better if the studios went bust instead of being purchased by Microsoft. Daft buggers.
  14. bear

    Xbox One X

    Razer said they'll be announcing hardware at CES which is in early January.
  15. bear

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I hope the Father Ted house is in that Forza expansion. I don't know why my mind went there but that was my first thought.

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